Adegas naturist beach, Algarve, Portugal

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Praia das Adegas, or Adegas naturisstrand is one of the official naturist beaches in Portugal.

Adegas Beach is located in a small cove south of the main beach of Odeceixe, in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. Naturism is practiced here with an official license throughout the year, and there are other beaches in the area are working to get licensed.

Tubes often tells more than a description of a beach. View movie below.

Nude beach – Paya Bay on Roatan Island, Honduras

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Paya Bay on Roatan island in Honduras is a beach, nature, leisure and Wellness Resort for those seeking peace and communion with nature. The resort is situated overlooking the Caribbean Sea and two beautiful crescent-shaped beaches. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the world’s second largest coral reef system) is just a 100 meters from the shore. The gentle winds keep the ambient temperature cool and comfortable. There are paths through the enchanting countryside that you’ll love to explore.
In other words, the place is the perfect place to rest and enjoy nature.

Paya Bay is located on a beautiful peninsula that extends out from the island of Roatan, which ensures idyllic isolation and maximum distance from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Two natural beaches, quiet coves, high hills, wetlands, and even a small adjacent island makes the island the perfect “retreat” one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

Honduras has an average temperature between 26-30 degree celsius/81-86 degree fahrenheit all year round. It is always nice and warm – a great getaway.

Nudist music videos

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Christmas is about giving love. I have collected a few nudist music videos to keep you warm. The videos is from Naturist Society for all you nudist / naturist / “naked Spirits”.

I have never had the chance to meet Ton Dou myself, but I like his mission. You can read a lot more about him here Ton Dous homepage

Naturist Music videos by Ton Dou!

Naturist Society nudist music video! by clothesfree

Firefly – The nudist music video! by clothesfree

Nature Zones – An Artistic Nudist Music Video by clothesfree

Should it be legal to be naked anywhere?

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Half nude girlThere have been demonstrations in San Francisco (USA) in the past, because there has been a tightening of the law on public nudity. Similarly, there has also been tightened around nudity in Barcelona (Spain) and other places around the world.

My opinion is that nudity should be legal on beaches, forests, parks and the like. As long as you do not outright annoy other people. I also think it should be legal to do nude demonstrations, parades and more, as long as it is agreed with the local authorities. demonstrations, parades and more, as long as it is agreed with the local authorities. Furthermore, I believe that at any time have the right to walk around naked on their own homeground, in their own homes as it suits one.

As for nudity in the streets and in the otherwise public space, I have some mixed views on. I can not really figure out if I am for or against that one can walk around naked in the streets and alleys. On the one hand, I think that “Clothing optional” should be applicable everywhere – that is the ideal world for me.  However, I will say that when you are near food, then there should be some form of attire for hygienic reasons. Besides, I also believe that we should show some kind of respect for other people and other people also needs to respect me.

  • This is where the problem occurs – when is a border crossed?
  • What is your opinion?
  • Where is the borders, limits?

Please write, I really would like to hear your opinion – (a comment will not be shown right away because of spam bots, but they will be accepted)

Travelling with Google

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Where to go?I love travelling, I love the freedom to travel around, and I love visiting new places. I also like to go to places which allows nudity, but not a must for me. When I travel there is always some questions you want an answer to. Example, how is the weather in a given city, what time does the sun go down and so forth. You could of course bring a guide book, but sometimes it just seems too much to carry for little information, and actually the guide book normally can’t give you an answer upon weather forecast and similar.

My alternative is to use Google, it works fine on mobile, tablets and other, so why not use it. Here is some usefull search phrases I like for travelling.

Search for: 100aud to usd
You willl get currency converted from Australian dollar to American dollar.

Search for: temperature Sydney
You will get the current weather forecast and 4 days ahead

Searh for: sunrise Sydney
You will get sunrise time in Sydney as the first result

Searh for: sunset Sydney
You will get sunset time in Sydney as the first result

Search for: distance from Sydney to Melbourne
You will get distance in miles or km, and the time for driving the distance between Sydney and Melbourne

Search for: population Sydney
You will get how many people live in Sydney

Search for: sydney local time
You will get the local time in Sydney

Google Maps
That was just some of the simple searches on Google, if you take the step further and search on Google maps instead, you can get lots of information.

Search for: attractions sydney
Search for: hotels sydney
Search for: cafes sydney

Yoi got a really good helping hand just within a Google search

Do you have other smart Google tips?

