True nudist interview with Katrina Rainsong

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I have just viewed this wonderful interview with Katrina Rainsong – who is a nude yoga teacher and a naturist – and wanted to share it with you. I have made some kind of a transcript of the video. You can either read the text or view the video. I hope you enjoy it.

The interview starts with

I am Katrina, I am a lot of things, obviously I am a nudist, massage therapist, yoga teacher – I teach nude yoga class, I am alsoI help women with childbirth, performance artist, model, dancer, acrobat and I am a mom. I have also written 2 books, one about nude yoga and one about womens health and sexuality. Yeah I am a busy bee.

What is nudism to you?

Nudism to me is about freedom. It is about just going with what you feel and being open, being open with your body, free expression and that includes not wearing clothes if you not feel like it. Like not wearing clothe when you don’t feel like wearing clothes.

How did you get into nude yoga?

I actually didn’t have a major passion for nude yoga. I was just finishing my Yoga teacher training. I was done – and I had a friend who was getting a wellness center started and what she wanted was to do nude yoga. And as exicted as she was about it, she wasn’t ready to do the teaching herself.
Most of my friends know that I am probably naked anywhere so she offered me the class – and I found my niche

Does nudism extend past yoga for you?

Yah nude yoga does extend pasy yoga for me. It is about freedom and it is about comfort. I am nude at home a lot or at least topless, I love being out in nature, sunbathing by the lake, being with friends and feeling comfortable when we are together

Do you consider yourself a nudist?

I don’t refer to myself as a nudist. Uptil now I haven’t been searching for nudist events, and nudist catherings. But I have started to do it – so yeah I am a nudist.

When did you realize that you were a nudist?

I have actually always been very comfortable in my body. I has always been the one they put a rumor about in junior high , becuase I didn’t hide in the locker room to change clothes, or close the bathroom door to pee. I have always been like – we are all girls, so who cares. But I got strange reactions because most girls has problems with their body image.

What was your first experience in a social nudist setting?

It was probably when I was 17, when my girlfriends and I had a kind of natural beauty day – that was what we called it. So we went skinny dipping in the river. We used the riverbank – out there – just enjoying being a woman.

Where do you wish nudity was acceptable that it’s not?

I just kind of wish it was more overall accepted. Why should I have to have my shirt on just to check my mail? It seems a little silly. On beaches and other places where you are almost nude anyway. What is the difference on having a tiny bikinitop on or being topless. I think everyone kind of need to get over it, and recognize it is just body and skin. It doesn’t have to be sexual until you make it sexual.

True Nudists :: Understanding Nudism with Katrina Rainsong from True Nudists on Vimeo.

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Video: Natural holidays – short french video

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For all of you who speak french, here is a short movie about naturist holidays

Campsite nudist vacation in the middle of nature and pine beach, located somewhere in the French Atlantic coast. This is the original French version. Hopefully it can be in some use for those of you who speak french.

Vacances naturelles, vacances naturistes from Info Nud on Vimeo.

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Video: Costa Natura Naturist Holidays in Spain

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I visited Costa Natura earlier this year (2013 in july) – The place wasn’t exactly my kind of place, but it was ok for what it was. The appartments were ok, the water was fine and the same can be said about the pool and other facilities. Maybe the place is something for you – check out the video below or read my review of Costa Natura – which is located in Spain about 1 hour drive from Malaga.

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Nudist Difficulties – Video post

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The video is about the difficulties in being a nudist – I found it really thoughtful. Below is a rough transcript of some of the difficulties talked about in the video.

Archaeseik says: There has gone 2 years since the last time he has been on a nude

It can be hard just because you have to deal with money issues, it can cost up to 100$ a day just in entrance fee. Then there comes extras like gasoline, food and others.

Another issue is distance – there can be a very large distance to nude places.

There is a limited amount of people in the area which are nudists, and those who are in the area doesn’t have something in common outside nudism. It doesn’t make any sense to go over to another guys house just to be naked, if there is nothing in common besides the nudity.

You can’t just ask some random people, hey do you want to be naked! I think many will find that rather creepy.

You need to view the full video to get the full story.

What is your opinion on the problems?

Nudist Difficulties by Archaeseik

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Ethical naturist vs Casual naturist

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NudistRantings900 discuss the difference between Casual Nudism and Ethical Naturism. He was inspired by the naturist living show on the same topic. I think he has done a really good job in his first Vlog.

He will talk about why a naturist is not just a person who loves to be naked. There are many different variants and they are brilliantly discussed in this video

Congratualtion with the good result. Take a look and enjoy.

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California nude beaches – Nothern edition

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See the most spetacular nude beaches that California has to offer. Learn about the secret clothing optional hideaways including rare footage never seen before, shot in HD. This revealing bare all beach tour, reveals the joy of going au natural first hand. For the first time California nude beaches – Nothern edition is available on video. it can be found on Amazon as instant video or DVD.

The video is beautifully edited, narrated, and musically scored, Nude Beaches of California includes more than 40 minutes of amazing footage of scenic beaches and California’s best kept secrets. Visit Nude Beaches of California homepage

Nude Beaches of California by DaneVanRose

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Video: Walk bold and hairy

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Do you have any thoughts about a first time experience at naturist club? In the UK Silverleigh might be a good place to start but there are many others around the world. The most important that you feel relaxed and welcome. Walk bold, hairy or shaved, it doesn’t matter – the most important is you being you.

In the videos below you see nudist girls on a “One day adventure” walking bold and naked.

Walk Bold and Hairy 1/5 (naturist)

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