There have been demonstrations in San Francisco (USA) in the past, because there has been a tightening of the law on public nudity. Similarly, there has also been tightened around nudity in Barcelona (Spain) and other places around the world.

My opinion is that nudity should be legal on beaches, forests, parks and the like. As long as you do not outright annoy other people. I also think it should be legal to do nude demonstrations, parades and more, as long as it is agreed with the local authorities. demonstrations, parades and more, as long as it is agreed with the local authorities. Furthermore, I believe that at any time have the right to walk around naked on their own homeground, in their own homes as it suits one.

As for nudity in the streets and in the otherwise public space, I have some mixed views on. I can not really figure out if I am for or against that one can walk around naked in the streets and alleys. On the one hand, I think that “Clothing optional” should be applicable everywhere – that is the ideal world for me.  However, I will say that when you are near food, then there should be some form of attire for hygienic reasons. Besides, I also believe that we should show some kind of respect for other people and other people also needs to respect me.

  • This is where the problem occurs – when is a border crossed?
  • What is your opinion?
  • Where is the borders, limits?

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  1. I agree, clothing optional should be available everywhere for those that are not offended by our lifestyle. However, we have to keep in mind that many still find it offensive, even though they should not. So we have to respect their views, even if it differs from ours. And since they are the majority as well.

  2. Interesting topic. I have often wondered where I would go nude if it were legal everywhere. Would I go food shopping or to restaurants nude? What about taking my car into being serviced? I guess a lot would depend on what other folks were doing. How comfortable would I be as the only naked person in the store? I surely would love to have the freedom to be nude around my own property; taking my dogs outside, getting the paper in the morning, washing my car, etc.

  3. I think the ‘border’ point is the big one. Despite the world being a big place, you’ll always stand on someone’s toes, so there should be some legislation around this that makes it as clear as possible what is allowed and what not. If you leave it up to “the people” and try to live a nude life in a way that it offends no one, you can just pack up, get dressed and forget it. There will -always- be someone who takes offence.

    Nude at parks and on beaches etc. why not? I can understand that some want to draw the line at buildings, especially public ones and churches and such, but for the rest: freedom all around is what I advocate.

  4. I can sympathise with your feelings on this but am not sure about the logistics and practicality. My biggest concern, I think is regarding health and hygiene. How could we be sure everyone would be as disciplined as the rest of us? Where does that brown mark on that chair really come from, if you know what I mean. I think on the whole many women would find it threatening. In an ideal world, yes it would be great if we could all do just what we wanted, but it isn’t an ideal world.

  5. Nudity should be one of the many clothing options. All beaches and natural places should be clothes-optional, I fully relate to this. Not even questioning private grounds. Who should tell you what to wear or not when you are on your grounds? As for other public places, it should be allowed too and up to anybody to be naked or not. When the weather is great, nude is more comfortable, there’s no question about this for nudists. Now, getting naked among clothed people is a personal decision. Now, this is a dream since this may not happen anytime soon…

  6. It IS an interesting question. It really all comes down to “Respect” a virtue or quality that is in short supply now days I’m afraid. The author of this post states that they have mixed views regarding public nudity and how it should be conducted in eating establishments. Again respect is the issue, if everyone is required to adhere to the universally accepted nude etiquette of carrying a towel, then that “some form of attire for hygienic reasons” issue becomes a non issue. I think that removing the stigma of the “indecent exposure” statutes is not as simple as just declaring that clothing optional is now acceptable. Look at New York and their top free for women policy. You rarely see women top free in New York. Also there are always the bad apples that tend to encourage that people not go nude.
    I think I would be nude much more if it weren’t for the need to respect those around me and ensuring that I am not making them uncomfortable. Also, I’m not comfortable being the only one nude in most circumstances. Although I have been a few times with quite good outcomes. I also am able to be nude around my home I just have to be respectful and circumspect. I’ve never had anyone complain about seeing me nude, and I am quite often.
    Public nudity is a long way from being accepted, the best we can do is be on our best behavior and “SMILE”.

  7. I have the benefit of being nude all the time, except when I go in public in urban areas. I am personally very assertive about my lifestyle, I don’t cover up when I answer the door, have people over, teleconference (my team knows I am a nudist) gardening, hiking, swimming, and sometimes driving.

