Maldives is the dream vacation destination for many tourists. Obviously, naturists are curious to get a portion of the beautiful shores in the finest beaches. About 99% of the Maldives country is ocean water, and you must be wondering if sunbathing and skinny-dipping is allowed on these salt treatments. If you are planning a vacation to the Maldives, here are few things to know about their nudity policies.

Is it legal or illegal?

Naturism is not legal in Maldives. It is one of the places that are clear on nudism in public places. Actually, even if you tried it in the public beaches, it will not feel comfortable at all. According to a recent statement by a Maldives official, tourists should choose Maldives for family vacations because nudism is not allowed and therefore children and family will not be exposed to any indecency. Here on SpotNaked, we have the opinion that naturism is also for children. Naturism is NOT about sex, but about nude freedom.

Naturism in Maldives is also prohibited due to the largely Muslim religion of most inhabitants that clearly go against nudism. So it is not just illegal, it is offensive to the natives that believe in covering the body outdoors.

What activities can naturists enjoy in Maldives?

If you are looking for a free and full naturist experience, Maldives will not give that at least for now. However, in case you happen to find yourself in this area, you can try some topless sunbathing on the decks of WV at Thud in Mirihi. Please note it has to be on a secluded part of the beach or resort. The traffic is fairly high on this deck. If you are in Maldives, check out Mirihi for a secluded area where you can go all natural.

Explore the nature: it is all about timing

Most of the islands in Maldives are inhabited. In a country with about 2000 islands, only about 300 have permanent habitats. The rest are used for farming and as private tourist destinations. You can always find one that is suitable for naturism.

Do not be discouraged because these rules do loosen up on resort islands. Here you can eat pork, where you can wear a bikini, cuddle and go really short of clothes, but sunbathing is still frowned upon. Each resort has its own island, so look for the ones that are really exclusive. The timing really matters. During Ramadan, most of the resorts are deserted. It is a good time to taste naturism in Maldives without being offensive.

Find places to go nude in Maldives

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