The view from BagheeraDo you know the feeling of a naked slow start in the morning? I had almost forgot that feeling – here is my story of a reexperience of the feeling.

Going on vacation

As most people I have a busy workday and sometimes stressful, I was therefore looking forward to the holiday which was going to the Island Corsica in France. We were going to stay at the naturist campsite Bagheera in a bungalow.

Bagheera is located on the north east side of the Island, which is an area with less tourists and less populated. The area where Bagheera is located is in wild unspoiled nature by the beach where the bungalows and slots are located in the shade of forest trees. All this makes it an ideal place to find peace and harmony and relaxation.

Start to relax

The first couple of days was really nice and relaxing and we did actually see some of the attractions on the island. The true harmony an relaxing came when we had stayed there for 5 days or so. A kind of daily rythm had been build up – and suddenly I realized that this is how life should be. Not the stressful life where a new deadline is always just ahead of you.

I started to think about what made me feel this way – the answer was ofcourse right infront of me – after all this was vacation. The answer was lying in the daily routine – here is a normal day at our stay at Bagheera.

A normal day

It was really simple – the day looked like the following:

  • Get out of bed when my son started to call
  • Make a pot of coffee
  • Go outside on the veranda naked drinking coffe while the world around us starts to wake up
  • Go to the beach with my family still naked – and enjoy swimmming in the wonderful water for an hour or two
  • Make some refreshing food and eat
  • Drive a trip to somewhere interesting
  • Get back to our bungalow and take another skinny dip
  • Make a good dinner, eat and drink some good french wine
  • Take a walk around the area, take a skinny dip
  • Put our son to bed
  • Drink some wine, look at the stars and talk deep talks with my wife
  • Go to bed

What if that was everyday live? That would be really wonderful. I had totally forgotten how great it feels to be naked all day and just enjoy life in nature.

I miss this feeling of the joy of a naked slow start on the day.

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