It is no longer accepted in the broader population to breastfeed your child on a restaurant, cafe or similar. It seems like that breastfeeding has become a taboo in many countries. I wonder – why is it so?

I come from Denmark, which should be one of the most liberal countries in the world, and still, there is this big issue about breastfeeding. It hasn’t always been so. It seems like there is becoming more and more resistance to breastfeeding in public. The law in Denmark allows breastfeeding anywhere (as far as I know), but it seems that the general attitude in our society has changed. When my wife was breastfeeding our child some years ago, it was looked down upon when she was breastfeeding our child. We have talked to some friends about the subject, and even among our friends, there were a few who looked down on breastfeeding in public. I have even read about a nursing woman who was thrown out of the Tivoli Bodega and Wine Bar. I really don’t understand that attitude, and unfortunately, it seems like the attitude is not just in Denmark.

Some places it seems like the right circumstances are made. In Scotland the women have the right to breastfeed whenever and wherever they need it, guaranteed by law. Here you can get a fine of up to 2,500 pounds if you prevent a woman from breastfeeding. That seems like a solution to the problem, but it shouldn’t be needed to make laws for nursing a child, it should be a natural thing, and a matter of course.¬†There is nothing more natural than breastfeeding –¬†and most of us have been feeding on breast ourselves.

In my eyes, it looks like that too many alienates their own body, and find sexualisation of even the smallest outcrop of the naked skin. More acceptance of nakedness will make it a lot easier to be around each other, and we wouldn’t have all those body image problems.

IT IS WRONG! – Let’s make a change, let’s make it acceptable to show a little nakedness without thinking of it as a sexual act.

This is why I think it’s natural:

  • The baby needs to eat – it is within our nature to breastfeed.
  • A baby eats 24/7 – you never know when.
  • A modern women also needs to get out.
  • You have probably been feeding on breast yourself.
  • We were all born naked and far from all nakedness is sexual related.

I hope you have some comments. I will be really happy to get comments upon how things are in your country.

Copyright photo: seeseehundhund / pixabay

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  1. joey birdd

    breastfeeding is normal only wierdos would think it sexy a man might suck the breast , but a child and mother is not thinking about sex and just feeding the child so should do it in public if needed