Best nude beaches around New York, US

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In this post I have tried to make a list of NYCs naturist beaches.

Juniper Woods
This is a “family friendly” & “clothing optional” resort at the lakeside in upstate New York. The resort has modern bathhouse facilities, a covered pavilion and a solar heated swimming pool.Visit Juniper Woods homepage for further reading

Jacob Riis Park
This Rockaway beach has a topless section and clothing-optional section in “Bay 2”. The beach is nice and clean and with white waves.

Cherry Grove
This is just one of Fire Island’s nude beaches, but Cherry Grove clothing optional beach stands out among its Fire Island competitors by hosting the famous “Miss Fire Island” contest.

Lighthouse Beach
Lighthouse Beach is a small section of the Fire Island National Seashore. Lighthouse Beach is the largest recognized clothing optional beach in New York.

Full Tan Sun Club
Since 1968 Full Tan Sun Club has been offering a nude summer camp-esque experience. It’s located in Sprakers, New York.

Gunnison Beach
Gunnison clothing optional beach is a 3km / 2miles long beach. Gunnison Beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. Furter reading about Gunnison Beach

Empire Haven
A little more than four hours drive from New York City Area is this “nude lake”. This is a haven for nature lovers who prefer to be naked – the only downside is the long drive.

FROM WIKI: On Feb 5, 2013, the Fire Island National Seashore announced its plan to begin enforcing New York State anti-nudity laws on all Fire Island beaches, including Lighthouse Beach, possibly ending clothing optional usage.

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Naturist beaches on Crete, Greece

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Delivered by VritomartisCrete is a wonderful place to stay, also as a naturist. You will find the naturist beaches on the south coast of Crete. The list below are anticlockwise from the south-west of the island.

The sandy beach still have parts which is used by naturists. To find the nude area standing near the hotels and facing the sea, walk to your right about 250m or more.

The beach of Sougia is 1,2 km long and is the longest beach in the South-West of Crete. Sougia beach is up to 70 meters wide in some places.
The eastern end of the beach is a nudist beach.

Agia Roumeli
Agia Roumeli is a long beach of fine pebble by the deep blue, crystal clear Libyan sea. To find the naturist beach, then go away from the main beach, go eastwards and cross the Samaria river.

Agios Pavlos
Walk east for about an hour from Agia Roumeli and you will end up on the nearly deserted beach.

Sweet water beach (Glykanera)
Located close to Chora Sfakion on the south coast. Natural wellsprings near the beach keeps the water very clean. Some choose to beat up a tent and stay on the beach. The area is perfect for naturists.

Filaki naturist beach is comprised of pebbles and shingle – it is located in a very beautiful spot of Crete, Greece. The water is clear and blue. Besides being a beautiful beach, it is also one of the few official naturist beaches on Crete.

The beach is just outside of Hora Sfakion, and is the beach of the naturist Hotel Vritomartis.
You can also read the much more detailed guide: Filaki naturist beach on Crete, Greece

This beach is lcoated on the south coast of the region of Chania. There are three different beaches in the same area of Frangokastello. The far eastern part of this long beach is a naturism beach.

Plakias is one of the bigges beaches on Crete. The eastern part of the beach is kept for nudists and naturists.

Komos beach
This beach is actually also know for being a nesting site for sea turtles and great care should be taken not to disturb them. The beach is to the north of Matala and is probably one of the best nudist beaches on Crete.

Inspiration and sources
This article was inspired by the article “Naturism in Crete” the info about the beaches was summarized from different sources by me.

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Naturist beach Playa Escondida, Argentina

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Nudist beach ArgentinaPlaya Escondida is the only official naturist beach in Argentina. Enjoy the rustic ambience and characteristic of Atlantic beach with dunes and cliffs. You will find a variety of birds and natural surroundings of woods and meadows.

The following facilities is available at the beach

  • Massage
  • Toilets
  • Volleyball
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Snackbar
  • Lifeguard

A few rules

  • You do not have to be naked because it is a public place, but the beach is a naturist beach. If you do not like to be around naked people, it might not be the place for you.
  • Do not use music equipment or keep your volume low, remember that the sound of the sea and the wind is a part of the landscape.
  • Any behavior of a sexual nature will be cause for warning and / or expulsion.

Getting there
Ruta prov. 11, Mar del Plata 7600, Argentina

Further reading – the page is NOT in english

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Filaki naturist beach on Crete, Greece

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Filaki BeachFilaki naturist beach is comprised of pebbles and shingle – it is located in a very beautiful spot of Crete, Greece. The water is clear and blue, and with the sun baking your body, it can be refreshing to take dive into the cooling water. Actually this is one of the only official nude beaches om Crete.

Getting there
To get there you will need to head for the nudist-friendly Hotel Vritomartis. Left of the entrance there is a road to the beach. The road itself is good but a bit curvey. Many visitors walk back to their cars at the parking lot with bare bums.

