Clothing Optional Costa Rica

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cocr poolThis small and unique complex of vacation rental apartments is owned and operated by Bibi and Arne, who are both born in Denmark. Ever since they started dating in 11th grade at Sorø Akademi, they have preferred to enjoy sun, sand and sea without clothes. That was easy while they were still living in Denmark, but after moving to Virginia after finishing their educations, the chances were fewer.

While raising two kids and getting established in the “American Dream”, a desire to have a nudist or at least clothing optional place of their own slowly formed. At first, it was just going to be a CO B&B in the US, but then the dream developed into owning a whole island in the Caribbean for a place where people could come and be naked all the time. While fantasizing, “jobs” were even assigned to friends and kids.

On a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica, in 2000, Bibi and Arne fell in love with the area. A lot for sale, very cheaply, “had their name on it”, and the island from the dream morphed into a ½ acre piece of land with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and five banana palms, in walking distance of three beaches and a river. Over the next four years, two buildings, each with three apartments, a pool house and a big pool were built. Having to wait for plants to grow up and money to be saved up for fences and walls, so complete privacy from the outside could be achieved, Casa Banda catered to the clothed section of the vacationers coming to Nosara.

Each of the apartments, sleeping 2 – 4 people, have full kitchens and are very well equipped for staying a while. Being able to prepare meals “at home” is both more economical than eating out all the time and more comfortable for those with special dietary needs.

In the fall of 2010, it was finally private enough on the property to welcome the first nude guests. Just one couple had stumbled over at this time, but they came back for more nude time under the sun and the palm trees the following years. Fortunately, others also found their way to Nosara, and during the months of January, February and March, the Casa BandA apartments are solely available for people who like to enjoy life clothes free. About 90% of guests come from North America, evenly split between Canadians and people from USA, and several of them are repeat guests. Age wise, the locale seems to appeal to couples, 50 – 70 years old, but singles are not excluded. The rest of the clientele are from a variety of places around the world. The rest of the year, guests are from either “camp”, with or without clothes. There is a minimum age of 18 years for guests, and pets also have to stay at home, so it is a place with all the peace and quiet – or fun get-togethers by the BBQ as grown-ups can wish for. Arne and Bibi live on site and with the help of a small staff make sure that everything is in order for the guests.

Tropical Costa Rica can be found between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, on the isthmus between North and South America. The part of the country where Nosara is located has two distinct seasons: dry season from mid-November – mid-May and a green (rainy) season the rest of the year. Although Costa Rica is a small place, the size of Denmark, there are several and very varied climate zones. Especially October is very wet everywhere and not a good time to be a tourist. In Nosara, December and January offers the most pleasant climate.

The Costa Ricans don’t seem to have a lot of problems with nudity, find it “normal and natural”, but the country does not allow public nudity. All beaches are public, so per definition there are no nude beaches in Costa Rica. However, around the country there are many more or less deserted beaches, where it is possible to enjoy some rays and the waves while “barefoot all over”.

The nearest international airport is Liberia (LIR), a good two hours from Nosara by car. 4-5 hours away, lays the other international airport, in the capital of San Jose (SJO). Renting a car to get from-to the airport and while staying at Casa BandA, is the most convenient option, but there are alternatives with shuttles, taxis and buses. Wheels are not needed to walk to the local beaches, but for most restaurants and for grocery shopping, some kind of transportation is required.

The website contains much information, and if that is not enough, emails will be answered quickly, in English, Danish or Spanish.

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Nude is natural and healthy

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If I say throw away your clothes and start living in a natural way! Most people will say – I can’t do that, I will feel vulnerable, I am too shy for that, that is disgusting , I will be cold, I am not that kind of person and the list goes on.

For the most of the cases I will say “Your were born nude, it is a natural state” – there is of course the case where you feel cold and need something to warm you, that is a natural action too. But why is it that when you are a place where it is actually warm enough to be nude all the time, people will still react in a way that indicates that they absolutely will not take of their clothes.

Nude is natural

I find it strange that so many people react in that way, I still do too in some cases. But I love being nude, I feel that I am in a natural state when I am nude, and I would argue that it is a natural state too.

Here are some of the reasons why I find it natural that we are naked, and actually also more healthy to be naked.

  1. We were born naked, that is our natural state. You don’t see any other animals put on clothes – do you?
  2. Scientists has in several occasions mentioned that wearing a BH is not good for your breasts. The natural state without a bra is actually much more healthy for women.
  3. Sleeping in the buff has proven to be much more healthy for you than sleeping with clothes on. (3 reasons to sleep in the buff)
  4. The garments we wear can be a breeding ground for filthy fungi and bad bacteria. This can cause yeast infections, urinary tract infections, rotting toenails. In other words not that good for our body.
  5. Wearing only your birthday suit also gives you a lot better relation to your own body. Body image issues is much less likely when you are naked and around naked people. The reason is that we all have defects on the body that we might not be that proud about. When we are naked together we can see that it is the same for everyone.
  6. 75% of US teens and adults receives insufficient amounts of the vitamin from the sun. This causes disease like cancer, heart problems, osteoporosis and diabetes. (Read more here)
  7. Pro nude people is much more tolerant to example religious groups, gay & lesbians and less prejudiced against ethnic inequalities. (View study from 2008)

What are you waiting for?

I hope you feel inspired to join the free life without clothes… It is not dangerous – it is actually natural and you might even get more healthy 🙂

Naked Bike Ride happening in Australia

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The streets of Melbourne was full of naked or nearly naked bike riders. The happening “Naked Bike Ride” had the purpose to create attention on the bike riders vulnerability to cars. The second purpose of the happening was to set focus on the negative consequences of fossil fuel.

