Why vacation naked?

In this short video you will hear from people who go on naked vacation. The interviewer Dayle asks the guests of the resorts questions about – why naked vacation. She also asks question about if people tell their friends about their naked vacations. Take a look at the video and hear the answers πŸ™‚ My…

How To Practice Nude Beach Etiquette

Learn how to practice nude beach etiquette so you don’t offend.

My Naked truth TV interviews – about erotic

I have collected a few interviews from Naked truth TV Interviews – this time about erotic

Inspiration: Nude beach yoga

A beach can be a perfect place for some yoga. There is nothing better than exercising naked on the beach.

GoPro Adventure at Deep Creek in the Buff

I found this video from Clothesfree.com and thought it was refreshing. I like that there is a youth style in it, a good spirit – check it out πŸ™‚ CFI On Location: Naked GoPro Adventure at Deep Creek from ClothesFree.com on Vimeo.

3 videos from World Naked Bikeride

It is all about promoting cycling as well as body acceptance. The event is fun for a good cause.

Video: Three Interviews worth viewing

I have collected three naturist interviews i find worth viewing… Interview with Morley Schloss Interview with Morley Schloss, Nude Activist and the Co-owner of Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort in Loxahatchee, Florida. Morley talks on the 26th Annual Mid-Winter Naturist Festival that was held at Sunsport Gardens this past February 13 through 18, 2014. Interview…

Young naturists – funny Facebook video

I love this video “Facebook Look Back at the Shit That Got Me Banned” – great video made by Felicity Jones. It shows very well the censorship of Facebook and actually also YouTube who banned this video for “nudity or sexual content.” (Even though it is artistic and not gratuitous or sexual in nature!). Wonderful…

Video: Interview with Troy by Gypsy Taub – My Naked Truth TV

This is another Interview from “My Naked Truth TV” at the Rainbow gathering in 2011. Gypsy interviews Troy who she met at the Rainbow Gathering in Washington State a few years back. He was running around naked and she asked him if he would like to appear on the show. I have choosen to share…

Video Interview at Rainbow Gathering in Washington

This is an interview from the Rainbow Gathering in Washington, created by “My Naked Truth TV”. The interview with Karma is about love, sex, freedom, polyamory and about Rainbow Gatherings. Enjoy this video below and if you want to know a little more about Rainbow Gatherings then read below the video where I have put…

Video: The Naked Rambler

Stephen Gough alias Steve Gough alias The Naked Rambler is an British activist who walked the length of Great Britain naked in 2003-2004. He did it again in 2005-2006, but was arrested. He has subsequently spend 6 years in prison for his cause. He has been repeatedly rearrested for public nudity within a short period,…

Kansas city nudist group – how nudism changed life

I found this short news interview interesting. I think it explains a lot about naturism πŸ™‚ Kansas City nudist group is living life to its fullest while being fully unclothed. At the age of 56 Julie Dailey is finally at a point in her life where she is happy with herself. She owns her own…

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