A big part of the naturist lifestyle centres around the desire to participate in either family or social nudity. As a whole, naturism is a way of life that tries to harmonise the people with nature; it is characterised by a wide practice of nudism which may be personal, familial or even social. It is a practice often done on a communal scale with the aim of achieving core and basic human purposes. It looks to encourage humans, to pick up a healthy degree of respect for each other, respect for one’s self and very importantly, a deep and profound respect for the preservation of the environment.

While the practice of naturism may have gained traction over the years, it still remains a greatly frowned upon tradition in some countries. The Philippines is not left out in this. Being a conservative country, it is not particularly reputed as a nudism unfriendly region. As a matter of fact, public nudity is an illegal act in the Philippines and all naturists must take great caution to only attend special regions and locations where provisions are made for the lifestyle. While they may be a few Asian countries where social nudity is accepted, it is not always the norm and is widely rejected by most cultures as being caught may require a fine according to local laws.

Places to go nude

However, even with this legal restriction, there are a few well known exquisite locations where public nudity is allowed and accepted as common practice. While some of them are considered as nude beaches and resorts others are taken as clothing optional beaches. One of such popular locations is the freedom beach located in Boracay and is a naturist beach where nudity is allowed and can only be accessed by boats. Other good locations include Fridays Island located in EL Nido and China Sea Island located in Banyan Island.

Although nudity is not officially tolerated in the country, there are several beaches and island were nudists can go to enjoy nature and participate in nude sunbathing, nude swimming and even take their clothes off and lay naked till sunset. Other locations that are very suitable include, Ternate beach resort located in Maragondon Cavite, the Calatagan Burot beach, the Lian Matabungkay beach, the Nasugbu Bamboo beach, and a few other similar places.

All of these are mostly secluded locations and are often devoid of people giving way for naturists to explore their true self. Any nudist looking for exciting locations to visit or having problems locating these spots listed above should visit the Boracay Island as there are several places provided for the lifestyle. One must often take special care, as even though nudity may be widely practised, it is not the norm in the Philippines.


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  1. Grevile Constantine

    To read of Nude beaches in the Phillipines is VERY encouraging!! It shows that this wonderful lifestyle is being EMBRACED by VARIOUS people around the World!! Body Acceptance IS becoming the Norm!!

  2. Geoffrey Stevens

    As an expatriate Australian nudist now living in Mindanao with my Filipina wife, I understand the need for care when going nude, and I have not yet been to any locations here where it has been possible to go nude outdoors. However, I am nude at home almost all the time, and my wife and her family accept my lifestyle without any problems. In fact, my wife loves me going nude because she has less laundry and we also have a lower electricity bill because I don’t need to use the air conditioner! Our next-door neighbors also know I’m nude at home and have no problems with that. There are a few secluded spots around the coast here in Mindanao, so it is possible that having a skinny-dip somewhere will happen for me. It’s something I miss!