“Incarnating for an Afternoon” (2012) movie trailer

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This is the trailer for “Incarnating for an Afternoon”, the 2012 movie about the 9th Annual Nude & Breast Freedom Parade. It is all about Celebrating the beauty of the body, liberating of the boring fashion.

Get the full movie at www.xplicitplayers.com/Incarnating.html – the homepage is kind of old school, but you can get the movie from it 🙂

Have you seen the full movie?

Video: Rael on the right for women to be topless

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Rael talks about womens right to be topless, and has some good statements.

He starts the short movie with this:

Woman and men should have the same rights to be topless everywhere in the world. If men was forced to wear bra – there will be no problem, but men can be topless everywhere and woman can’t. It is against the constitution of rights. Either men should be forced to wear bra a swimmingpool or woman should be allowed to be topless by the swimmingpool. Rael also tells that some men has bigger breasts than the girls, but still woman has to wear bra even though the girl migth not even have any breasts. You can view the movie and hear what Rael has to tell about topless rights.

GoTopless fights for topless freedom – video introduction

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I think that women and men should be equal in the rights to go topless the same places, therefore I also think it’s worth supporting Topless Equality, GoTopless.org and others who fight for topless rights. This time I bring a short video introduction from GoTopless.org

Here is a map over Topless Laws in US gotopless.org/topless-laws

GoTopless.org video introduction

Vritomartis Naturist Resort – brief presentation

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A short video with information about Vritomartis naturist resort, located in Crete, Greece. Watch the video to get an idea of their services, location and facilities. This Resort has great ratings on Tripadvisor 4.5/5 stars, 61 votes – this seems like a place worth visiting 🙂

Have you been on Vritomartis? Write a comment about it

Video: Why Can’t Women Show Nipples?

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The girl in video below talks about the issue why women can’t show nipples in TV or other places. Her point is that it can be a problem that you can’t show breasts/nipples when showing information videos about example: “cardiac massage”. Take a look she actually has a good point!

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