A couple of days ago I had to have bathing pants on to take a dip in the sea. Normally I take a skinny dip, actually, it has been quite some time ago since I had pants on while swimming. Now I remember why. Here are 5 good reasons why you should drop your bathing clothes

  1. Feel nature as it was intended
  2. Always prepared for a dip because you always have your bathing suit with you.
  3. No wet clothing after a dip, just dry with your towel and your ready.
  4. You save money because you don’t need to buy a new trendy suit all the time. Instead, you can spend money on a couple of long drinks while you enjoy life on the beach.
  5. No sand in the pants. it is incredible how much sand there seems to hide in a bathing suit or bathing pants that you can’t get rid of. While swimming in the nude, you just dry of and your ready.
Copyright photo: IOFoto / 123rf

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  1. Andrew M

    Excellent reasons – all very true of course! The biggest breakthrough is always going to be the first time, after a while it just becomes second nature to leave the bathing suit out.
    Oh by the way – you need a proof reader, there are at least a couple of errors (“your” instead of “you’re”)

  2. B Gouweleeuw

    Went to a beach in Ontario thought it had a naturist beach ?! Wrong had to put a suit on ! Hated it been years since I had a bathing suit on ! So wrong

  3. Pateick

    Have to agree with all the points you mention.
    My father introduced me to nude swimming in the sea many many years ago.
    I love being nude at any time but for practical purposes the best place is on a beach. A secluded garden is also good..
    I swim often in a local public pool and hate that I need to wear a