Why does breastfeeding offend?

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I have long wondered why breastfeeding in public can be offensive. I simply don’t get it! The baby needs food, why can feeding be offensive – it is a natural thing to eat, the same can be said about a naked nipple.

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New protests against bare bums from angry neighbour

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YogaA cottage owner in Tisvildeleje, Denmark is upset about, the women from a local yoga class undresses and bathe naked in the sea after ended yoga class.

There has been a tradition to combine yoga and pilates classes from Tisvildeleje. After the exercise every morning they jump out of their clothes and into the water. What I personally would call a life celebrating act.

This act is not welcomed from one of their neighbours – he has complained to the instructor of the class. He is not satisfied with the 20-25 woman and 3-5 men who enjoy a naked morning swim after their exercise. He claims that the beach is private. The fact of matter is though that the beach is public (like all other beaches in Denmark). As all other beaches in Denmark, you are actually allowed to take a skinny dip.

Fortunately it seems like most people do not share his anger. People who live nearby doesn’t share his point of view, and the many Facebook comments doesn’t share his point of view either.

I am glad that there after all is a common sense in Denmark and that not all is that narrow minded.

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How Facebook changes a liberal nation

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CensoredDenmark is what I would call a liberal nation. It is allowed be naked on all beaches as long as you don’t offend other people at the beach. In the 1960’s pornography was legalised during the sexual revolution. Same sex marriage became legal in 2012. As you can understand – Denmark is rather liberal country in many ways. But this is changing and I find it really sad.

Change in the air

Unfortunately there is changes in the air. Fewer people are naked on the beach and fewer are topless on the beach. There has also been a rise in complains about people being naked on the beach or naked in their own garden. What is even worse is the growing trend of people who feels insulted by the fact that woman breastfeeds her baby at a cafe.

None of these things was a big problem in the 70s, 80s , 90s and not even in the early 00s . It looks like the change has escalated the last 5-10 years.

There must be a reason – something must have changed the attitude!

Internet, TV and social media

I don’t think that it is possible to find just one thing which pushes the changes – there are probably many reasons. Here are my thoughts on why the change has come.

1. Internet
The Internet has done many good things to the world, no doubt about it. My job wouldn’t exist without the Internet 🙂 But I am sure that the Internet also has brought us some bad things. The world was larger before the internet – it is how it feels anyway. We couldn’t just get news from all over the world in realtime and we couldn’t communicate with the world as easy as we can today. We therefore wasn’t that much influenced by other countries, as we are now. There are many countries out there which are less liberal than Denmark and thereby has a “bad” influence on Denmarks liberal mindset, but it is hardly the main reason why we are in the middle of a change.

2. Censorship in TV
Another influencer is TV as a media. There has been Danish TV for many years, but there are not much censorship in danish TV (and there are still no censorship). The problem here is foreign TV from US and other countries where there is a lot different censorship. But on the other hand these TV Channels has been available for many years. One thing has changed regarding TV as a media is services like Netflix, HBO among others. These services seems to be more censored than danish TV, but I am still not convinced that it has any large effect on the danish society.

2. Facebook
Facebook has become very popular in Denmark, actually 73% of the danish population is on Facebook, and 59% of them is on the social media daily. Facebook has a huge influence on the danish population. The reason is that it is a media where you talk with friends, share stuff with friends, and use a lot of your spare time on. The relationship with Facebook is much closer than on non-social medias.

Facebook educates its users in what they think is wrong and what they think is ok. Example if you post some kind of nudity on Facebook you will get a punish, if you do it again the punish will be even harder and so forth. With this continuously “education” you end up with people thinking that it is not ok with nudity on social medias (and other places). People start believing that what Facebook does is also the right thing to do – but this is a dangerous path. What if they tried to educate you that it is not ok to have brown eyes – would you then stop talking to people with brown eyes?

I think it is a dangerous when a media with that much of an impact start educating people in a certain direction.

Is it harmfull?

One could say that what Facebook do is not harmful – and yes it might not seem that way. But I do find it interesting that more and more people have problems with their own body image. They don’t like what they see. This is of course not just because of Facebook, but more like a side effect. A side effect because when people start thinking that nudity is not ok then they also stop looking at them self and on ordinary peoples nude body. When they stop looking on others body on example a nude beach, they will compare there body with people from commercials, movies etc. where everything is perfect (most likely photoshopped).

