Great places to enjoy naked freedom on Corsica

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Corsica beachOne of my favorite places on earth is the french island Corisca. There is a wonderful nature there, wonderful beaches, lovely people, it is not too crowded and most of all it has really great places for people who enjoy a skinny dip. In this short post you will find most of the places to be nude on Corisca, that I know of.

Naturist beaches

Ajaccio – Beach of Capo-di-Feno
In the West of Ajaccio, and Villanova.
Access: Either by boat from Bonifacio og by the way of the Corniche (approx. 6km).
Close to the mount of the Trinity.
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Ajaccio – Beach of Liamone
Located between Tiuccia and Sagone at 30 km at the north of Ajaccio at the entrance of Liamone, near Casaglione.
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Aléria – In the front of the Resort Riva-Bella
In the north of Aléria, near the Pond of Temenzana (N198).
Access: By the center of Riva Bella.
Authorized nudist beach

Algajola – Beach of Aregno
Is located in the North of Calvi.
Access: North of the beach of Aregno.
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Bonifacio – Bay of Stagnolu
The beach is Located at the south of the beach of Tonnara.
Authorized nudist beach

Calvi – Beach of the full sun
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Porto-Vecchio – Center of Chiappa
The beach is located at the center of Holidays Chiappa.
Access: RN 198 Road until Piccovaggia.
Authorized nudist beach

San Nicolao – Piana-Verde
Access: By the Centre of Piana Verde
Authorized nudist beach

San Nicolao/Bravone – Bagheera
Access: By the RN 198 (near Alistro) by the holiday center Bagheera. Accessed from the center or the communal beach.
Authorized nudist beach

San Nicolao – Linguizetta
Authorized nudist beach

Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio – Pinarella beach
North of Porto- Vecchio.
Access: By the road RN 198. South of the Gulf of Pinarella
Authorized nudist beach

Naturist accommodation

Aleira – Riva Bella Naturist
4 star naturist campsite and 3 star naturist holiday complex.

Bravone – Bagheera
4 star camping and accommodation complex.

Porto-Vecchio – Chiappa
Naturist village in the south end of Porto-Vecchio.

San Nicolao – Piana-Verde
Naturist bungalow park – 50km south of Bastia.

More information about Corsica can be found here

3 nude beaches in India

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Photo by: Abhijit Shylanath // Flickr

There are no official nude beaches in India as far as I know, but there are places where it is possible to get some sun without tan lines.


Among tourists this beach is really famous for its natural beauty and topless beaches. The beach Islands of Lakshadweep has a rich coral reef and lagoons. Agatti Island Beach is undisturbed naturally unspoilt and unseen. The beaches are covered palm trees, coconut grove and is literally a paradise.

Find a place to stay on Lakshadweep

Arambol Beach – Goa

The beach is located in North Goa and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. It is no wonder this beach has become so popular among tourist from all over the world.

The winter months is high season for tourists, if you want less tourists try to visit the beach outside the winter months.

When visiting the beach you must check out the famed local mud that visitors love to use on their skin.

Find a place to stay in Goa near Arambol Beach

Om Beach

This beach has two fresh water springs and beautiful red cliffs which makes the place unique. Located at the northern corner of Bardez Taluka just opposite Chapora River.

The name “Om beach” comes from the shape of the beach, it has a shape of “OM” but you need to see it from Helicopter.

Find a place to stay in Gokarna near Om Beach


Public nudity is not legal in India. The mentioned beaches is places where it should be possible to go nude without any fear of harassment. Try going to more soluted areas or places where other also tend to be bare or topless. You are in a country that might have other cultures than yours, be careful not to offend people with your behaviour.

You also should notice, that I haven’t been on all the beaches mentioned in the article, and that information is gathered from research

Clothing Optional Costa Rica

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cocr poolThis small and unique complex of vacation rental apartments is owned and operated by Bibi and Arne, who are both born in Denmark. Ever since they started dating in 11th grade at Sorø Akademi, they have preferred to enjoy sun, sand and sea without clothes. That was easy while they were still living in Denmark, but after moving to Virginia after finishing their educations, the chances were fewer.

