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Naturism / nudism in Italy

Written by Peter Terp. Posted in Country guide

Lagoon Beach SardiniaIf you are looking for a naturist holiday, then Italy is where you should go! In a country where naturists make up about 23 percent of the population, Y With everything done with civility, Italian beaches are devoid of sex affairs, the guiding principle being free in nature and having a good time basking in the sun. But where did all this start?

Nudist beach Lido de Venezia, Italy

Written by Peter Terp. Posted in Nude beach guides

Do you want a relaxing time after visiting Venice, then Lido de Venezia beach will be a great place to visit. The main attractions of Lido is its beautiful beach set in the natural surroundings. Here is golden sand and clear waters in perfect harmony with nature. Besides being a wonderful beach, it is also one of the best nudist beaches in Venice, and it is frequently visited by nude bathers.

There is private baths and huts is common on Lido beach. The huts is great for enjoying life on the beach in private, they are equipped with beach cabin along with a verandah and a sun curtain. You can stay in the huts throughout the day with your family.

On the Islands, there is a range of restaurants and hotels, which has is affordable here and provide good value for money. Summer time is the best to visit this beach as you can enjoy all kinds of activities such as swimming and enjoy the natural scenic surroundings of this beach.

Getting there
If you are going to Lido from Venice, it could be a great oportunity to take a water bus (vaporetto) , it will take only a few minutes.

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