Do you need a reason to go on nude vacation? Here are 5 good reasons!

  1. Travel light
    You can travel light- Actually, if you pack really light, you can travel only with your hand luggage. This will get you faster out of the airport because you don’t need to get your suitcase. Another advantage is that you can save the luggage fee, which some airlines charges.
  2. No washing needed
    When on a naturist vacation, you don’t use much clothing. Only when you are away from the naturist resort, clothing is needed. Therefore you don’t need to wash a lot clothe. If you don’t wear them, you don’t make them dirty 🙂
  3. No tan lines
    If you walk around naked most of the day you won’t get any tan lines. Especially if you also are sun tanning naked.
  4. No wet swim suit
    You won’t need a bikini or other swimwear when you are skinny dipping. This have a huge advantage that you won’t have wet clothing, that you either walk around in or has to dry.
  5. Open your heart
    When you bare your skin, you open your heart and bare yourself to new ideas and new people.

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  1. Håkan Pearson

    Kan bara säga att det är bra skäl.

  2. Marc

    Short and sweet. No body shame, meet friendly nudists/naturists, feel free…