The title says it all – this is my little note upon this popular topic 🙂

Is it ok to be pierced, tattooed and/or to have shaven pubic? Here is my opinion and I would love to hear your words upon the subject!

Piercings and tattoos

Is it ok to be pierced or have tattoos when you visit a naturist resort, nude beach, and others as a naturist/nudist. Personally, I think naturism and naked freedom is about being open minded, for me that include being “open minded” for every look. If a person chooses to get pierced or get tattoos it’s fine with me. I wouldn’t like to have a tattoo and I wouldn’t like to have a piercing (ok I got a ring in my left ear) – that is simply not me. Tattoos can be a fine piece of art and so can piercings, they can also be a made for sexual reasons. example ” prince Albert piercing” and breast piercings is often made for the sexual stimulation. But does it matter?
I am a family man and visit naturist resorts and beaches with my family which includes my 7-year-old boy, It doesn’t matter to me if a person is pierced. My son might ask some questions about “what those shiny rings are but otherwise, I won’t think it will harm him in any way. Of course, if the person is posting and making sexual indications – then I would talk to the person and remove my kid from him/her – the same thing would happen if a person without piercings and tattoos did it.

Shaving of pubic hairs or letting it all grow

Many girls (and men) choose to shave their pubic hairs, either trimmed or totally removed others chooses “Au Natural” – all versions is fine with me. Personally, I like the shaved look, but that’s just what I prefer and I don’t want to judge people upon how they “trim” their pubic hairs. You might say that trimming or shaving pubic hairs is a fashion trend or you might say it is a sexual act and has nothing to do with naturism. Both reasons are ok I think after all sex is also natural. Why should we hide who we are, as long as we respect each other, everything will be a lot easier.

At last, I think that as a naturist, nudist or whatever you call yourself, it is important to practice acceptance of your own body and acceptance of others regardless of personal preference ie. tattoos, piercings, hair removal etc. I don’t see why it should not be ok.

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  1. Shoshanna

    Not only girls choose to shave their bodies. Many men choose to be smooth, too. I prefer that both genders shave their bodies completely, from the neck down. Better yet, remove all that hair permanently by laser or electrolysis.

  2. Tony

    I shave my pubes, I have a number of piercings & regularly visit nudist venues. No problems at all it’s a personal choice for a few reasons, comfort,look, feeling clean etc.

  3. Rob

    I first really started shaving the pubes for a practical reason. I had an outdoor job in a hot, humid climate. I wore shorts on the job of course, but I soon started “going commando” because my undies were always damp with sweat. Then I tried shaving the pubic hair and found that little extra touch provided even more comfort on those hot, humid days. Now I simply have gotten used to that way of doing things and I don’t ever anticipate going back !

  4. Emz

    Regardless of what a person physically looks like (including dying hair green etc.) or chooses to adorn their body with, is THEIR choice. It’s also a person’s personal choice to stay Au natural or shave. All these things have NOTHING to do with nudism.
    All the genuine nudists I’ve meet simply accept ‘you-for-you’, as I do them.

    I believe sexualising any of these things, is something a real nudist wouldn’t do. As we don’t sexualise nudity.

  5. sassycoupleok

    All about personal choice and acceptance. We are not fans of piercings or tattoos but certainly don’t judge those who have them. We do think some piercings are meant to draw attention to the genitals, which does it really matter, we all look anyway. Definitely love the look and feel of total smooth.

  6. John G

    I started shaving when I was 17 or 18 just for the feeling. For years I’d be the only smooth one on the nude beach and I’d get the odd off comment about it but usually the comments were good.
    These days I’m smooth from the neck down but keep a little landing strip above the package just as a point of difference. And that gets good comments.
    Just goes to show how fashions change.

  7. Marc

    It’s all a personal choice and I totally respect any of them, whether tattoos, piercings or shaving/waxing. I’m not really into tattoos and piercings (although I’m still thinking having my nipple pierced as I like to look of pierced nipples both for women and men) but they can be really nice. When it comes to shaving/waxing, I prefer the smooth look too and it seems it’s a majority in naturist resorts/beaches.
    If we question tattoos, piercing and shaving, we need to question jewels too: penis head ring or cock ring for instance, or some body chains. If some are for sexual pleasures and are really questionable in a naturist environment, some are just beautiful jewels made to enhance the look of the body, like a necklace or earrings can be.
    I believe common sense should be applied in all situations. If you doubt, don’t do it, however, if you feel OK and look great, then on you go.

  8. len

    agree completely with all comments have been both shaved and bearded so to speak .can see no problem how people behave is more important

  9. Alex

    I agree with all the comments. Body tattoos and pericings I see as walking canvases. I shave everything due to cleanleness preferences. I was judged badly once by an older woman at a Nudist resort near San Francisco I’m a member of. She asked me “Why do have you shave your thing?” With a look of disgust on her face. It’s sad that she’s not capable of saying penis. I guess not all nudists are non-judgemental? With her being from the older crowd and an experienced nudist of 30 odd years. I pretty much pointed out that I prefer the nudist life because there are less judgement people amongst
    like minded body freedom people. She pretty much lowered her head in shame and never mentioned it again.