Life of a Naturist

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First and second part of an interesting documentary about life as a naturist. The documentary finds place in Brazil, and is with english subs.

Since society forces people to wear clothes she of course had clothe on before she came to the society. After visiting the society she is always naked and feel fully freedom with nature.

The documentary gets close to the life of naturists in a social naturist environment in Brazil.

Part 1

A Day in the Life of a Naturist PART 1 by BlackNaturistUK

Naturism, nudism in Croatia

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CroatiaCroatia has been a naturist destination dating back to 1930, when the island of Rab can be termed as the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic Sea. It all started with the English King Edward VIII who was on Rab with his wife. They were allowed  that he and his wife could take a nude swim in the bay Kandarola. It is the same reason that the bay is now called “The English beach”.

Croatia is the first country in Europe to start with commercial naturism, other countries in Europe was limited to clubs. The first naturist camp were opened in Istra and Dalamatien in 1960. At that time, there were more than 100,000 naturists who spent their holiday in Croatia. Today the figure is somewhat higher and the excess number 1,000,000, which is 10 times as much as in the sixties. Tourists in the country come from countries like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as other liberal countries. Croats also likes naturism, it is believed that up to 15% of the population practicing nudism.

Today there are many opportunities for naturism in Croatia, there are more than 20 official naturist, which is spread over 8,220,000 sqm

Naturist beaches in Croatia are marked as “FKK”. This is the abbreviation for the German word “Freikörperkultur” (free body culture). The FKK sign is ubiquitous all along the Croatian coast.

In short you can say that Croatia is certainly a naturistland, which is definitely worth visiting

Help me make this short guide info better and write a comment 🙂

Why has breastfeeding become a taboo?

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breastfeedingIt is no longer accepted in the broader population to breastfeed your child on a restaurant, cafe or similar. It seems like that breastfeeding has become a taboo in many countries. I wonder – why is it so?

I come from Denmark, which should be one of the most liberal countries in the world, and still there is this big issue about breastfeeding. It hasn’t always been so. It seems like there is becoming more and more resistance to breastfeeding in public. The law in Denmark allows breastfeeding anywhere (as far as I know), but it seems that the general attitude in our society has changed. When my wife was breastfeeding our child for 3½ year ago, it was looked down upon when she was breastfeeding our child. We have talked to some friends about the subject,and even among our friends, there were a few who looked down on breastfeeding in public. I have even read about a nursing woman who  was thrown out of the Tivoli Bodega and Wine Bar. I really don’t understand that attitude, and unfortunately it seems like the attitude is not just in Denmark.

Some places it seems like the right circumstances is made. In Scotland the women has the right to breastfeed whenever and wherever they need it, guaranteed by law. Here you can get a fine of up to 2,500 pounds, if you prevent a woman from breastfeeding. That seems like a solution on the problem, but it shouldn’t be needed to make laws for nursing a child, it should be a natural thing, and a matter of course. There is nothing more natural than breastfeeding – and most of us has been feeding on breast ourselves.

In my eyes it looks like that too many alienates their own body, and find sexualisation of even the smallest outcrop of the naked skin. More acceptance of nakedness will make it a lot easier to be around each other, and we wouldn’t have all those body image problems.

IT IS WRONG! – Lets make a change, let’s make it acceptable to show a little nakedness without thinking of it as an sexual act.

This is why I think it’s natural:

  • The baby needs to eat – it is within our nature to breastfeed.
  • A baby eats 24/7 – you never know when.
  • A modern women also needs to get out.
  • You have probably been feeding on breast yourself.
  • We were all born naked and far from all nakedness is sexual related.

I hope you have some comments. I will be really happy to get comments upon how things are in your country.

Can naturism coexist with religion?

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I can’t say that I am religious person, I have never been and probably never will be, but I do respect religious people. I am a naked freedom lover, and yesterday, It came to me “can religion and naturism coexist”.
Instead of walking around wondering, I put in some effort in research about the subject which includes the religions (Christianity, Islam, Jewish and Hinduism).

Christianity is a very popular religion in the western world. I am living in the western world myself, and that’s the reason why I have put most details on this religion.

I think the most frequent used argument against nudity is “God approved of people being nude, he would not have clothed Adam and Eve after they sinned, thus making it a reminder to man that we had, in fact, sinned.” If you take a look in bible you will discover that it presents nakedness as shameful and degrading.

