Cala Waikiki naturist beach,Tarragona, Spain

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Cala Waikiki naturist beach is one of the few beaches left in its orginal state in Costa Dorada. On this beautiful beach, naturism is enjoyed in big scale.

The beach is located in an protected area by nature at the beginning of Tarragona. It can be reached with little difficulty.

Getting there
To get to the nudist beach Cala Waikiki in Tarragona, Spain, go from La Mora (there is a campsite to park at – Camping La Mora) to the beach, it takes approx. 15 minutes. La Mora is located a few kilometers from Tarragona.

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Es Pregons Grans naturist beach, Mallorca, Spain

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Right next to the famous nude beach “Es Trenc” is the lesser-known naturist beach “Es Pregons Grans”. Both beaches are located in the southern part of Mallorca. “Es Pregons Grans” is 200 meter/218 yard long and approx. 25 meters/27 yard wide.

The beach offers crystal clear water, and incredibly delicious beach with soft beach sand. On the “Es Pregons Grans” there will be almost exclusively naturists.

The beach, with its fine sand and shallow waters is perfect for children and is rarely crowded.

Getting there
The beaches reached either from the city of “Colonia de Sant Jordi” or by the much more famous naturist beach “Es Trenc”.

The beaches offers toilets and other amenities.

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Top 5 nude beaches in Spain

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Walking beachBarinatxe Nudist Beach, Sopleana
On the north coast of Spain is this wonderful beach. Annualy there is Patxi Ros Trophy Nudist Race – great fun.

El Torn Beach, Tarragona, Catalonia
The largest beach along the coast of Barcelona must be El Torn Beach, which is just outside Tarragona in Catalonia. If you are visiting El Torn, it might be a great idea to stay at El Templo Nudist Campsite.
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Nude beach in Sitges near Barcelona
This beach is gay and mixed nudist beach. Platja Balmins is the name of the beach which lays between Sant Sebastià and the port of Aiguadolç. Another nudist beach is located at Cala del Home Mort (Dead Man’s Beach), which is mainly gay. Further up the coast, in Vallcarca, to the north of Sitges is a third naturist beach, Cala Morisca.
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Playa de la Mar Bella, Barcelona
This beach has one huge advantage, it is located in Barcelona. Walk along Barceloneta beach and you will find the nudist section behind some dunes after “The natutical club”.

Cabo de Gata, Murcia
This nuditst beach combines Nature and Naturism a great unspoilt area of beaches in the South-East of Spain. It is a place where hippies tend to go, here are nature parks and plenty of space to strip naked. Cala Carbón,Media Luna and Cala del Barronal is just a few of the nude beaches in the area.

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Lloret de Mar Nudist Beach, Costa Brava, Spain

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The nudist beach in Lloret de Mar is named “Boadella Beach”, and is located 2.5km/1.5miles from LLoret.  The scenary is amazing, and is actually often used for location shots, and also used in the movie “Sahara”, starring Penelope Cruz. Lloret can be very party like with many things going on, but Boadella Beach is quiet compared to other Lloret beaches. The beach is also used by families from nearby apartments and can therefore be busy during the holiday season, but still quiet compared to nearby beaches.

Getting there
You have to reach the beach by car, taxi or walk, because the boats don’t stop by Boadella Beach. The only parking is by the road by theentrance to the woods from where you have a steep walk down to the beach, but well worth the effort if you can make it. It is ok to walk down, but it can be harder to climb up again – especially in hot weather.

There is a beach bar, toilets and showers, as well a first-aid cabin.

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Nude beach – Paya Bay on Roatan Island, Honduras

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Paya Bay on Roatan island in Honduras is a beach, nature, leisure and Wellness Resort for those seeking peace and communion with nature. The resort is situated overlooking the Caribbean Sea and two beautiful crescent-shaped beaches. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the world’s second largest coral reef system) is just a 100 meters from the shore. The gentle winds keep the ambient temperature cool and comfortable. There are paths through the enchanting countryside that you’ll love to explore.
In other words, the place is the perfect place to rest and enjoy nature.

Paya Bay is located on a beautiful peninsula that extends out from the island of Roatan, which ensures idyllic isolation and maximum distance from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Two natural beaches, quiet coves, high hills, wetlands, and even a small adjacent island makes the island the perfect “retreat” one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

Honduras has an average temperature between 26-30 degree celsius/81-86 degree fahrenheit all year round. It is always nice and warm – a great getaway.

Nude beach, Zelena laguna, Porec in Croatia

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Zelena laguna naturist beach is approx. 6km from Porec – it’s free and is common beach for the campsites Bjela uvala (White Cove) and Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon). On the beach there is also a Surfing Centre, with surfing school, tennis courts, mini-golf and outdoor pool. Unfortunately, nudists are not allowed to use the pool.

More info:
Zelena Laguna ***
HR 52 440 Porec
Zelena Laguna (Green Lagoon)

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Nude beach Los Tusales, Alicante in Spain

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This beach is a large open naturist beach. There is free parking in the parking lot, but it quickly becomes crowded so come early. Theft in the car are not uncommon in the area, so do not tempt weak souls and take anything of value with you.

When you get to the beach, the first place you get to is the textile beach. On the textile beach it’s possible to buy drinks, ice cream and more. Furthermore there is a playground for children.

If you walk around 400 meter to the South, you will get to the nude beach. The beach is deep from the ocean to the dunes. This means that nudists / naturists / families are close to the sea and only few / no options for voyeurs. Then there is a large open area where the center area, which is empty, and the back of the beach dunes merge into a large area with trees and roads. This area is where exhibitionists liying in the sun and voyeurs also move (and generally accepted).

If you want no attention from other visitors to the beach it is very easy, if you choose the former area. Are you satisfied with single men looking at you, wicks just the second.

Note that when the wind blows it can be a little sandblasted because of very fine sand. There are no cabins, toilets and other facilities in the nude area.

Alexandria Bay nudist beach in Queensland, Australia

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The area between rock and Alexandria Bay at Noosa Head in Queensland, Australia is used to be a naturist favorite, secluded, beautiful and private – but since then they have upgraded the nearby paths, which makes the place less attractive. Unless you are interested in doing a show for backpackers and water clean, then go down to Alexandria Bay and private life again. It is a 3 km scenic trip, but requires that you have ok shoes on when you reach the southern end of the beach, you can get naked and enjoy it.

Getting there
You can drive down to the main section of Noosa Heads and then turn right at the Hastings Street roundabout then follow the beach road until it ends in the main National Park headquarters car park.

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