Woman garden - I didn't have any of me or male!I enjoy being naked in social matters, like on the nude beach, naturist camping and other places. I also love to be naked at home, and that is probably where most people practice nudity. It’s great to be indoor and let everything free, and feeling the freedom of nudity. I also enjoy being naked in the backyard, it is not always easy to do this – what about the neighbours – I keep thinking?

Here in Denmark the law is very liberal about nudity, you are actually allowed to be naked at home, on beaches and other places, as long as you do not bother other people.¬†I think my biggest obstacle is in my head, and in how people in the society looks upon nudity. Therefore I took a decision¬†last summer. I told myself, that of course I can be naked in my own backyard, even though it’s very easy to look inside our backyard. As told then done, I haven’t heard any complains from my neighbours, even though I am pretty sure they have seen me naked.

My obstacle was clearly within myself, but it’s not easy – is it?
When is it ok to be nude and when isn’t it? – it’s not like there is an exact answer!

Do you have any experience or advices?

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