Naturism in Malaysia isn’t widespread and outdoor nudism is actually illegal. Therefore as a nudist you shouldn’t be nude in public. But it is actually not illegal to be nude in Malaysia in technical terms, the reason is that there is no specific mention of nudism being illegal according to the Malaysian law.

The law says

The Laws of Malaysia, Act 336 (Minor Offences Act of 1955) Clause 28e states it is an offence only for:
Exposure of person with intent
(e) every person wilfully, openly, lewdly and obscenely exposing his person with intent to insult any other person;

Nudists have no intention in insulting other people, and most naturist in Malaysia is mostly private affairs.

Where can you go nude

The Malayan nudists are mostly located in Kuala Lumpur and are conservative.

There are two clothing-optional resorts in Malaysia. They are placed in Hulu Langat and Gombak (Kuala Lumpur). There are also some nude hiking events arranged by Alberty Yan, where the hike goes to Mt. Cheras.

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  1. Actually you seem to have missed the biggest Asian hot spot for naturism and that being Asian naturism has been growing the most in Thailand for over 5 years, they have had the largest naturist group and are the most active. This summer they are hosting the 2nd Annual International Naturist Conference. I would expect to see some mention of them in your posting.

    1. I don’t think I have missed anything about Thailand in this post. Look at the title – Naturism in Malaysia

      I have written about naturism in Thailand on this blog as well. But of course not in a post about Malaysia.


  2. Hi Peter

    I have looking for clothing-optional resorts in Kuala Lumpur & you mention in your blog there is 1 in Hulu Langat & the other in Gombak.

    Can you share the contact with me? Would really appreciate it.

    Say Heng

  3. I interested in the hulu Langat resort. Dun mind giving me further details as how to join/where?


  4. me too, interested the hulu langat resort, mind to give me details?

  5. Hi Bro…I was dreaming for this in Malaysia. Please share some info with me.


  6. I will try to find more information about the resort,s, but it isn’t easy to find. I will put the infromation in the post when I find it.

  7. are you all sure about this if you go nude on public you get to jail and go to court cases happen before this year 2 times already

    1. That was I found about naturism in Malaysia when I wrote it. There might be a different practice at the moment. I wrote it back in 2013 and the information I could get at that time wasn’t completely new either.

  8. Hi
    I am also interested in such meetup & activities. how can i participate.


  9. Would love to meet fellow nudists in Malaysia. Just for private chat over drinks and stuff. See what happens

  10. Hi, I would like to participate. Count me in.
    I’m party n event organizer, if any gathering, I will make it fun n exciting.

  11. Yes Bro… me too waiting to meet….will some one suggest where to meet?

    1. lets meet up at pantai morib….pantai kelanang…far from public tho

  12. Guys, the more people, the dangerous. The lesser, the better. We can try booking a hotel and spend our day there. Strickly no sexual activities and no cameras. Just hang around, chat and see what happens. But we don’t want to get intro trouble.

  13. Pls make the date and time and where..we will be there..

  14. Count me in…im a naturist…at hulu langat…just go around pangsoon…can get naked there by the river…no one cares as there are only orang asli there

    1. yeap…i agree with you…i go to hulu langat all the time

  15. hey y’all,

    lets arrange a nude gathering somewhere in pantai morib…i’ve been in the nude at pantai kelanang…far from public

  16. hi i would like to hold one nude gathering but wonder where to find ppl with same interest.

    Would like to have it in this coming sept. anyone interested and have any idea of the best place to have it?

  17. hi im interested in holding a nude gathering. anyone interested to meet up nudely and join? u may even suggest a place in KL too!

  18. I would like to hold a nude gathering to meet all of you up. Anyone interested?

  19. Hi Guys,

    Any arrangements so far?

    Please include me.


  20. Hi Max, Malay Naturist, Lim, Long John, Chan and Suhaimi.
    Days are moving, still being nude in my room.
    Alone !?
    My email is down! ?
    Please leave your phone numbers.
    Really would like to meet you guys.

    1. I am not ready to share my phone but I hope we can contact via email.

  21. Hello Nature and others,
    this is my email address. –
    pls email if u are interested to participate in any event in future.
    we can hold more gathering in future cheers.

    sorry i dont give phone number to others for now

    1. Thanks Lim, I will e-mail you as soon as possible.
      I’m in, how about other?

  22. hi guys, if you have any nude gathering plan
    do include me.

  23. Hi Lim and others, I had email to Lim but no reply yet.
    I’m checking my email everyday.
    If you would like to set meet up, please email me.
    Will join with Lim to make this meet up happen.
    Together we make this happen.

  24. Hi intrested to join u all..pls do guide me how to join?

  25. Hi Peter Terp,

    You seems to be quiet lately. Any feedback and advise from you. Look like this forum in Malaysia is mounting by itself. Bet we the founder to overlook.

    Long John

  26. Hi all friends, i’m malay
    i’m looking for naturist friend.
    do contact me by email
    we can exchange phone number via email.

    1. Hi there,

      I am looking to meet new friends who have the same interest of being one with the nature. I live in PJ and would be interested to hear any coming events.

    2. Hi there,

      I am looking to meet new friends who have the same interest of being one with the nature. I live in PJ and would be interested to hear any coming events.

  27. Guys, please email me for any gather,
    If you’re near Jalan Ampang, email me. (a day before drop by will be great)

  28. Hey Guys….
    I have a place in P.J. For us to have our quick gathering. Its a beauty center . They let there place for party’s. The Costing is not discussed yet. But got a positive feedback we can have our first gathering there. They can also serve snacks and food also can organize. And important…there is privacy. Its my friends place.

    Long John

    1. Hi Long John,
      That will be great, please check how many in the group and would like to join in.
      Please do the costing
      How much per head and what will be provided.
      Do let me know if you need any help.

  29. Great to hear. My only caution-don’t over publicise this because it will attract too much attention. Hope u will accept only genuine nudists. Only genuine nudists. That’s important.

  30. Peter Terp,Say Heng,Tony,CW,Guy,Suhaimi,Nudist,Fahad,Nature,Malay Naturist,Johnnie,Max,Chan,Lim,Aryan89,Prem Kumar, Me, Long John

    Please show / send your interest to We will meet soon.


  31. Peter Terp,Say Heng,Tony,CW,Guy,Suhaimi,Nudist,Fahad,Nature,Malay Naturist,Johnnie,Max,Chan,Lim,Aryan89,Prem Kumar, Me, Long John

    Please show / send your interest to We will meet soon.


  32. still active? looking forward to meet up if any..

  33. Are there any naturists staying at the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort that would like to meet up? Mail me

  34. Any Naturists in Jahor Bahru this weekend 28 April – 01 May and want to meet. I have a private place. let me know so we can arrange a meetup.

    1. Hi, I am in JB,..a bit busy this weekend. But if u have a time, date and place, I’ll try and attend.Fully clothed.

  35. Dear friend…glad to here from you. But please introduce your self and form a group and do a casual meet up prior to actual event. Please take this as humble request. TQ.

  36. This is a natural beach and there are no facilities, but the sweet water springs can be used for shower after a dip in the dead sea.

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