Nudism in Thailand gets really excited when you know the right places to go. Most people go to this location with such intention but visit the wrong places and as a result, they can’t seem to have anything positive about their experiences. Are you one of such persons? Do you know that Thailand has got some wonderful and breathtaking spots where people can actually go nude?

We are talking about places you would visit once and may not get satisfied due to the wonderful experience as you would want to visit again. This is what this post is aimed at showing you. You will be discovering some of the top spots for naturists in Thailand. Discovering these places means that your next visit to this country will be worth your time and money. They will be discussed below.

Find places to go nude in Thailand

The Chan Resort

This will leave you with lots of excitements as a naturist because nudism is very much allowed here. It is a villa which isn’t known for its size but due to the excitements that it tends to carry. It is a place that is located between Jomtien and Pattaya.

Chan Resort is a resort for naturists -both local and international. They were the first resort in Thailand to happily provide a special place for naturists, and still proudly do so. They believe in enjoying the sun fully naked… and the natural way.

The sense of freedom that comes from relaxing by the pool without a swimsuit is one of the main reasons why people come visit us and love it so much. The sun relaxes the body deeply all during the day and soon the mind relaxes too and the spirit follow. You will find yourself resting, relaxing, maybe eating a little and fully enjoying the calm, open and relaxed atmosphere.

Oriental Village Chang Mai

The Oriental Village Naturist Resort is a place of serenity and absolute comfort in a real Thai atmosphere. Located at the foot of mountains and between the rice fields of the gorgeous Chiang Mai area, the Oriental Village Resort is the perfect destination for the traveller in search of quietness, authenticity and comfort.

The 1 2 simple, charming and well-equipped cottages are centred around a swimming pool, where you will meet other guests. In the reception and restaurant, you will find a welcoming and helpful staff. Our Mountain View Restaurant serves, from breakfast to dinner, Thai specialities as well as Western recipes. It is with great pleasure that we’ll welcome you for a stay that will not fail to surprise you.

Lemon Tree Resort Phuket

This is another great spot for people who are thinking of getting involved in the act of nudism. One thing that has made this place to be registered on the minds of people is that it is the first naturist beach in this location (Phuket) of Thailand. Once you get to Naiharn Beach, you are almost there as it isn’t far away. Also, it will only take you an hour from the airport in Phuket.

This place is new and it can’t seem to stop being flooded by people who want to get nude on a daily basis. It has everything that can make your visit as a naturist to the beach standout. Also, there is an opportunity for anyone who has decided to do some cycling as they have bicycles in place. This means that there is never a dull moment in this place. Also, don’t forget that nudism in the place is strongly encouraged as there are no rules. You can move around the beach as you
like without any kind of limitations.

J&M House Banphe Rayong

This one is located in Ban Phe (Ranyong). Although it is not too close to the Bangkok International Airport it is only 1 hour and 15 minutes to the U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport. It can be a wonderful location for every naturist. There is a wonderful pool which is surrounded by 4 bungalows. It doesn’t allow day visitors except if you have decided to be an in – room guest. One thing that you will love about this place is that the environment is 100% serene and inviting at night. It is perfect for you especially if you have decided to get away from it all and just want to relax by the pool.

Also, it has a large space outside where people can play any of those outdoor games. It is still new since it came into existence in the year 2015 through a couple who aren’t naturists but have allowed anyone who finds pleasure in being one to have fun around the environment. There are restrictions for being nude in this place as you are not allowed to go 100% nude. You will need to ask the people around you if they can allow you to go naked.

BareFeet Naturist Resort

The Barefeet Naturist Resort is a small naturist or nudist resort in Bangkok, Thailand. Guests and visitors are expected to undress but allowed to wear a towel if they are not yet comfortable being without clothes. Barefeet Naturist Resort has a nice small plunge pool, a lawn for sunbathing or playing petanque, sun chairs and comfortable bean bag chairs. Guests also enjoy chatting with other guests around the big dining table or in the lounge outside their rooms.

Naturist Association Thailand

The Naturist Association Thailand, LTD. (NAT) was started in 2007 and is celebrating their 10th year as of this writing. They have beach trips and regular events such as the annual International Naturist Conference which they have held for the last 6 years and the annual Fig Leaf Run which is held on a jungle track. For the latest information and events please go to their website

Read more at Naturist Association Thailand

Koh Larn Island

There is a remote section of a beach (Samae Beach) in this Island where clothing is optional for everyone who decides to trek to it. It has a wonderful site and you are guaranteed that once you get there, you will always find people like you there who will add to the whole nudism excitements. It has some trees that can act as a shade for your relaxation.

It is important to understand at this point that getting nude is only allowed once you are on the beach. If you want to go and order some food or do anything outside the special beach area, you will be required to put on something.

Great naturist experiences

From the above, it can be seen that nudism in Thailand has lots of fun and excitements but you need to find the right locations. With these locations above, you are guaranteed that your next vacation will be really great as you will have plenty of positive stories to tell about your naturist experience.

Any other place that lists itself as naturist is either not associated or a member of the national organisation or a swinger resort and open to being raided.

Find places to go nude in Thailand

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