While raising two kids and getting established in the “American Dream”, a desire to have a nudist or at least clothing optional place of their own slowly formed. At first, it was just going to be a CO B&B in the US, but then the dream developed into owning a whole island in the Caribbean for a place where people could come and be naked all the time. While fantasizing, “jobs” were even assigned to friends and kids.

On a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica, in 2000, Bibi and Arne fell in love with the area. A lot for sale, very cheaply, “had their name on it”, and the island from the dream morphed into a ½ acre piece of land with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and five banana palms, in walking distance of three beaches and a river. Over the next four years, two buildings, each with three apartments, a pool house and a big pool were built. Having to wait for plants to grow up and money to be saved up for fences and walls, so complete privacy from the outside could be achieved, Casa Banda catered to the clothed section of the vacationers coming to Nosara.

Each of the apartments, sleeping 2 – 4 people, have full kitchens and are very well equipped for staying a while. Being able to prepare meals “at home” is both more economical than eating out all the time and more comfortable for those with special dietary needs.

In the fall of 2010, it was finally private enough on the property to welcome the first nude guests. Just one couple had stumbled over at this time, but they came back for more nude time under the sun and the palm trees the following years. Fortunately, others also found their way to Nosara, and during the months of January, February and March, the Casa BandA apartments are solely available for people who like to enjoy life clothes free. About 90% of guests come from North America, evenly split between Canadians and people from USA, and several of them are repeat guests. Age wise, the locale seems to appeal to couples, 50 – 70 years old, but singles are not excluded. The rest of the clientele are from a variety of places around the world. The rest of the year, guests are from either “camp”, with or without clothes. There is a minimum age of 18 years for guests, and pets also have to stay at home, so it is a place with all the peace and quiet – or fun get-togethers by the BBQ as grown-ups can wish for. Arne and Bibi live on site and with the help of a small staff make sure that everything is in order for the guests.

Tropical Costa Rica can be found between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, on the isthmus between North and South America. The part of the country where Nosara is located has two distinct seasons: dry season from mid-November – mid-May and a green (rainy) season the rest of the year. Although Costa Rica is a small place, the size of Denmark, there are several and very varied climate zones. Especially October is very wet everywhere and not a good time to be a tourist. In Nosara, December and January offers the most pleasant climate.

The Costa Ricans don’t seem to have a lot of problems with nudity, find it “normal and natural”, but the country does not allow public nudity. All beaches are public, so per definition there are no nude beaches in Costa Rica. However, around the country there are many more or less deserted beaches, where it is possible to enjoy some rays and the waves while “barefoot all over”.

The nearest international airport is Liberia (LIR), a good two hours from Nosara by car. 4-5 hours away, lays the other international airport, in the capital of San Jose (SJO). Renting a car to get from-to the airport and while staying at Casa BandA, is the most convenient option, but there are alternatives with shuttles, taxis and buses. Wheels are not needed to walk to the local beaches, but for most restaurants and for grocery shopping, some kind of transportation is required.

The website contains much information, and if that is not enough, emails will be answered quickly, in English, Danish or Spanish.

Author of the article: Bibi from

5 reasons to visit Le Colombier naturist camping

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Baignade nocturne - nachtzwemmen
In the summer 2014 my wife and I visited Le Colombier Naturist camping with our 5 year old son. We didn’t know much about Le Colombier Naturist camping and we didn’t know much about the area. We had a splendid time there and can reccommend that other naturists visit the place, it is absolutely worth it. Here is my top 5 reasons why Le Colombier Naturist camping is worth a visit.

Inspiration: Nude beach yoga

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Nude beach yogaIt has been some time since I last posted some naturist inspiration. This time it is nude beach yoga, probably because I miss the sun so much here in December. The inspiration is based on 3 videos with nude beach yoga. I hope you get inspired.

Pure Nude Yoga

Pure Nude Yoga – Ocean Goddess Trailer

Nude yoga on the beach

Le Colombier, naturist camping in the middle of the French forests and medieval villages

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Picture from Le ColombierIt was getting late in the afternoon. The sun was baking us alive, through through the window of our car which didn’t have any airocnucondition, we were drenched with sweat on our bodies and our clothes was like glued to the seats which now had housed us in the two days it took us to the drive from Aarhus to St . Hermaine, Loire Valley – southwest of Paris, south of Normandy and Brittany, north of Bordeaux and 50 km. from the Atlantic Ocean.

