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Vadu BeachJust like most countries in Europe, there is no clear legal standing or policy on naturism in Romania. Similarly, there are no officially designated naturist beaches, resorts or public places. However, if you are a naturist looking for beautiful places to explore there are few beaches, resorts, and camps that other naturists have found truly eventful.

Although the law is silent on total nudism, topless sunbathing is generally permitted on all Romanian beaches. Naturist beaches in Romania are mainly found in the black sea such as Corbu beach, Vadu beach, 2 Mai Beach, Vama Veche Beach and Ocna Sibiului resort. Each one of them has unique offerings that nature lovers will enjoy along different works of art and music. One common characteristic of all these places is that they are much smaller than the normal beaches.

Varma Veche

Vama veche is an outstanding naturist beach with a unique combination. It is a small beach village at the Romanian-Bulgarian border which was embellished with an aura of freedom and in the process became a metonym for naturist activities. It lacked the basics of a tourist attraction – electricity, hotels, running water, campsites, and hotel; it then became an escapist summer place for a community of intellectuals and artists. Naturists can enjoy western rock music, drinks, conversations and literature in their nude state. You are allowed to spend the night at the beach, but you can also get a car transport to nearby resorts.

2 Mai beach

2 Mai beach is at the southern end of the Romanian village with a naturist campsite. It is small and gets really crowded during peak season. The sandy beach and pebble covered seabed makes it an ideal destiny for naturism in Romania. The camping facilities are quite basic, but naturism is allowed at all times in the area.


Naturism enthusiasts will be interested in Venus. It is a small part of the beach sandwiched between Venus and Jupiter. Just like other naturist sites, there are no signs of the status of nudity. Due to its location between two resorts, it feels like stripping in the middle of a public road. The resorts offer accommodation and other services to visitors.


Costinesti 2 is yet another small cove loved by naturists at the southern end of Costinesti. It is also sandy with some pebbles on its seabed. There is a lot of yogi going on. Other naturist beaches to enjoy in Romania are Corbu Beach and Vadu Beach. To crown the stories of Naturism is Ocna Sibiului, a resort that has a small area reserved for naturists. You can enjoy the vacation at the luxury hotel and resort –Complex Balnear. You can choose a day at the salt lakes. Imagine a combination of salt under the sun! You can go by bus, train or private car.

Naturism in Romania is unofficial just like most European countries. However, Romania seems to have more places to enjoy. In addition, there seems to be higher tolerance to naturism.

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  • John Ban


    Hi everybody !!

    I am planning to take tourists in any beautiful nudist resort in your country ! tourists will also travel to see other places of interest. I need advise along with the exact price of travel > I also want to know the number of minimum days which is necessary to travel there.


  • Alan cameron


    our trouble with All Romania is transport but particularly the black sea from the UK we have loved naturism most of our adult life so any input on black sea vacations would be appreciated and naturist aspects would be a bonus


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