Twitter spam and phishing

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It seems like some of you have had some spam or phising mails from me on Twitter. I have changed my password on my twitter account, which hopefully solves the problem.

Phishing scams over Twitter
Scams like that is unfortunately a common occurrence over Twitter and they manifest themselves in the form of Direct Messages (DM) from someone a user is following.  Normal they target accounts with a lot of followers and thereby a larger reach.

As a victim you will recieve a DM with messages like  “LOL is that you?”, “Did you see this pic of you? lol” , “LOL!! whyy were your pants off in thisss piccc??? LOOK” or “Someone is spreading nasty blogs about you.” This is accompanied by a shortened link that takes the victim to a page that usually says “Sorry page doesn’t exist”. The victim is then taken to a fake Twitter login page, where the victim enters id and password, which the phisher then registers.

I recommend that you do the following

I hope this was a little helpful information.

Horizon: What’s the problem with nudity?

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There is one thing you do everyday in the privacy at home, that you never dream of doing in front of strangers. Get undressed!!! So what’s stopping you?

That is how this BBC documentary starts – 8 volunteers finds out what is really stopping people from being nude in front of other people. I found the documentary good and informative.

The documentary from BBC can be found below in 4 episodes, enjoy.

Did you like the documentary?

Part 1

Why vacation naked?

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In this short video you will hear from people who come to “vacation naked”. The interviewer Dayle asks the guest of the resorts questions about why naked vacation. SHe also asks question about if people tell their friends about. Take a look at the video and hear the answers 🙂

My answer to the question “Do you go on vacation naked?” would be YES!, and I do tell my friends and family. Why go on vacation naked? Because it feels free and natural.

What is your reason for naked vacations?

Vacation Naked: Why? from Dayle Hoffmann on Vimeo.

Diary of a teenage nudist part 1 – 4

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Diary of a teenage nudist, is a touching documentary which follows 18-year-old Bianca as she embarks on an investigation into what motivates people to take off their clothes in public.

Bianca are like many of her age, she is about to go to university. But unlike most others, she grew up in a nudist club, and she lives there still.

Recently she discovered, via the internet, that there is a new generation of teenage nudists. As well as looking into the motivation of nudists, Bianca investigates whether the whole movement is as universally innocent and non-sexual as practitioners claim.

Take a look at the documentary – it is really worth it’s time.

Part 1

Diary of a Teenage Nudist pt1 by PedrodePena

Understanding nudism – an interview with a “hikergirl”

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Understanding nudism – an interview with a “hikergirl”.

The Interview consist of several questions, some of them listed below

What is nudism to you?
It is about being free and confortable in my own body

When did you first realize you were a nudist?
Ever since I was a kid I really didn’t like wearing any clothes. When I was young I was always skinny dpping and always took of my clothes first. It wasn’t until I was 21 I realized I was a nudist

What was your first nudist experience like?
My first time was when I went with some friends to some hot springs. We hiked up there and we backed down, we hiked naked

Other questions
Where do you like to go nude?

How do you go about meeting other nudists?

Are you a closet nudist or do your friends and family know?

View the short movie and get the answers 🙂

Produced by TrueNudists – unfortunately it’s censored because of YouTube anti-nude policy

Best naturist vacation experience

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Quinta da HortaWhere did your best naturist vactation go to?

My best naturist vacation is actually two vacations, to two different countries (Portugal og France).

Portugal, Algarve
It was actually the first time we went on a naturist vacation by choice. We had planned to go to Algarve and visit the beaches in Algarve, and had searched the Internet for finding the perfect place to live on our vacation. We found a place called Quinta Da Horta, which was located in a small fishing village called Ferraguido, nearby the much bigger city Portimao. The place is clothing optional.

When we arrived (which was pretty late) we were welcomed by Ted Bun, a really lovely man and we found our small apartment and found that was on the pictures was also the real thing.
The next morning we found that the place was a small oasis just outside the city, and the people working there was really nice people. The atmosphere was total different than everything else I have tried, it was more like a small social club where everybody enjoyed each others company. “Customers” and staff was equal in many ways which I found a really good thing. Me and my family enjoyed being around and talking to people, drinking a little red wine in the evenings, swimming in the pool and just hanging around. This place will always have a special place in my heart.

France, Corsica
Another time I have had a really great vacation, was in the summer of 2012 i was on vacation on Corsica, France – I visited the naturist camping Bagheera. That was a great experience, and was actually my second time there. First time was kind of special, because it was kind of random we got there, but the second time in summer time 2012 was a picked choice.

In the beginning it was a little special, we have been on naturist vacation before as a family, but not many times. Therefore it was still a little special to be there in the beginning. But after a couple of days we all found it natural to be naked around the camping area.

Actually we had a funny experience with our 3 year kid, we had been there for 4-5 days, when he suddenly said – people haven’t any clothing on. He didn’t noticed that people were naked, it seems like kids don’t bother to much about people having clothe on or not.

The really good thing about this place was that we were on this campsite, which wasn’t exactly in a touristed area, it was in nature just down to the beach. The pulse went down and the stress disappeard.

This vacation was different from Portugal, but also a brilliant vacation.

What is your best naturist vacation?
This was my two best naturist vacations,. Write your own experience and share it with other readers. Let’s inspire each other for great naturist vacations.

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