But we were on the road, and even our 5-year-old boy, Sebastian was now so excited about what was going to happen, we all sat with wide open eyes and spoke the last few kilometers before we drove from the highway.

Ahead we had a week’s campout at naturist campsite Le Colombier, and although the sun was baking right now, we could see large dark clouds draw in over the golden cornfields and threaten to spoil the tent setup and everything we had been looking forward to.

We turned off at St. Hermaine, and with the phone set to Data Roaming we steered through the most picturesque French villages, left, right, right, left, and right around … The rain put tiny round beads on the windshield and we started to find our natural temperature-rent again. And before we knew it, we turned from knowing from Streetview home that we were on the right track, and managed to arrive at Le Colombier without rain anymore.

Le Colombier

The entrance to Le Colombier is a long road with tall trees and dense vegetation. Almost like disappearing into a deep dark forest, and suddenly discover that the woods are full of open spaces and naked people.

We had arrived too late to the reception should be open, but we were lucky that day. They had been busy that they, and had not had time to close. The welcome was warm and welcoming and we got to find us a good spot to pitch your tent and come back next morning to check-in.

We found ourselves a spot. With tent-back against the shrubbery and views over fields and forests, we had found our home for the next 7 days.

The evening opened a traveling circus, and when the lights came on and the clowns were laughing, we sat tired and tender in our tent opening and looked up into the most amazing star-covered sky. This should probably be fine.

7 days disappears fast at Le Colombier, St. Jermaine

Besides the many daily moments of fun and rituals when you are camping with his family, so we were placed in a natural area that gave us the opportunity to go for walks and explore the lakes and forest.

Le Colombier is huge and each tent pitch is huge and with lots of room to spread filling. So we did – when we have not had in the pool, or hang out downstairs in the restaurant, where we also took our dinner a couple of times.

The main buildings at Le Colombier is an old rustic farm which requires both a reception, restaurant, bar and grocery store. The place exudes authenticity when the old stone oven from the Medieval are lit with wood from the sorrounding forests and creates the heath for the homemade pizzas that are baked the same evening.

Here are all sorts of people, and not least many families characterized the area. Le Colombier had, however, to promote naturism in adolescents invited a Dutch young-naturist club to stay for 14 days. Apart from that it was a good idea to integrate the diversity of different age groups, it also created sleepless nights and loud music.

Discovering France

We found ourselves in an area of France that I never really heard of before. It was not because we could find so much about it in the books we had borrowed about the area. But France Tourism is well established and happily shares their many attractions in the area.

We went exploring every day and visited exciting medieval towns, castles, palaces and mansions. Every trip revealed new exiting places that wasn’t described anywhere. Once again we had to conclude that France has much more to offer than they manage to describe.

Several of the days we went to the beach. We drove to different beaches and found two naturist beaches. One was called La Terriers and it was wonderful, relaxed, wave-rich and the other was huge and unfortunately very windy. Both beaches were worth the drive, especially for the natural surroundings.

Suddenly, time had passed. Our tent took in water when it rained. The many sleepless nights made us tired and although we had an adventure and a wonderful holiday, we were pleased to drive home again.

We were driving home one afternoon, and with the sun in the neck, we took the trip back to Denmark. When we unpacked our clothes our backpacks and emptied the car – sand fell out of the car, pine cones and a spicy fragrance from the French forests … Best as you think it – a deep and adventurous, forests opens up with happy nudes 🙂

Thanks to Le Colombier for having opened their forest for us. Sebastian, Peter and Lise

Le Colombier kontaktinformationer:
Phone: +33 (0)251 27 83 84
Er through a formular on their website

Nude beaches in the Vendée, France

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Beach in the VendeeThe Vendée is a part of the Pays de la Loire region in France. Three is a long stretch of beaches, where yoi also will find naturist beaches or naturist friendly beaches. Below you will find a list of naturist/naturist friendly beaches.