Although the event was a nude protest, the organizers recommmended to run with a helmet. It is important to think about safety – says the organizer.

Naturist campsites are tired of butt watchers

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Melvin & Sandy
Photo: Melvin & Sandy
There is only a few months to the start of the camping season, and here the naturists expects unwelcome prying eyes on their bums. Watchers who visit the naturist camp sites just to stare on naked people.

– We do not want the elevator looks from short-term guests – especially men – are wearing clothes only come to spy on our campers. I tell them to find another place to be, says Sylvia Andersen, commander of NFJ Naturistcamping at Kysing Beach between Aarhus and Odder.

She also tells that some people buy one-day card to use the beach and the facilities, but instead they are spending their time to stroll around and lurk instead.

You could ofcourse just deny single men or woman access to the camp site, but then again some naturists is also single.

– Singles of both genders is welcome as long as they behave in a decent way, so other campers can be comfortable with them. Naturistcamping is a place where people are camping out with no clothes on . This often leads to visits of guests who just wants to come and look at naked people. The owner at NFJ naturistcamping tells

Your experience

Personnaly I haven’t had that kind of experience, but then again I am a male, and probably not that interesting to stare at. Therefore I would love to hear your experience from where you live.

Feel free to write a comment on the post- I will love to hear it.

Single man rejected by naturists

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CampsiteA man complained to the Equal Treatment Board over a naturist campsite, which according to the guest’s own admission denied him access. According to the man their reason was that single men are not allowed to enter.

The man has been a member of Danish Naturist Union for 4 years, and therefore don’t understand why he was rejected.
– he points out that there was no unlawful discrimination and therefore requested a written statement on the refusal of access. This request was rejected by the receptionist and the President, writes Board of Equal Treatment in the decision.

The man says, moreover, that he during the last four years has been seven naturist campsites where he was well received.

The campsite

The campsite owners, however, has a different version of the story:
Respondent says that singles of both genders is welcome as long as they behave in a decent way, so other campers can be comfortable with them. Naturistcamping is a place where people camp with no clothes on. This often leads to visits of guests who just wants to come and look at naked people, is the explanation from the campsite holders according to the Board.

When the case “requires proof in the form of oral part or witness statements,” states Board of Equal Treatment, that it can only be settled by a court.

Source: Metroxpress Denmark

My Naked truth TV interviews – about erotic

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I have collected a few interviews from Naked truth TV Interviews. I love that they do this kind of interviews, which gives different looks inside naturism. In the following three videos the focus on a sometimes sensitive issue amongst Naturists – erotic. I found it interesting that they have interviewed a erotic masseuse, an exotic dancer and a sex worker. I hope you find it interesting too.

Body Ideals and pornofication makes children insecure

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Child hiding
In Denmark there is something called Børnetelefonen, which basically is a child helpline where children can call with all their problems. In 2014 there was a huge rise in calls regarding body and sexuality. I think it’s a worrying trends and that it simultaneously shows the pressure is on body ideals in society.

Most of the questions that the children was asking was still about love, unfriendly people and stuff like that. But new questions has entered the top 10 question, and that is what is worrying.

A change in the questions

Bente Boserup, Head of Child Helpline says
– We are seeing a larger body fright than previously among the children and young people who contact us. They see silicone breasts on the buses, and the boys sees big penises on the net and think that their own is too small.

– There has been a general pornofication of the body, and the kids are confused about the worship of the constructed body, while generally being talked less about the body and sexuality in society because no one will be accused of pedophilia, she says.

Professor Christian Graugaard isn’t suprised

Christian Graugaard, professor of sexology at Aalborg University, is not surprised that the childrens helpline is getting more questions about the body and sexuality:

– It probably reflects the fact that children and young people today are living in a public space that is filled with ideals of the good body, good sex and good sexuality, he says to the paper Kristlig Dagblad.

– If the coils a few generations back, it was not the same massive bombardment of the ideals that we see in popular culture today, he says.

A backlash is needed

We live in a society where people post picture perfect bodies on Instagram and Facebook, where medias tries to make nudity equal to sex, photoshopped pictures is the norm and porn is easy accessable. This is how it is. I am not advocating that you should make laws and restrictions, because I don’t think it will have any good effects.

What I am advocating about is that if we loosen up a bit, and start showing the world that nudity is not equal sex, and that a human body actually is very different from person to person.

I think that naturism, nudism or just people who love to be nude can be a part of that backlash. When you bring your child to a nude beach or at naturist resort, your child will learn that we are all equal and different at the same time. Some is high, some is low, some has a little more on the side bones and others is skinny, some has a large penis and some has a small one. It is all natural and it is actually ok that we are different, so why dont we praise it.

Source of inspiration: DR

Women in Rio in topless protest

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Topless protest in rio
Photo: EFE/Antonio Lacerda
Brazilians demonstrates At Ipanema Beach – they fight for their rights to bathe topless on the beach.

If women bathing topless on one of the beautiful beaches of white sand, they risk up to 1 year in prison.

In the strictly Catholic country regarded this fact as an obscene act.

But the Brazilian women want their rights to walk bare breasted on the beach. Therefore, the Tuesday under heavy media presence, gathered at Ipanema beach in Rio, where more women threw the top.

I can only say that I support their mission – why is it ok for men to go topless, but not for women?

5 reasons to visit Le Colombier naturist camping

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Baignade nocturne - nachtzwemmen
In the summer 2014 my wife and I visited Le Colombier Naturist camping with our 5 year old son. We didn’t know much about Le Colombier Naturist camping and we didn’t know much about the area. We had a splendid time there and can reccommend that other naturists visit the place, it is absolutely worth it. Here is my top 5 reasons why Le Colombier Naturist camping is worth a visit.

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