The naked city a naturist paradise in France

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Are you going to South Europe this summer and enjoy being naked? Cap d’Agde might be exactly the place you are looking for.

Cap d’Agde may look like any other French Mediterranean town on the surface, but do not be fooled. There are more than one side to the french beach city.

The is city actually divided into a clothed part and a naked part. Cap d’Agde also has a nickname “The Naked City” and that is not without reason. If you enjoy shopping in the nude, banking naked and do all your daily stuff without a stitch on the body – this city is definitely worth visiting.

40,000 people visits this naked heaven during the summer months. The naked part of the city has an entry fee on nine euros for a entry card which gives you free access to the city. The naked city is also guarded which makes it more secure to walk around in the buff without stalkers and harassment.

If you want to visit the city the easiest way to get there is probably by plane to Montpellier. From Montpellier railway there are trains running to Cap d’Agde.


Naturism, nudism in Bahamas

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bahamasBahamas consist of 700+ islands of which 30 is populated (the total population of Bahamas is 301.790). The temperature on Bahamas seldom gets below 21°C degrees and it is therefore tempting to think this is a great place for a nudist. BUT! Public nudity is against the law in the Bahamas, and the islands is no exception. Occasional some woman goes topless on some beaches.

Naturist resorts

Bahamas only naturist friendly resort Breezes resort is an all-inclusive clothing optional resort. It is located on the small nude beach Cable Beach. Breezes is located on the Nassau island and has a ages 14+ restriction. I am sorry to tell that Breeze resort no longer permit nudity.

On Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego it seems like changes is in the air, it has a clothing optional area set aside on its offshore island. You can be totally nude there. Sandals is not recommendable for naturist who want to get nude all day, but an alternative to Breezes.

Facts about Bahamas

Capital: Nassau
Language: English
Religions: Anglican, Roman Catholic, other Christian denominations
Currency: Bahamian dollar, but US Dollar is widely accepted
Weather: Rainy season May to October. Sept.-May temps 70 to 75°F (20 to 24°C); 80 to 85°F (27 to 30°C) in summer.

Image credit: kbuntu / 123RF Stock Photo

The first Danish private naturist Swimming Hall to be demolished

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During the years Hellas Swimming hall near Skibby been a frequently visited by naturists.

Unfortunately for all the naturists in the area, Hellas has choosen to totally remove the place after a couple of years where it has been closed. Many naturists has been hoping for a new owner would reestablish the swimming hall, but it is now finally decided that the building will be removed.

The Danish naturist orginazation “Danske Naturister” has been frequent users of Hellas and therefore it is also sad news for “Danske Naturister” and all it’s members

I hope the naturists in the area will find a new place where the same activities can be made.

Costa Natura improvements in 2014

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Costa NaturaCosta Natura located in Estepona, Spain contacts all previous visitors to present their new booking system. I think that is a really good thing, because the old one was really bad, it was terrible hard to find the right appartment – but looking at the new webpage it really looks like a major change. At the same time I have got a mail from the manager that they also have made some large changes to how things is managed at Costa Natura. I also appreciate that change, because I really had a bad experience with that in 2013 (read my reviews of Costa Natura).

All in all it looks like everything has changed for the better 🙂

Congratiulations Costa Natura – this is really good news

Clothing Optional Oriental Village in Chang Mai, Thailand

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The Oriental Village Resort in Chang Mai, Thailand is a clothing optional resort located at the foot of mountains and between rice fields. This creates the perfect spot for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for both adventure, relaxation a and comfort.

The resort is located in a small village just outside Chang Mai, this makes it perfect for getting both authenticity, possibilities for activities and city trips to Chang Mai. There are several nearby activities, provided by the resort: golf courses (there are actually 3 of them), Tiger camp, Bike riding, Elephant camp or the Sankampaeng hot springs.

At the resort there are swimmingpool and well equipped cottages. There are also a restaurant with a mountain view, which serves both Thai and Western specialities.

Oriental Village in Chang Mai

Naturist beaches in Tasmania

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Nude swimmers enter Hobart's River Derwent to promote Dark MOFO's winter swim.Tasmania is an island state, part of Australia Commonweath, It is located 240 kilometers south of the Australian continent. The population of the state is 507,626 on an area of 68,4o1 square kilometer/26,410 square miles.

Nudism in Tasmania is not widespread and there has been some large discussions about the rights to get nude in Tasmania during the last 5-?? years. However there are still possibilities to go nude in Tasmania, on the list below you will find nude beaches in Tasmania.

Naturist beaches

Greens beach
This beautiful spot in Tasmania is located between the eastern boundary of Narawntapu National Park and Kelso Jetty. The naturist location is in the southern end of tbe beach. You will find the beach north-west of Beauty Point. You only have to walk 270 meter from the car park.

7 Mile beach
Located 15 km east of Hobart which is a 20 min drive. The beach is a popular beach because of the close distance to Hobart .
You need to bring lots of water, because there is no water nearby – there are tables and lawn aree which is great for picknicking.
To get to the naturist area you need to go to the Last day car park east. Then you need to walk aprox 1.5 km along the beach until you get to a group of pine trees. You will find most naturists in the dunes.

Bakers beach
This unofficial nude beach is located near Davenport.There is an entrance fee, because the beach is located in the Asbestos Range National Park. The beach is really long, and even on a busy day it is quite easy to find a spot to get nude. To get to Bakers Beach turn off the Frankford Highway then it is a 13 km drive in to the park.