La Terrier

The beach is located close to the town of La Tranche-sur-mer. When you arrive at the beach from the parking space, then walk about 500 meter and you will see a white sign. Past the white sign you will find naturists. Read my guide to the beach

Les Conches

This beach is located in the commune of Longville sur Mer. This is not an official naturist beach but naturism is tolerated there. You will find the naturists at a long stretch of the beach running south towards la Terrier.

La Faute sur Mer

There is an official naturist beach at the point d’Arcay, at la Plage de Barrique beach. La Farte sur Mer is the most southerly beaches in the Vendée.

Le Petit Pont

Official naturist beach located at Notre Dames de Dunes in the commune or Bretignollies sur mer. There is access to the beach from rue de la Grande Sauzaies near the village of Grivand and also access from camping Cypress near the Pont de Jaunay.


This official naturist beach – it is a stretch of 4km and there is access to the beach from both ends of the beach. Check out picture from the beach on Tripadvisor


This naturist beach can located about 7km west of Olonne-sur-Mer. The naturist part of the beach has signs marking the official naturist sections of the beach You can also find it on GPS by typing the following coordinates.
Latitude: N:46° 33.798’ , Longitude: W:1° 50.298’

Les Lays

This is another of the Vendees official naturist beaches. The beach is located south of the parking lot of Lays and around 200 meters of it to the limit of Notre Dame de Monts. You can also find the beach on GPS by typing in the following coordinates:
Latitude: 46.8653 (46° 51′ 55.07), Longitude: -2.1473 (-2° 8′ 50.28)

Les Salins

500 meter of Les Salins is officially for naturists. It is signposted near the grande Bec just south of St.Jean de Monts.

The list of beaches was inspired by a list i got from the friendly staff at Le Colombier Naturist Camping.

La Terriere naturist beach in France

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La TerriereThe beach La Terriere is located near the town La Tranche sur mer.

The beach is one of the finest beaches in the Vendée. With nice sand and a constant reward of blue flag, makes this beach really worth a visit.

The waters / waves is a bit wild, which nakes it great fun to be there. If you have children, do be aware of the waves and the undertow, it can be dangerous for children.


There is a carpark close to the sands, it can be very crowded during the summer season though. There is lifeguard, toilets and showes. The facilities is located by the textile part of the beach, and therefore not a fast access for people staying at the natruist part of the beach.

Getting there

I stayed at Le Colobmbier naturist camping when I was there, and got some great driving instructions whhich I will share with you right here.

The driving directions is from Le Colombier naturist camping to the beach:

  • From St. Hermine take the D137 in the direction of Lucon (11 km).
  • At roundabout go right on to the D949 (5 km).
  • At the next roundabout in Lucon take direction “Les Sables d’Olonne”.
  • At the next roundabout go to the right. Turn left in the direction of “Les Sables d’Olonne”.
  • Follow the D949 for 9km turn left in the direction of “La Tranche sur Mer via Curzon” – D46 (Beware! There is a dangerous left hand turn on a bend to the left also).
  • Continue through St. Benoist sur Mer, then at the roundabout take the third exit – D747 – in the direction of “La Tranche sur Mer” (8 km). In La Tranche sur Mer, at the first roundabout turn right, at the second roundabout turn right again. As you enter the village of La Terriere you will see white houses on your left.
  • Drive into the centre and follow signs for “La Plage”. Parking is available behind the beach.
  • Once on the beach turn right and walk approx. 500 meter to the naturist area (beyond the large white sign).

    I got this inforamtion from “Wim De Zwarte” on Facebook. The coordinates for the beach should be N:46° 21.558’ – W:1° 28.524’
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    More inspiration

    Read more about the Vendee in France: Vendee Guide

7 reasons why I would love to visit Croatia as a naturist

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Rab - CroatiaAs always on this time of year – I am planning my summer vacation. This year I am fallen in love with Croatia. I have never visited the country before – but here are my 7 reasons why I would love to visit Croatia as a naturist.

Reason 1: Widely accepted

Naturism is widely accepted in Croatia. Croatian Adriatic coast is actually among the friendliest naturist destinations of the world.

This is not surprising when you know that the first naturist beach was opened on Paradise Beach on the island of Rab in 1934.

