It has been some time since I last posted some naturist inspiration. This time it is nude beach yoga, probably because I miss the sun so much here in December. The inspiration is based on 3 videos with nude beach yoga. I hope you get inspired.

Pure Nude Yoga

Pure Nude Yoga – Ocean Goddess Trailer

Artistic naked yoga on beach

Copyright photo: larrui / 123RF Stock Photo
  1. I have enjoyed nakedness and yoga of and on during my life. I have had some circumstances and happenstances which have gotten in the way of living a fuller life the way I would want. I am looking for other people who feel the same way to share more of a social and community life with. I would like to live and work and a nude yoga retreat or help start a retreat like that. I have looked up some nude yoga websites but haven’t had a lot of time to follow up. I have been facing some challenges in my life over the past few years. I think things are changing for me now in a way in which I could find or make the kind of life and the living of it I want. I work in gardening and small home farming, dog care and pool service. I live in southern California. I have been living with a friend for about a year since I had to leave the house where I had living. I will be moving to a less crowded living place soon where I will have more peace and privacy for the time being. please write back. I look forward to hearing from you. I would like to help anyone living or making a more free way of life for the mind and body. thank you for your help. sincerely, phillip.

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