Naturism in Negril, Jamaica

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In the 1960s hippies discovered the famous and infamous beach paradise Negril which is located in the western part of Jamaica and made naturism common. Since the 1960s the coast has become more and mainstream, but Negril still has a reputation as the Caribbean’s hedonistic seaside resort.

In the 1990s the major hotel chains in earnest eye on Negril. Large resorts with all kinds of facilities were built. Despite of that, parts of the beach is still reserved for naked sunbathers and it is as if the hash mist will not lie. With or without clothes, tourists is drawn to the white sands of Seven Mile Beach. Negril also offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in Jamaica. The lovely beach is located in a quiet lagoon protected by a coral reef. In the background sway the tall coconut trees, which fortunately is still dominant along the coast. Local building regulations is saying ‘no hotels may be higher than the trees, most resorts is included in view of the surrounding environment. Indeed, one can speak of two kinds of Negril. It is relatively quiet and funky West End is filled with boutique hotels, small lodges and local restaurants with real Jamaican vibe. The more exclusive and expensive Negril at East End is located on both sides of the main road that winds into the city of Montego Bay. the best resorts located next to the beach, the center offers plenty of colorful Jamaican atmosphere, but for history buffs of sightseeing, there is not much to be had.

Seven Mile beach
In the 1960s Seven Mile Beach was loved by hippies, the beach is still really beautiful, but is not as idyllic as it was back then. There are many resorts now, and they take up the most of the area
. A wide range of visitors comes from all over the world, but despite the replacement of the clientele, naturism is still part of Negril beach invites for the relaxed and carefree holiday more than anything else. It seems like visitors throw decency in Negril. On the beach topless sunbathing is quite common, at Cosmo’s Restaurant, you can even find an area where beach guests have thrown the last piece swimsuits, right in the city’s spirit. That said, nude sunbathing is mostly kept in coves on the West End cliffs and in sections of Booby Cay. Hedonism II, Couples Negril, Grand Lido Negril, Point Village Resort, Firefly, Carib Beach Apartments and some resorts on the West End have either clothing optional or nude beaches.

Video inspiration from Seven Mile beach

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