Naturists is a common target for stereotypical judgments, here are some of the most common I know.

It’s only beautiful people who’s naturists

Well, it’s normal people like you and everyone else who is naturists. Meaning skinny, fat, hairy, bald, thin and all kind of body shapes. We are all equal, and everybody has assets we are happy about and there are assets we are not that happy about – I think that’s how humans are.

It’s kind of funny, that another assumption is naturists are unattractive, overweight and absolutely not worth looking at.
As for the previous assumption, ALL kind of body types visits naturists resorts and nude beaches. In my opinion, every human body is worth looking at, diversity makes the body wonderful. The bodies we see in advertising and pornography is not the way that naked people look like, that’s the “ideal” body displayed.

Only old people go to nude beaches and naturist resorts

It is probably right that some places tend to have more gray-haired than other places. I have been visiting many nude beaches, and on all of them, there were singles, couples, and families in all ages.

Naturist is just perverts and weirdos

We were all born naked, and by nature, we wouldn’t have any clothing. Naturism is about the enjoyment of being naked. The assumption of perverts and weirdos probably mistaken from exhibitionists who like to be naked for the rush and the thrill, Some might call them perverts and weirdos – I don’t think they are!

This was just a few common stereotypical judgments I know of.

Do you have any experiences, and what is your opinion about the subject?

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    Your stereotypes are, I have to say it, spot on!
    The easiest way to describe who nudists are and what they look like is to pick 100 people at random off the street and strip them. THAT’S what nudists/naturists look like!

  2. Brian Taylor - British Naturism

    I think you have summed up all the main stereotypes, bar one: We are sometimes assumed to all be hippie tree-huggers, or something similar.

    I like the way you list the most obviously contradictory stereotypes; which just serves to prove the falseness of them.

    You only have to read the comments on a Daily Mail article about Naturism to realise it is the non-naturists who are the perverts and weirdos!

  3. Peter Terp Listing Owner

    @ brian and @ all-nudist thanks for your comments 🙂


  4. Marc

    I would add: Naturists should cover themselves as most have really ugly bodies. This one is mostly coming from people who cannot accept others as they just are. To nudists, it’s not about the envelope, it’s about what is inside. And being naked is so comfortable!