AANRAANR stands for American Association for Nude recreation. They are an organization that advocates nudism. The organization spans over all of North, and South America. They have around 213 nudist, resorts and affiliates. The AANR has been in operation for over 80 years and provides wholesome nudist family recreation. The Association in general supports nudity and holds it as wholesome despite many years of attacks. The organization has held strong through eight decades despite political climate, and views from the media.

I found that the AANR provides children activities and youth activities. They have a standard that all youth are to be closely supervised. I liked this. All places should require close supervision of children no matter the organization offering activities. Too many originations allow parents to drop off their children and the children to remain un-supervised. When this happens it opens up a world of trouble for the children, which includes bullying, molestation, or simply getting into mischief. They also provide a curfew for children. I feel like they are more responsible than other organizations. My family are members at the YMCA and the Girls and Boys club of America. These organizations are family oriented, but they lack proper supervision over the children. It opens a situation where the children are capable of getting into a lot of trouble. They have a after school program where the children are dropped off and, the staff really don’t watch over the kids closely. The only remedy for this is the children’s parents being present.

The AANR supports all people despite body type, and encourages family oriented nudism. The atmosphere is not sexual, and if anyone acts in a way that is. It is deemed inappropriate. This creates a comfortable environment for everyone to be able to relax and be a nudist. They have a free pass right now for women; the pass is available off their website.
The AANR has a long list of many nude beaches, resorts, and clubs for people to attend. They offer two types of clubs and they call them landed or non-landed clubs. Landed clubs are places that are a facility, and non-landed clubs maybe someone’s home or a health club. I looked my local branch of AANR, and I found information about some of the clubs, and activities in my area. One of the activities they listed was a nude race. There is also a resort in Oklahoma, and a bed and breakfast in Texas. The bed and breakfast is named Chapparral Resort / bed and breakfast.

The regulations differ at each resort or club. Some allow alcohol some don’t, some let you bring pets or kids, and some don’t. One thing is certain though amongst all the places, cameras aren’t allowed. I am sure this is to prevent issues with the public. It bothers me that family photos aren’t allowed. It disturbs me a bit as well, that nudism is such a general issue. Even amongst a place that is made separately for people to be a nudist at. I looked over their website, and you can tell that they are careful about their public image, and are careful with how someone might see the nudist/nudism element through their photography. Again this whole ordeal rotates into my thought of the naked body being something to be ashamed of. No one should be ashamed of their body. I also noticed that they focused really hard in the photographs to make sure that the children weren’t shown nude. They focus also on advertising towards adults as individuals more so than family units.

I will never truly understand why nudism is more frowned upon amongst children than adults. Often the community will label you as a bad parent, if you let your children run around naked. It really shouldn’t be as such a big deal as people make of it.

NOTICE! This is a guest article – content in this article do not necessarily reflect my views. I can not ensure the validity of the content of the article either.

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