Understanding nudism – an interview with a “hikergirl”

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Understanding nudism – an interview with a “hikergirl”.

The Interview consist of several questions, some of them listed below

What is nudism to you?
It is about being free and confortable in my own body

When did you first realize you were a nudist?
Ever since I was a kid I really didn’t like wearing any clothes. When I was young I was always skinny dpping and always took of my clothes first. It wasn’t until I was 21 I realized I was a nudist

What was your first nudist experience like?
My first time was when I went with some friends to some hot springs. We hiked up there and we backed down, we hiked naked

Other questions
Where do you like to go nude?

How do you go about meeting other nudists?

Are you a closet nudist or do your friends and family know?

View the short movie and get the answers 🙂

Produced by TrueNudists – unfortunately it’s censored because of YouTube anti-nude policy

Life of a Naturist

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First and second part of an interesting documentary about life as a naturist. The documentary finds place in Brazil, and is with english subs.

Since society forces people to wear clothes she of course had clothe on before she came to the society. After visiting the society she is always naked and feel fully freedom with nature.

The documentary gets close to the life of naturists in a social naturist environment in Brazil.

Part 1

A Day in the Life of a Naturist PART 1 by BlackNaturistUK

Nudist music videos

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Christmas is about giving love. I have collected a few nudist music videos to keep you warm. The videos is from Naturist Society for all you nudist / naturist / “naked Spirits”.

I have never had the chance to meet Ton Dou myself, but I like his mission. You can read a lot more about him here Ton Dous homepage

Naturist Music videos by Ton Dou!

Naturist Society nudist music video! by clothesfree

Firefly – The nudist music video! by clothesfree

Nature Zones – An Artistic Nudist Music Video by clothesfree

Lady Godiva on the Fourth Plinth in London

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LadyGod1va was introduced to naturism for about 13 years ago and has since then, developed the love of being nude and enjoying life as natural as possible.

The video below was a promoting / art stunt made for promoting naturism – it was actually done back in 2009 but is still a very discussed stunt. Well done!

Lady Godiva Upon The Fourth Plinth [FULL VIDEO] from iNaked on Vimeo.

Read more about The Plinth Hour

More info about Ladygod1va
Twitter: @Ladygod1va
Webpages: http://ladygod1va.wordpress.com/ AND http://ladygod1vadaily.wordpress.com/

Naked Yoga N.Y.C. , USA

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Yoga is a philosophy – the art is to communicate this philosophy through the class. One important thing is that you feel comfortable in the class, especially in the case of naked yoga. How to pronounce a nude yoga teacher from NYC.

One of those who pratice nude yoga says. The first time I participated in the nude yoga class was at the recommendation of my massage therapist. After the first time she was completely convinced that naked yoga was something she wanted to continue. When she attended Yoga classes before she thought always of what others thought about her body, her movements, etc. Her focus was away from Yoga and on those around her and what they were thinking. With naked yoga is a focus on self and how one’s experience with one’s own body.

All in all, I thought it’s a pretty good movie about Nude Yoga.

Naked Yoga N.Y.C. by BlackNaturistUK

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