With all the beauty of Seychelles, naturists would not want to be left out in enjoying the sunny beaches and breath-taking sceneries. Unfortunately, you can only go clothing-free in a secluded and private setting to avoid rubbing the authorities the wrong way. Here is all you need to know about naturism in Seychelles.

Legal status of naturism

Nudism is illegal in Seychelles. It is not a suggested destination for naturists and nudists. Once in a while, you will spot some women sunbathing topless on very secluded, but such acts are not welcomed even as locals tend to frown upon them. It is inappropriate to wear a bikini when riding a public bus or when walking around the village.

What are the available options for naturists in Seychelles?

Even though there are no official naturist beaches, and nudism is not tolerated, you will still find solitary beaches for sunbathing or any other nude activity. There are some popular joints for naturism in Seychelles, and so you can spot a number of them.

1. Anse Lazio, on Praslin Island, Seychelles.
This one-kilometre beach is covered in big granite boulders on either end. The white sand is hard and compact. The most appropriate time for nudism is during clear skies and calm seas when the moonlight is clear or on a full moon. There are no buildings on this island except for one restaurant that is allowed to operate during the day.

Getting to Anse Lazio is not easy. From Mahe, you can take a small 14-seater plane to Praslin. From here you can get a car to complete the 5-kilometer distance to the Anse Lazio or just walk. The sunset view reminds is the real paradise lost for naturism.

2. Nas
This is a small village on the North Coast of Ikaria. It is very naturist friendly. You will also find a beach past Astra Taverna and on the busiest day, you cannot find more than 30 people on the beach. Half of them are naturists. The local authorities had put “no nude” sign on the town, but this has not stopped any naturists from visiting and enjoying the solitude. Actually, the nudist population is growing in the small beach village.

3. Moyenne Island in Ste Anne Marine National Park
This is a newly found haven for naturists. It is not official.

PS: since the crowds go home early for dinner, you can have the famous beaches to yourself past 5 pm.

Find places to go nude in Seychelles

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