Most of us live in a hectic environment with lots of stress from work and the surroundings. We watch tv, use our computers, constantly looks down on the screen on our phone/tablet and lots of other stuff which is very far from nature.

Green movements try to make a balance in this, with gardening and small-scale gardening. They also have a desire to re-connect with nature. What would be more natural than nudity as a part of gardening or reconnection with nature?

I think a way to re-connect with nature could be nudism. Having a more natural way to look at your body, and feeling nature and nudity is a brilliant way to connect with nature.

Copyright photo: cspmedia / 123rf

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  1. Ross n Fern

    We work on our gardens naked but of course we have always been a naked household

  2. Anthony Reed

    I long to be naked all the time. I am a Life Model and like to share my form with artists. I think it is very natural to be naked. I like the sound of Green Movements, sounds wonderful.

  3. sassycoupleok

    When it’s warmer weather we are nude as much as possible. We do as much yard work as possible nude. All of this is green as cuts down on laundry.