When comparing yourself with a perfect body from a commercial – no wonder why you feel bad about your body. If you instead compared your body with other ordinary people you would soon discover that we all have flaws and assets. We are all different and we are all the same. We need to get back to ourself and start living our life as it should be and stop living other peoples life

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3 nude beaches in India

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Photo by: Abhijit Shylanath // Flickr

There are no official nude beaches in India as far as I know, but there are places where it is possible to get some sun without tan lines.


Among tourists this beach is really famous for its natural beauty and topless beaches. The beach Islands of Lakshadweep has a rich coral reef and lagoons. Agatti Island Beach is undisturbed naturally unspoilt and unseen. The beaches are covered palm trees, coconut grove and is literally a paradise.

Find a place to stay on Lakshadweep

Arambol Beach – Goa

The beach is located in North Goa and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. It is no wonder this beach has become so popular among tourist from all over the world.

The winter months is high season for tourists, if you want less tourists try to visit the beach outside the winter months.

When visiting the beach you must check out the famed local mud that visitors love to use on their skin.

Find a place to stay in Goa near Arambol Beach

Om Beach

This beach has two fresh water springs and beautiful red cliffs which makes the place unique. Located at the northern corner of Bardez Taluka just opposite Chapora River.

The name “Om beach” comes from the shape of the beach, it has a shape of “OM” but you need to see it from Helicopter.

Find a place to stay in Gokarna near Om Beach


Public nudity is not legal in India. The mentioned beaches is places where it should be possible to go nude without any fear of harassment. Try going to more soluted areas or places where other also tend to be bare or topless. You are in a country that might have other cultures than yours, be careful not to offend people with your behaviour.

You also should notice, that I haven’t been on all the beaches mentioned in the article, and that information is gathered from research

Danish Naturists Society supports Free The Nipples

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BreastsThe danish naturist society (Danske Naturister) now official supports Free The Nipples. They have started their own campaign where they encourage Danes to send their own pictures to Danish Naturist, with the purpose to set focus on the movement.

– Why should women not be able to throw the shirt and bra on a hot summer like men? We must have a more relaxed attitude towards nudity in society. Nudity is not sexual , says chairman of the Danish Naturists Mette Duekilde to the news paper Metro Express.

According to Danish Naturists webpage – “t is time that we women take right over our breasts back and look at them with our own eyes , not with others . We want a bare chest is a natural sight and nothing that arouses indignation or censorship on Facebook.”.

It starts with Facebook

During my time running the blog Spotnaked.com I have been banned a couple of times because I showed too much nipple on pictures posted on Facebook. It seem really strange that Facebook should have the right to censor a thing that natural as a nipple. I am glad thatt a growing number of people support freeing the nipples.

One of the reason to the more focus on Freeing the Nipple is coursed by a young Icelandic woman in March posted a picture of her breast on Facebook. She got many comments about the picture, which is also not allowed by Facebook’s direction lines. Since then, thousands of men and women posted photos on social media during hash tag #FreeTheNipple in protest against the sexualisation and censorship of women’s breasts.

As a dane and a naturist I can only say that I too support Freeing the nipples.

Visit Danish Naturists webpage too view their campaign.

Naturist beach Praia do Pinho in Brazil

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Praia do Pinho is Brazils first naturist beach. It is located 80 km. from the Capital Florianopolis in the city Balneário Camboriú SC. This is a natural beauty with a nickname “philosophy of life”.

The beach has nice white sand, and wonderful nature. If you make a search on Google you will get an idea of how wonderful this beach is (View pictures on Google)


The beach has a great facilities. There are kiosk on the beach which sells drinks and snacks, you can rent lounging chairs and beach umbrellas. It is possible to park by the beach for a low parking fee – note that the parking is for both textile and textile part of the beach. If you want to park in the fully nude section you have to pay extra – but then again you also get a very short access to the beach then.


The beach is located by the city Balneário Camboriú SC – 80 km/ miles from the Capital Florianopolis. More exact location can be seen on the map.

Latitude, Longitude: -27.020478, -48.575758

More inspiration about Praia do Pinho

praiadopinho.com.br the official site

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