Examples from the bible can be found here

It seems like chrisitianity doesn’t approve nakedness, but still there are Christian Naturist community. For example this quote was taken from a Christian Naturist group on – Quote – “Christian Naturists detest pornography and smut, we report Pedophilia, and uphold monogamous Christian family values that our future generations can soundly build upon.” For me it sounds like the group has most of the Christian ideals, just with a minor twist that nakedness is allowed.

It might sound like Christianity and naturism is a seldom mix, but that might not be the whole truth. Countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy are actually very liberal about nudity. These countries are also Roman Catholic and has traditional been religious countries. The religious belief isn’t as strong as it has been, but I don’t think that is the reason. It is more likely that reason is within the culture – and not in their belief.

Islam and naturism isn’t a very good fit, the reason is that there are laws against revealing body parts. The area of the body not meant to be exposed in public is called the awrah, and while referred to in the Qur’an,

  • For men that is equal to covering up from the navel to knees, which means that Muslim men have to cover themselves at least from the navel down to the knees in front of other men or women
  • For women that means covering up from chest to knees in front of other women and in front of men, it is the whole body except from face and hands. For some more strict Islam believers it’s not allowed to show hands and face either.

I do believe that there are some naturist among Islamists, but I don’t think the number is high.

In general, Judaism has a rather clothes-on attitude towards nudity in most social and familial situations, except when it is impractical to do so. Impractical situations can be showering, sexual intimacy or ritual purposes. How much it’s legal to show depends on the interpretation of Halakha the Jewish law.

However, there is a form of Judaism called Jewish Ascetic Nudism which embraces nude ascetic Jewish rituals.They believe that by removing clothing during observance of rituals that they are acknowledging their wholeness as a living being that has already been blessed by God and not needing anything else to survive on this earth.

Read much more about nudism and Judaism


In Hinduism nudity is not a part of the religion. Though there are one “sect” of hinduism which can be seen naked example  Nanga sadhu .

I haven’t found much about hinduism and naturism, therefore please enlighten me about Hinduism and naturism if you know anything about the subject.

Putting it all together
It seem like that most of the major religions has a kind of negative view upon nakedness. Some religions seem to take a little light view upon nudity than other. But common for all of them is that they as default don’t embraces nudity.

Why is that then?
I don’t actually think it is the religions in itself, but the cultural inheritance which is much more visible in religions.

I think naturism can live hand in hand with religion, but not without obstacles. After all many religions has a long path to walk before it will be acceptable.

Naturism as a target of stereotypical judgments – What is your experience?

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Girl beach lookingNaturists is a common target for stereotypical judgements, here are some of the most common I know.

It’s only beautiful people who’s naturists
Well it’s normal people like you and everyone else who is naturists. Meaning skinny, fat, hairy, bald, thin and all kind of body shapes. We are all equal, and everybody has assets we are happy about and there are assets we are not that happy about – I think that’s how humans are.

It’s kind of funny, that another assumption is naturists are unattractive, over-weight and absolutely not worth looking at.
As for the previous assumption, ALL kind of body types visits naturists resorts and nude beaches. In my opinon every human body is worth looking at, diversity makes the body wonderful. The bodies we see in advertising and pornography is not the way that naked people look like, that’s the “ideal” body displayed.

Only old people go to nude beaches and naturist resorts
It is probably right that some places tend to have more grey haired than other places. I have been visiting many nude beaches, and on all of them there were singles, couples and families in all ages.

Naturist is just perverts and weirdos
We were all born naked, and by nature we wouldn’t have any clothing. Naturism is about enjoyment of being naked. The assumption of perverts and weirdos probably mistaken from exhibitionists who like to be naked for the rush and the thrill, Some might call them perverts and weirdos – I don’t think they are!

This was just af few common stereotypical judgments I know of.

Do you have any experiences, and what is your opinion about the subject?

Naked at home in the backyard

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Woman garden - I didn't have any of me or male!I enjoy being naked in social matters, like on the nude beach, naturist camping and other places. I also love to be naked at home, and that is probably where most people practice nudity. It’s great to be indoor and let everything free, and feeling the freedom of nudity. I also enjoy being naked in the backyard, it is not always easy to do this – what about the neighbours – I keep thinking?

Here in Denmark the law is very liberal about nudity, you are actually allowed to be naked at home, on beaches and other places, as long as you do not bother other people. I think my biggest obstacle is in my head, and in how people in the society looks upon nudity. Therefore I took a decision last summer. I told myself, that of course I can be naked in my own backyard, even though it’s very easy to look inside our backyard. As told then done, I haven’t heard any complains from my neighbours, even though I am pretty sure they have seen me naked.

