I am a moderate naturist, so is my wife – we have a child who is 7 years old. I enjoy nakedness both at home and on clothing optional/naturist places. Both I and my wife has a liberal view upon nakedness, and we both often walk around naked at home. I walk around naked much more than my wife, but both of us think that being naked is a natural thing.

We have been on naturist vacations with our child, and often go to nude beaches with our child (when the weather is for it), none of us consider it an issue that we are naked in front of our child. We don’t think it’s a big thing if our child sees other people naked, of course, we always look if there are any pervs, – but haven’t seen any.

That said, there are many people who consider it a bad thing, to be naked in front of their children. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, we make it what it is! If the parents send signals for their child, that it’s a bad thing to be naked, the child will of course also consider it bad, after all the children learn from the parents. I think parents need to learn their children a healthy look upon nakedness. Some parent (I know at least one) never appears naked in front of their children, which ends up in children who is very curious about the naked body when they get a look at one. Curious about how the body look like, and maybe a bit amputated about how the anatomy of their own body.

In my opinion, children should have a healthy view upon nakedness. They should be allowed to be naked, and they should be allowed to see naked people. Nudity is no resemblance to sexuality – it’s two different things. Nudity and sexuality can occur at the same time, but it’s the medias and the attitude which makes nudity equal to sexuality.

I think nudity can change children’s body image, and make them more self-confident about their body. This will help them when they grow up, and make them more secure in how they are as human, and on how they look upon life. I might be wrong about this, but I believe that I am doing the right thing.

Feel free to write your opinion about this topic, and write me some comments 🙂

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  1. jantinc

    Even though I didn’t raise my family like this I do agree with you that there is nothing wrong with nudity at home. But I will have to admit that I never do feel comfortable being naked in front of children at a nude beach out resort.

    1. Peter Terp Listing Owner

      I agree on that one should be much more cautious about children being nude in a more public place. I do think if you are on a naturist camping wihere there are other families, it should in general be safe. As a parent you of course have a responsibility in making it safe for your kids, and has to be aware about potential dangers, which include pervs.

  2. nuudman

    i am a home nudist. i am naked in front of my 10 yo all the time. He is a very happily adjusted kid, doing excellent in school. If you take the perv/sexual angles out of nudism i see home nudity as totally positive.

    That means that you can be naked in front of the kids, but dont be walking around with an erection or doing “too sexually playful” activities in front of the kids. If you have nudist visitors, you must insure that they are on the same page. i find that if you have a “true nudist, not a clothing optional lifestyle” that you will find that almost all the pervs suddenly are out of the picture. The pervs dont necessarily want to be naked. Often they want or need to be covered because of erections. Yherefore i believe you would logically find them in “clothing optional” areas. My home resort, Rock Haven, is strictly nudist and very child friendly. We have a very strong family atmosphere there.

    1. Peter Terp Listing Owner

      Of course you shouldn’t run around with around with an erection, and of course others shouldn’t either. This is where the responsibility as a parent comes into the picture. As a parent you need to ensure that no one harms your kid.

      I wouldn’t generalise on the Clothing Optional pattern you describe. I have meet many, and know some Clothing Optional persons, and wouldn’t consider even one of them as a perv. It is easier to hide an erection beneath clothe thats for sure, but most of those who prefer the clothing optional path has other reasons to choose that path.

      I do agree that it’s a lot harder to be a naturist and a pervert at the same time, it’s kind of hard to hide the hard one 😉

  3. Vick

    I grew up with naturist parents. They didnt tend to walk around the house naked, but we 3 girls did shower with our parents after we had been at the beach (naked!).

    I have 16 and 17 year old boys and have never hidden my nudity from them. We have a swimming pool in which I never wear anything. My sons are very well adjusted, intelligent and caring young adults. They also dont seem as infatuated with porn or perving at pics of half naked/sexy people as much of their friends do.

  4. Moe

    I have been a nudist before I ever knew there was such a word, I just liked being naked. My mom and stepdad are the ones who taught me that it is okay to be nude and taught me the difference between nudity and sex. I am now nude all the time around my wife and kids. The interactions between my kids and I are very wholesome and they are fairly well adjusted when it comes to seeing a nude body and do not associate it with sex.

  5. nudelatino70

    nudist since I was very young, being naked at home is mandatory, I live alone with my 14 year old son, who has grown up in this lifestyle.

    our life is very normal, like any father and son at home alone are always naked … nudity in the family is healthy, natural and promotes acceptance of others for their values??, not their material things …

    children who grow up in a nudist environment, have less trauma, accepted and accepting others more easily, are more tolerant, have no taboos and becomes narrower the parent and children, they are like friends.

    my son and i have a very good relationship. we enjoy the nudity in home, beaches or any nude place…

    im happy to bring this oportunity to my kid

  6. Robert Rolwing

    YES,it can be done in a healthy,positive and RESPECTFUL way

  7. didier

    bonjour pour moi le nudismes et le naturismes ne sont sont pas de la pervertion sait tous simplement un retour a la nature ĂȘtre libre de tous vĂȘtement alor arrĂȘttĂ© s’il vous plais de conssidĂ©rĂ© sa comme du sexe cela n’en est pas pour nous nudistes sait vivre en bonne compagnies nous ne voulons pas de problĂšmes mais toutes personnes qui françhis le camp de nudistes dois se pliez a la rĂšgle ĂȘtre nue et respectĂ© les codes .

  8. David

    I agree wholeheartly, when I was married my wife had no problems with me being naked in front of our girls, even after they were grown, it wasn’t until right before our separation and divorce that “nakedness ” became a wrong sinful thing to do. I believe wife may have just been looking for justification to divorce.
    We are both Christians from a very conservative denomination, Assembly of God to be exact. Still we often took showers with the girls if they wanted to do so. They usually declined after they entered Junior High, and you note I said at my wife’s invitation