Naked hiking in Tuscon, Arizona, USA

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Nude Hiking is a different and refreshing way to enjoy naturism, and then you will get fit at the same time. I have found interesting information about nude hiking arounf Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Is a community of people across America who gather and play games, go on naked hiking and Connecter with each other. Buff-a-teers members frequently go on camping nude and naked walks in Tuscon

Mira Vista Resort
There are many nude hiking and walking trails at Mira Vista reason and that is mostly planned activities. At the resort, there are also several swimming pools, spa, tennis courts and fitness center.

Canyon State Naturists
Another naturist / nudist organization whose members cultivate camping and hiking together naked. Camping and nude hiking are monthly and calendar of events is very easy to find and be a part of. Book nude hiking trips in Tucson, it’s a great way to make lasting friendships even if you are not just from the U.S..


Do you know any good hiking areas for nudists?

Naked protest becomes more common?

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It seems that there is an increasing use of nudity, as a protest.There is the orange nude protest in Uruguay, Femen from Ukraine, Pussy Riots in Russia and there has been a lot of riot in San Fransisco in the buff.

The Orange protest is pro-abortion and protest in Uruguay. They have chosen to throw the cloth in front of Congress in the capital Montevideo – that is naked but painted orange.

I think it’s an interesting development, and we believe here that it can help to open up the understanding of nudity. Nudism is not about sex but about being free – the same goes for many of the protest groups. On the other hand it is kind of sad that nudity can make a riot.

Do you think nudity as a form of protest is getting more common?
And what is your opinion about naked protests?

Femen protesting

Behind the scenes of SpotNaked

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My name is Peter Terp, born in 1973, has a wonderful wife and a great son. Nudism / naturism or should I call it naked freedom started rather late in my life. I have always loved to be naked, but in many years it was mostly alone. It is in the more recent years (last 10-15 years) I have been enjoying being social nude more and more.

I also love travelling and has been travelling a lot since 1995 and also work in the travel industry. What could be more convenient than writing about naked freedom and travelling.

Naked freedom
I choose to call naturism, nudism for naked freedom, because I think there is many labels put on both naturism and nudism. I don’t necessary agree in those labels, and want to stand out for what I belief. Naked freedom is about being and allowing others to be dressed as they like at the time and the place, it is about respecting yourself, other people and the environment.

I believe that people should have the right to be naked everywhere, because the naked body is a natural thing. Nakedness hasn’t necessary anything to do with sex. I think this quote “You don’t need to be naked to have sex, and you don’t need to have sex because you are naked.” describes my belief very well. In my opinion both nakedness and sex is natural, and have I have a natural view upon both.

There are of course exceptions where nudity is not preferable. For example. I wouldn’t like the chef on a restaurant to be naked, because of hygiene. And I don’t think the chef’s would like it either,  because it may not be fun to get boiling oil and looked at the naked body.

Tips for Visiting Nude Beaches in Spain

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Ok travel tips for visiting Spains nude beaches. The tips is mainly targeted to the Barcelona area.

Here are some tips, some is in text, the rest you can see in the video.

  • In Barcelona there is an official nude beach called “La Mar Bella” which is easy to get to.
  • There is also an unofficial nude beach placed right in the city “Barceloneta”.
  • Toplesness is allowed for both men and women on all beaches.
  • Wear beach clothes to the beach, disrobe on the sand of the nude beach.
  • You don’t have to be fully naked if you don’t wish.
  • Remember sun protection.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas, I have been online for about a month (the page has been online a little longer, but no activity).

It has been a wonderful beginning of something new for me, I’ve met many wonderful people and I have had a lot of new experiences and learned much the past month.

I hope you all will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Nude Revolution – Video

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A short video about being nude, it was created by NudistOnly

From the short movie is a classic question and some good answers:

Why nudism?

  • It’s easy, it is just natural
  • Because naturism offers you to be who you truly are
  • It is being confortable being in my own skin
  • It is about respecting each other
  • Totally relaxation
  • It is all about getting back to our basics
  • It is about letting go

View the short movie and learn more about the nude revolution

5 reasons to go on nude vacation

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WomanDo you need a reason to go on nude vacation? Here is 5 good reasons!

  1. Travel light
    You can travel light- Actually if you pack really light, you can travel only with your handluggage. This will get you faster out of the airport, because you don’t need to get your suitcase. Another advantage is that you can save the luggage fee, which some airlines charges.
  2. No washing needed
    When on a naturist vacation, you don’t use much clothing. Only when you are away from the naturist resort, clothing is needed. Therefore you don’t need to wash a lot clothe. If you don’t wear them, you don’t make them dirty 🙂
  3. No tan lines
    If you walk around naked most of the day you won’t get any tan lines. Especially if you also are sun tanning naked.
  4. No wet swim suit
    You won’t need a bikini or other swim wear, when you are skinny dipping. This have a huge advantage that you won’t have wet clothing, that you either walk around in or has to dry.
  5. Open your heart
    When you bare your skin, you open your heart and bare yourself to new ideas and new people.

More reasons? Write a comment

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