My obstacle was clearly within myself, but it’s not easy – is it?
When is it ok to be nude and when isn’t it? – it’s not like there is an exact answer!

Do you have any experience or advices?

Facebook generation of nudists/naturists

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Woman crossed armsThe new generation of nudists/naturists could dream of bein a part of a naturist organisation. But they do embrase public nudity more than ever, especially in England.

I think the Internet and Social Medias is a part of the reason, before we had to organise in clubs, organizations and similar to make a statement. Today it’s easier than ever to make a movement using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and other social medias.

In many ways the goal is the same as the classic naturist – naked freedom. But in other ways there is a slightly difference. The classic naturist is often a part of a naturist club/orginasation. This may make some people a little “affraid” of nakedness, they don’t consider them self nudists or naturists. They just love being naked when they feel like being naked. That is an important difference, because this new movement might take naked freedom a step further to a broader audience than the classic naturist organizations. Many people enjoy being naked at home, and on more private places, other like to be naked in more social matters. Both paths is total accepted, the goal is a common acceptance of nakedness.

I think freedom is an essential part of naturism, nudism and just love being naked. In many ways I think that the “new naked”, wants to make naked freedom a new movement, which is generally accepted in societies. In many ways I think that has always been the goal.

In my opinion it’s always good to get new movements, and I actually consider myself as both the classic naturist and a part of  “the new naked”. I am not a in any organizations – but love being nude, and like to go to naturist beaches, go naked vacations and similar. I am 39 years old and a family man with a wife and lovely boy, not exactly a part of the youth 🙂

I know I might have got it wrong with my view, and that there probably are many who disagree with me. Write your opinion, I’d love to hear it.

Write what’s on your mind!!!

Fuertenventura, Canary Islands, Spain

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Fuerteventura is a very naturist-friendly island, in fact, it has been named the world’s best naturist island in a user survey from Bare Beaches.

Most of the beaches on the island is used by naturists, especially the more remote is not as populated.

The beaches south of Corralejo has been nominated for ‘Country Parks’ and include Corralejo dunes. It is also in this area on each side of the big hotels to beaches especially used by naturists. Clothing Optional beaches extending over several kilometers, in particularly in the south direction, there are many good places for naturists.

El Cotillo, with the beautiful blue lagoons, is also very popular with naturists who are looking for the genuine Fuerteventuran life in an unspoilt fishing village. It is also possible to find other good places if, for example. rent a car like a 4 wheel drive vehicle, as it can be difficult to come up in several places.

The climate is excellent all year

Avg. Daily Max (°C)Avg. Daily Min (°C)Avg. Monthly Temperature (°C)

All in all, Fuerteventura an excellent example of naturist. Get inspired below 🙂

Should parents be naked in front of their children?

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DSC00203 I am a moderate naturist, so is my wife – we have a child on 3½ year. I enjoy nakedness both at home and on clothing optional/naturist places. Both me and my wife has a liberal view upon nakedness, and we both often walk around naked at home. I walk around naked much more than my wife, but both of us think that being naked is a natural thing.

We have been on naturist vacations with our child, and often go to nude beaches with our child (when the weather is for it), none of us consider it an issue that we are naked infront of our child. We don’t think it’s a big thing if our child sees other people naked, of course we always look if there are any pervs, – but haven’t seen any.

That said, there is many people who consider it a bad thing, to be naked in front of there children. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, we make it what it is! If the parents send signals for their child, that it’s a bad thing to be naked, the child will of course also consider it bad, after all the children learns from the parents. I think parents need to learn their children a healthy look upon nakedness. Some parent (I know at least one) never appears naked infront of there children, which ends up in children who is very curios about the naked body when  they get a look at one. Curios about how the body look like, and maybe a bit amputated about how the anatomy of their own body.

In my opinon, children should have a healthy view upon nakedness. They should be allowed to be naked, and they should be allowed to see naked people. Nudity is no resemblance to sexuality – it’s two different things. Nudity and sexuality can occur at the same time, but it’s the medias and the attitude which makes nudity equal to sexuality.

I think nudity can change childrens body image, and make them more self confident about their body. This will help them when they grow up, and make them more secure in  how they are as human, and on how they look upon life. I might be wrong about this, but I believe that I am doing the right thing.

Feel free to write your opinon about this topic, and write me some comments 🙂

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