Reason 2: Lots of naturist beaches

There are plenty of beautiful beaches – I loooove a nice beach where I can relax with my family. Clear blue water just gives me something. Besides clear water many beaches in Croatia also seems to be in a very beautiful natural environment. I like when beaches is located in nature.

With more than 1000 islands it should be possible to find a beach which suites me 🙂

Reason 3: Relative cheap

It is relative cheap as a visitor in Croatia if you compare it to Denmark, France and other places in Europe.

On restaurants and in markets it should be cheaper than many other places around Europe especially compared to Denmark where I live.

Reason 4: Good accommodation possibilities

It should be possible to find naturist accommodation that fits me in Croatia. There are more than 30 official naturist resorts and beaches, besides that there is a large range of unofficial naturist accommodations.

In many countries around the world it can actually be hard to find a great place to stay nude – it seems like it should be fairly easy in Croatia (if there is something vacant).

Found this list of FKK campsites and beach resorts helpful

Reason 5: Lots to see

On pictures and in guide books it looks like there is a lot to do and see in Croatia.. I am pretty sure there is a lot of exciting culture, and a lot of wonderful nature to explore.

I like it when I can combine both beach, nature, culture and adventure on one trip. I would get bored if I stayed at the beach for a hole week. The exploring combined with a nice beach gives me the biggest satisfaction on a vacation. Especially if I can stay nude at the beach and on some of the small adventures.

Reason 6: Naturist sailing

I would love to go on a naturist sailing trip – I have never tried sailing nude and think it could be a very exciting adventure to explore. I am pretty sure that my family would find it interesting too.

I haven’t found many places on around the world that offer the possibilities to sail naked, especially if you’re not a captain yourself.

Reason 7: The weather

The weather in the summer period in Croatia is brilliant. There is good high temperatures and a lot of sunny hours. This a one thing that I prefer when going on a naturist vacation. The weeather is warmest in July and August, but also June and September has quit decent temperatures. I found info on Croatia Naturally very useful.

Have you visited Croatia? – Please write your opinion about the country

Where do you dream of going to on your next naturist vacation?

Image is from Croatia National Tourist Board

3 secret ways to be nude on Bali

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Nude yogaIndonesia has a strong cultural and religious background and public nudity is officially not allowed. The country has a majority of muslims which doesn’t allow nudity, but on The Island of Bali religious believes is much more mixed and there is a strong influence by tourists on the Island. This has created some nudist friendly opportunities on Bali. In this short post you will find 3 secret ways to be nude on Bali.

Nude Yoga

Placed in a place in a beautiful Villa Mathis Boutique Hotel on Bali, is a amazing “Luxury Nude Yoga Retreat”. You get a week full of nude yoga sessions, enlightening workshops and treatments.
Nagna Yoga (Nude Yoga) is a pure and liberating act of freedom and it is a perfect way to discover and respect your body in a natural way. This is a perfect to get back to you in breathtaking surroundings and atmosphere. Maybe this is something for you – you can read much more about The Luxury Nude Yoga Retreat here.

Naked Spa Treatments

Awaken your senses with indulgent therapies and treatments. There seems to be a great range of spa and wellness treatments in Bali. Some of the places offer more or less naked treatments. Places like Ayana Resort Bali, Bali Tropical Spa among others offers more or less naked treatments. You can also read this great post about Unconventional Bali Massage.

Nude resorts

You can actually stay at Bali without any worries about getting clothes.
Bali au Naturel offers nice accommodation for people who seeks meditation and peace. This place is a paradise according to the many reviews on Trip Advisor. There is a lovely restaurant by the beach where you can enjoy a great meal and a glass of wine, while the voice from the waves gives the perfect background music to this paradise.

This nudist hotel, accommodates men and women, singles, couples, hetro and gay is welcome. Gay people who come here but are not nudist are not welcome, straight nudist people are welcome.

You will find it on this address “Jalan Airsanih-Tejakula, Bondalem, Bali 81173, Indonesien”.

Want to stay at Bali au Naturel – fill out form below

I hope this can give som inspiration for your next trip to Indonesia – Bali.

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