CampsiteA man complained to the Equal Treatment Board over a naturist campsite, which according to the guest’s own admission denied him access. According to the man their reason was that single men are not allowed to enter.

The man has been a member of Danish Naturist Union for 4 years, and therefore don’t understand why he was rejected.
– he points out that there was no unlawful discrimination and therefore requested a written statement on the refusal of access. This request was rejected by the receptionist and the President, writes Board of Equal Treatment in the decision.

The man says, moreover, that he during the last four years has been seven naturist campsites where he was well received.

The campsite

The campsite owners, however, has a different version of the story:
Respondent says that singles of both genders is welcome as long as they behave in a decent way, so other campers can be comfortable with them. Naturistcamping is a place where people camp with no clothes on. This often leads to visits of guests who just wants to come and look at naked people, is the explanation from the campsite holders according to the Board.

When the case “requires proof in the form of oral part or witness statements,” states Board of Equal Treatment, that it can only be settled by a court.

Source: Metroxpress Denmark

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