Children have a very natural approach to nudism, like ducks have to water. Most naturist sites are also welcoming to children. and you will find that children may have a somewhat easier approach to naturism as a first time naturist than the adults.

A personal experience
Last summer my family went to a naturist camping resort, our child was only 3 years old, and I don’t think he could remember being on a naturist resort before. We had been there for three days and was heading for the beach, nude of course – suddenly my son says “They are all nude around here, that’s funny”. He had not noticed that people was nude and had been nude all the time while we were at the naturist resort..

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  1. Mike B

    Our 2 daughters grown n flown now but we went to naturist beaches and clubs when they were young and they quite happily played naturally skindressed without a thought!

  2. Full Monte

    Years ago we took my son and his cousin to a CO beach in Devon. I guess they must have been around 11 years old. We settled in and got naked but the boys kept their shorts on all day. No problem with that and we chose not to mention it or cajole them. It’s their choice right? However at the end of the day when it was time to get changed into dry clothes we had to smile when we eavesdropped a conversation between them that went something like this: “This nudist beach thing is actually quite good. You can just get changed in the open”. “Yeah it’s so much easier being able to strip off and get dried without worrying about being seen”. Shame the realisation came at the end of the day but at least they got it – eventually.