    Fortunately I live in British Columbia where the AG has prevented the police from charging you with being naked only the AG’s office can bring charges and only where a sexual offence has occurred.

    Does it create discussion with some? Yes. Does it turn heads sometimes? Yes. Have I upset someone? Not notably. Have I gotten in trouble with the law? Never.

    I have raised three children in this type of environment, their friends and parents have been around over the years. Some join right in others not, however they were still comfortable being around us.

    In the many discussions, I have had, my nudity is not the issue, but rather their nudity is because of their body issues, not moral issues. I’m sure we can all find some holy roller that will quote scripture about our shame because of Adam and Eve. Most religious people have had to adapt their beliefs some what for modern times so that extreme should not influence this.

    The bigger issues are body image and the rape culture that exist. Both huge issues and not really the point of this rant. However, both issues as I understand it would benefit immensely over time and a few generations (scars don’t go away that fast) from a fully open natural society. Clothing should be based on practical needs, personal safety, temperature, and weather. If it’s warm enough for me to walk up to the shops, why not who gets hurt. In the work environment except for safety clothing as prescribed by a safety board, why would it matter? People in business throw on all the trappings to empower, intimidate etc take that away and you end up with a more human endeavor.

    Once you diminish the sexuality of being naked, with someone its just two people ,or twenty or one hundred. The interaction is more natural, the conversation is more real. There will still be obnoxious people, still social iussues , Just not the ones related to clothes or no clothes.

  8. in the uk it is legal to be naked if you do not intend any harm or upset to any one else,but more people would let they children watch a violent film then one with nudity in it ?

  9. All great comments. It’s all about context and using common sense about where one chooses to be nude. However in and around your own home should not even be a question about that. But driving, running small shopping errands nude should really b no big deal. Restaurants and such is another matter. Plus anywhere one goes publicly the nudist rule should always apply, carry at least a small sitting towel.

  10. To me being nude in public id a good thing. But up here in wi it srems to be a big deal, I have been a nudist for over 20 years. . I would like to see more places and people get volved. I hope evey one has a great nude day.

  11. Nudity is our default state. To be offended by the human body body is to be offended by simply being human. Non-sexual nudity should be legal in all public spaces. None of us has a guaranteed “right” not to be offended by what we see or hear in public. I find many types of annoying-but-harmless speech and behavior offensive. People who talk too loudly on their cell phones are offensive to me. People who try push their religious beliefs in train stations offend me. I ignore them and move on. Sharing public spaces with ALL kinds of people, including nudists, should just be part of living in a society.

  12. Heck yes! And I agree with sassycoupleok. Bring a towel wherever you will sit!

  13. I would encourage nudity in parks and other outdoor public places. Indoor at gyms and artistic areas like dance studios. Also universities. One’s own property should be entirely legal unless other people’s children are present and the adults or child object.

  14. Very interesting thought, as well as reading the different opinions in the comments.
    We have a problem with the “try not to offend anyone” thing… People get offended all the time by all different kinds of things. If the gay community had gone for that approach they would still be hiding. As advocates of the clothing optional lifestyle, we think it’s more important to make people get used to seeing nudity than to try to avoid that they get in contact with it. Nudists are not a small minority and shouldn’t be treated as one.
    But like you say, where do we draw the line?

    There have always been dress codes, and we think that nudity should fall in the same category as bathing suits. Can you walk around in a bathing suit at home? Of course! At the beach? Certainly! In a park? Well, it depends a bit on the kind of park but most of the times yes.
    You can get the newspaper in bikini, walk the dog or even make a quick run to the bakery on Sunday morning.
    You don’t wear swimming shorts to go to work (even not on casual Friday), to go to a restaurant (but you do to go to a beach bar), to go to the supermarket or to church.
    Can you wander around central New York in bathing suit? Yes you can, but very few people actually do. That’s the same reason why women don’t go topless over there, even though they can.

    When it comes to hygiene, it’s not that clothes are that hygienic. Clothes are better in absorbing dirt and smells and bacterias than the human skin. It all depends on the people. There are many clothed people who we wouldn’t want to see near our food either.

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