Video: Walk bold and hairy

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Do you have any thoughts about a first time experience at naturist club? In the UK Silverleigh might be a good place to start but there are many others around the world. The most important that you feel relaxed and welcome. Walk bold, hairy or shaved, it doesn’t matter – the most important is you being you.

In the videos below you see nudist girls on a “One day adventure” walking bold and naked.

Walk Bold and Hairy 1/5 (naturist)

Activity inspiration: 101 things to do in nude

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This little video is a good inspiration on what you can do in the nude. The video shows the activities listed below and many more. Really nicely done – I hope you enjoy.

  • Photographing exoctic flowers
  • Relaxing run in the evening
  • Jumping and bouncing on trampoline
  • Swing on monkey bars
  • Prepare dinner
  • Night time shower
  • Sauna
  • Morning walk
  • Morning run
  • Naked swimming

Video created by
The video was made by “Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club” – the largest naturist club in New Zealand


Video: Trailer for Cooking in The Raw Season 2

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I have made this post to show that there actually exists cooking programs where the cooking is done in the nude 🙂

The video below is for Season 2, Episode 3 – Sweetie is going to cook spaghetti bolognese

Has anyone seen some of the shows?
Write a comment about “Cooking in The Raw” if you have seen some of the episodes!

Video: Haulover Naturist Beach founders interviewed

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An interview with Richard and Shirley Mason. They share their insight about creating one of the finest clothing optional beaches / naturist beaches in the world. Haulover Naturist Beach is located in Florida, USA. The beach has actually got 4½ stars out of 5 on Tripadvisor where there has been over 330 raters – pretty good I think.

More information about Haulover Naturist Beach can be found on the official page

View all 4 parts of the video below…

Have you ever visited Haulover beach?

Part 1

Video: Kaitlin goes naked – naturist documentary

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Short documentary starring Kaitlin Fontana. The video was produced and edited for CBC Radio One. I think this was a great documentary from Canada just sad that it was pixelated and censored. How come is it that this kind of documentary is censored, It kind of undermines the whole idea of naturism.

Write a comment about what you think of the documentary?

Video: Working Naked

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Documentary from 2005 about naturist live in Great Britain – it is a really good documentary about nudism on a work day. In the naturist documentary we see Naturist gardeners and other kind of work. We also see textiles reaction to the naturists. It was screened to huge ratings in territories throughout the world and by ITV in the UK. The movie was Produced by Will Hanrahan and Narrated by Griff Rhys Jones.

What is your opinion about the documentary?

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