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Little beach is actually located on Makena Beach on Maui. Little beach is isolated behind the jagged volcanic rocks, driftwood and tall shrubs. Nude sunbathing was previous illegal in Hawaii but Hawaii Supreme Court upheld right to nude sunbathing on some public beaches including Little beach (Read further here) . Little beah is known as Maui’s unofficial clothing optional beach, and has become a favorite place among nudists / naturists.

The sand is golden the waves incredible! The water is clear and warm, there is plenty of room for everyone on most days. All in all a great place for naturists. Trip Advisor has a rating for the beach on 4.5/5 – with 150 reccomendations this must speak for it self.

Swimming, snorkeling

Getting there
Little beach is located on Makena Beach (also know as Big Beach). When you are on Mauri you need to head for Makena Beach State Park. When you arrive at Makena Beach you need to walk North to the end of Big Beach and climb up the lava-flow trail and down the other side to Little Beach. All ages are able to make it up this short climb with no worries.

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Finally, I want to thank Hawai`i Naturist (Twitter: @HawaiiNaturist ) to correct my opinion about that nudism is illegal in Hawaii.

  1. I have been to this beach twice and love it. Snorkeling is so much fun here. It is a little cramped and old men watch from the rocky shore but that is OK I think.

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