If you are staying at Hotel Vritomartis it will be a 15 minutes walk, or you can get a free ride with their minibus service.

Sunbeds and umbrellas is available at the beach and there is also a taverna which is almost totally nude.

Dermatos nude beach – south of Crete, Greece

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Naturist beach Dermatos is located in the south of Crete along the route to Keratokampos from Tsoutsouros. Dermatos beach consists of sand and pebbles, and is a few hundred meters long. Beaches are relatively deserted and it should not be a problem to swim there naked. Note, however, that it is very common in Greece to a beach can change from being a naturist friendly to not naturist friendly from day to day.

Getting there
There is a small path that leads down from the road to the beach.

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Gunnison Beach, New Jersey, US

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Beach girl buttGunnison Beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. It has a 3km / 2miles long beach which is legally designated as clothing-optional. The beach is guarded by lifeguards during the Summer.
The beach is nice and sandy and very popular.

Getting there
It is recommendable to drive to Gunnison Beach rather than taking ther ferry – the ferry has become rather costly.
When you arrive at to boardwalk – walk until you find the warning signs “Entering Clothing Optional Area”. Now you are on the right spot 🙂

Address: 12 Marine Pl, Highlands, NJ 07732

Near the beach parking lot there are changing areas and restrooms

When you begin enter the nude area, you need to know that gays is to the right and straight to the left.
You also has to notice that there can be peeps and creeps around, they will walk around with their clothes on.

Nude beach Benalnatura, Spain

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The beach “Benalnatura Playa Nudista” has a 100% naked policy so don’t go if you are not into full nudity. Benalnatura Playa Nudista, the only official nudist beach in Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Spain. Benalmadena Beach Guide & Benalnatura is one of the friendliest and most beautiful naturist beaches in Spain and this quick guide will tell you where it it, how to get there and what to do when you arrive – get naked!

Naturist beaches in Denmark

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Tisvilde Beach_.jpg
Denmark is actually a good place for naturist beaches, many beaches has nice sand and nudity is actually allowed on all public beaches as long you show consideration and respect for other people.

Below you will find a list beaches in Denmark which is popular among naturists.

Sjælland / Zealand

Tisvilde Beach, Sjælland / Zealand
The beach east of StænGeHuS recommended as one of the best nude beaches. Here is a stretch of more than half a kilometer with lots of naturists – young, old, men, women and families with children.

Brøndby Strand, Copenhagen, Sjælland / Zealand
Beach near the capital, offering a wide and beautiful nude bathing section with beautiful sand dunes and water. Plenty of room and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Vesterlyng, Sjælland / Zealand
The beach is near a protected area where cows and horses roam freely. Drive to Havnsø and then on to Vesterlyng. On Vesterlyng there are three side roads to the beach, and it is the third driving down.

Bøtø forest, Lolland-Falster, sourth of Zealand
By Bøtø forest there are two beaches with small dunes, which are recommended for nude bathing. Depending on wind direction, you can find shelter on the east or west side of Falster.


Den Permanente, Aarhus
There is a fine nude beach just south of the Baths “Permanent” north of Aarhus. Velow the restaurant there is a Bath, which is marked on the map. From Aarhus you can either ride north along the harbor, past the fishing harbo.

Ballehage, Aarhus
According to the guide the best beach in the Aarhus area with a “good atmosphere and mix of women and men”. Many of those who come to Ballehage is also winter bathers from the club “Ballehage”.

Rødhus, Northern Jutland
There are many naturists who spend the hot summer days at the beach. Nude beach is out of the shooting area between Rødhus Strand and Ejstrup Beach. Two areas of the beach is recommended naturists.

Børsmose, western Jutland
Flat beach with high dunes with fine shelter. There is often an unbiased mixture of on-and peeling. This is a clothing optional beach.


Thurø Reef, Fyn
Also know just as the reef, as it is called in Svendborg and Fyn. The place is perfect for naturism and is on Thurøs southeast tip overlooking the Valdemar Castle on Tåsinge.

Nudist beach Lido de Venezia, Italy

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Do you want a relaxing time after visiting Venice, then Lido de Venezia beach will be a great place to visit. The main attractions of Lido is its beautiful beach set in the natural surroundings. Here is golden sand and clear waters in perfect harmony with nature. Besides being a wonderful beach, it is also one of the best nudist beaches in Venice, and it is frequently visited by nude bathers.

There is private baths and huts is common on Lido beach. The huts is great for enjoying life on the beach in private, they are equipped with beach cabin along with a verandah and a sun curtain. You can stay in the huts throughout the day with your family.

On the Islands, there is a range of restaurants and hotels, which has is affordable here and provide good value for money. Summer time is the best to visit this beach as you can enjoy all kinds of activities such as swimming and enjoy the natural scenic surroundings of this beach.

Getting there
If you are going to Lido from Venice, it could be a great oportunity to take a water bus (vaporetto) , it will take only a few minutes.

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