Please let me know 🙂

Can nakedness help body image issues?

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Black in grassThe relentless media projections of what the body ideal should be, can and often do end up problems on how a body should look like. The problem is in my opinion that the media often shows images of the perfect body, but not the general body. This results in problem that many try to live up to this ideal, but that’s not possible. People are different and have different bodies. Unfortunately that is not what you see when you look on fashion commercials or celebrities on the red carpet. What we see is the perfect ideal – which is unreachable for most of us.

Many hvae a problem today, they are obsessed by there body. They calculate calories and fat, they visit there weight many times a day, and do a lot of sport just to discover that they still haven’t got a body as Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Brad Pitt or David Beckham. It is of course a good thing to exercise and eat healthy – but the excessive focus on calories and if you have the perfect body measurements, is a bad thing. You destroy your psyche and becomes obsessed with achieving the unachievable.

If you try to achieve the unattainable, you will sooner or later end up having poor self-esteem. Every body on this planet looks different – even if you eat healthy or spend  a lot of time training, you will not look like the ideal. The ideal doesn’t exist – it’s some measurements from different beautiful people put together for creating of the perfect body.

My opinion is that getting naked more often can help your conception of your body! 

You might think that’s crazy – but here is the reason why I think it will help.

  • Walking around naked alone more often can help you accept your body. You will look at it in different ways when the body isn’t hidden beneath clothing.
  • If you are naked among others you will quickly discover that all bodies has beautiful parts and less beautiful parts
  • Society tells us early in life that nakedness equals dirtiness and sexuality. I think that’s a really bad thing. Remember! We were born naked! There is nothing more natural than being naked! Nakedness more often will make you understand that a naked body isn’t equal  a dirty and sexual body. A naked body can be dirty and can be sexual, the same can be said about a body with clothing.

I hope that this can help you to understand that nakedness isn’t a bad thing, it can help you view of your body image.

I love comments and would love to read your words!

Nude beach, Zelena laguna, Porec in Croatia

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Zelena laguna naturist beach is approx. 6km from Porec – it’s free and is common beach for the campsites Bjela uvala (White Cove) and Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon). On the beach there is also a Surfing Centre, with surfing school, tennis courts, mini-golf and outdoor pool. Unfortunately, nudists are not allowed to use the pool.

More info:
Zelena Laguna ***
HR 52 440 Porec
Zelena Laguna (Green Lagoon)

Read more about Croatia


Help me make this very short information about Zelena Laguna better by writing a comment.

Lady Godiva on the Fourth Plinth in London

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LadyGod1va was introduced to naturism for about 13 years ago and has since then, developed the love of being nude and enjoying life as natural as possible.

The video below was a promoting / art stunt made for promoting naturism – it was actually done back in 2009 but is still a very discussed stunt. Well done!

Lady Godiva Upon The Fourth Plinth [FULL VIDEO] from iNaked on Vimeo.

Read more about The Plinth Hour

More info about Ladygod1va
Twitter: @Ladygod1va
Webpages: AND

Naked Yoga N.Y.C. , USA

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Yoga is a philosophy – the art is to communicate this philosophy through the class. One important thing is that you feel comfortable in the class, especially in the case of naked yoga. How to pronounce a nude yoga teacher from NYC.

One of those who pratice nude yoga says. The first time I participated in the nude yoga class was at the recommendation of my massage therapist. After the first time she was completely convinced that naked yoga was something she wanted to continue. When she attended Yoga classes before she thought always of what others thought about her body, her movements, etc. Her focus was away from Yoga and on those around her and what they were thinking. With naked yoga is a focus on self and how one’s experience with one’s own body.

All in all, I thought it’s a pretty good movie about Nude Yoga.

Naked Yoga N.Y.C. by BlackNaturistUK

Naturism, nudism in Iceland

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Naturism in Iceland is individually instead of social gatherings and nudist groups, as naturism in Iceland is only in recent years become more popular.

Despite the cooler weather in Iceland, offers this destination many hot springs and a rural setting where you can be naked. There are swimming areas in all regions of the country. There is no official nude beaches or dedicated nudist places in Iceland.

The spas around Reykjavok generally do not allow nakedness. The same goes for the very popular and famous “The Blue Lagoon”

Naturists activities in Iceland often takes place on a remote site. Anyhow there actually is a naturist community in Iceland.

Read more about Iceland

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