Source of info and for more information

Florida naturist resorts part 2 – Mixed resorts

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Nudist resortsFlorida has many naturist resorts for all who loves to be nude – this is the second part of my guide to naturist resorts in Florida, USA. This part is mixed with different kind of naturist resorts, ranging from family resorts to swinger friendly resorts.

Sunnier Palms Nudist Park

Sunnier Palms offers peaceful country naturism among citrus groves and Florida pines. Sunnier is a AANR sponsored nudist park and upholds the same high standards as AANR.
More details on Sunnier Palms Nudist Park

Gulf Coast Resort

This resort is a family resort which brings you a little bit closer to nature. The resort is located on 10 acres of pines and oaks. The resort offers both Tent Camping, Camper Rentals and Motel Rooms. You can get inspired by the gallery..
More details on Gulf Coast Nudist Resort

Caliente Resort

This resort has previously been a family resort, but has now opened for swingers weekends. You can hang out on the beach or in a wonderful waterfall pool, conversation pools and hot tubs. Get an all over tan, take a nap in the afternoon under towering palm trees.
More details on Caliente Resort website

Rooftop Resort

Rooftop Resort is a completely clothing optional hotel located in South Florida. You can be nude ANYWHERE not only in selected areas. The resort has a panoramic blue ocean view from the sky pool and on sun deck. This is a adult only resort with events like “Friday Night Affair” where couples mingles with other couples, and can enjoy sensual pool and sexy playrooms.
More details on Rooftop Resort

Also read part 1 of “Florida naturist resorts”

Naked In The night has been canceled

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Culture Night 2013 in Copenhagen will not contain nudist arrangement

DN Copenhagen is unfortunately have to cancel this year’s participation in Culture on 11 October. The theater group Devoid With opinion has canceled in Frederiksberg pool and thus is the most important cultural basis for naturist arrangement ‘Nude In Night’ unfortunately away …

With regrettable greeting DN Copenhagen board will be Naked Wellness as usual with spa evening for the first time 9 November Frederiksberg pool.

Florida naturist resorts part 1 (family friendly)

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Florida has many naturist resorts for all who loves to be nude – this is the first part of my guide to naturist resorts in Florida, USA. This first part is about family friendly resorts.

Paradise Lakes

Paradise Lakes Resort is located in Pasco County. It is a private clothing optional hotel and resort just north of Tampa, Florida. Paradise Lakes has more than 100 hotel rooms, the lodging options include family villas, condominiums, town houses and poolside cabanas.
Paradise Lakes website

Lake Como Family Resort

The atmosphere is family friendly at the 200 acre facility. You can visit or live within the boundaries of the resort, where you enjoy a nudist lifestyle all year. Lake Como consist of a diverse community of couples,families and individuals, of residents, members and vacationers, whose common bond is a shared interest in life in the nude.
Lake Como Family Resort website

Cypress Cove Resort & Spa

The resort is located in 300 acres of undeveloped wilderness. The resort is family friendly and close to the major theme parks in Orlando. Cypress Cove has many amenities among them is a lake, pedal boat renting, volleyball courts, nine hole golf course, swimming area, tennis court and other amenities. For lodging you can choose standard hotel rooms, residental homes, apartments and tent campsite.
or visit Cypress Cove website

Riviera Naturist Resort

The resort is located on Florida’s Emerald Coast in the picturesque panhandle. Riviera Naturist Resoirt has a oak and pine forested acres which offers seclusion and closeness to nature. The facility is a family and pet friendly resort featuring tent sites and RV.
Riviera Naturist website

Naturism in Negril, Jamaica

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In the 1960s hippies discovered the famous and infamous beach paradise Negril which is located in the western part of Jamaica and made naturism common. Since the 1960s the coast has become more and mainstream, but Negril still has a reputation as the Caribbean’s hedonistic seaside resort.

In the 1990s the major hotel chains in earnest eye on Negril. Large resorts with all kinds of facilities were built. Despite of that, parts of the beach is still reserved for naked sunbathers and it is as if the hash mist will not lie. With or without clothes, tourists is drawn to the white sands of Seven Mile Beach. Negril also offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in Jamaica. The lovely beach is located in a quiet lagoon protected by a coral reef. In the background sway the tall coconut trees, which fortunately is still dominant along the coast. Local building regulations is saying ‘no hotels may be higher than the trees, most resorts is included in view of the surrounding environment. Indeed, one can speak of two kinds of Negril. It is relatively quiet and funky West End is filled with boutique hotels, small lodges and local restaurants with real Jamaican vibe. The more exclusive and expensive Negril at East End is located on both sides of the main road that winds into the city of Montego Bay. the best resorts located next to the beach, the center offers plenty of colorful Jamaican atmosphere, but for history buffs of sightseeing, there is not much to be had.

Seven Mile beach
In the 1960s Seven Mile Beach was loved by hippies, the beach is still really beautiful, but is not as idyllic as it was back then. There are many resorts now, and they take up the most of the area
. A wide range of visitors comes from all over the world, but despite the replacement of the clientele, naturism is still part of Negril beach invites for the relaxed and carefree holiday more than anything else. It seems like visitors throw decency in Negril. On the beach topless sunbathing is quite common, at Cosmo’s Restaurant, you can even find an area where beach guests have thrown the last piece swimsuits, right in the city’s spirit. That said, nude sunbathing is mostly kept in coves on the West End cliffs and in sections of Booby Cay. Hedonism II, Couples Negril, Grand Lido Negril, Point Village Resort, Firefly, Carib Beach Apartments and some resorts on the West End have either clothing optional or nude beaches.

Video inspiration from Seven Mile beach

Sources: NegrilInfo and Sol, strand & sommer

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