If I say throw away your clothes and start living in a natural way! Most people will say – I can’t do that, I will feel vulnerable, I am too shy for that, that is disgusting, I will be cold, I am not that kind of person and the list goes on.

For the most of the cases, I will say “you were born nude, it is a natural state” – there is, of course, the case where you feel cold and need something to warm you, that is a natural action too. But why is it that when you are a place where it is actually warm enough to be nude all the time, people will still react in a way that indicates that they absolutely will not take off their clothes.

Nude is natural

I find it strange that so many people react in that way, I still do too in some cases. But I love being nude, I feel that I am in a natural state when I am nude, and I would argue that it is a natural state too.

Here are some of the reasons why I find it natural that we are naked, and actually also more healthy to be naked.

  1. We were born naked, that is our natural state. You don’t see any other animals put on clothes – do you?
  2. Scientists has on several occasions mentioned that wearing a BH is not good for your breasts. The natural state without a bra is actually much more healthy for women.
  3. Sleeping in the buff has proven to be much more healthy for you than sleeping with clothes on. (3 reasons to sleep in the buff)
  4. The garments we wear can be a breeding ground for filthy fungi and bad bacteria. This can cause yeast infections, urinary tract infections, rotting toenails. In other words not that good for our body.
  5. Wearing only your birthday suit also gives you a lot better relation to your own body. Body image issues are much less likely when you are naked and around naked people. The reason is that we all have defects on the body that we might not be that proud about. When we are naked together we can see that it is the same for everyone.
  6. 75% of US teens and adults receives insufficient amounts of the vitamin from the sun. This causes disease like cancer, heart problems, osteoporosis and diabetes. (Read more here)
  7. Pro nude people is much more tolerant to example religious groups, gay & lesbians and less prejudiced against ethnic inequalities. (View study from 2008)

What are you waiting for?

I hope you feel inspired to join the free life without clothes… It is not dangerous – it is actually natural and you might even get more healthy 🙂

  1. Spencer Tunik came back to Cleveland, to photograph 400 nude womenm back since 2004, the one I posed in.
    If Chelsea Clinton, or Ivanka Trump, wanted to puse nude, with these 400 women, would Spencer LET them? Since they are the daughters of the candidates, and all?

  2. This is a great post on the benefits and how natural Nudism is supposed to be. We have been brainwashed into thinking it’s bad for you and fosters sinful actions, but in my experience it’s quite the opposite. Keep up the good work.

  3. One of the many reasons that I am comfortable in my own skin is that I live in the nude as much as possible. Years ago I found that sleeping nude is vastly superior to sleeping with clothes on (the quality of sleep is better, sleeping in the nude is better for my physical and mental health, I am more comfortable in bed when nude and my wife is happier). More recently I have learned that living in the nude in daylight is vastly superior too. It has occurred to me that when I am nude I am invariably happy, no matter what is going on, no matter what day-to-day stresses life brings, This past Saturday my wife and I joined friends and we all worked out then had dinner nude – nothing could have been better.

    1. Sounds really nice that you have found this kind of joy 🙂

      I always sleep nude – it is hard for me to sleep with clothes on. Because of the weather and climate in Denmark it can be hard to be nude all day, but I do appreciate to walk around nude at home, at the beach on a sunny day etc.

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