Chan Resort – Naturist resort in Pattaya,Thailand

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Chan Konim, Owner of Chan Resort tells about the first naturist resort in Thailand.

This is Chan Resort
I’m not sure how people who don’t know about this place would react to naturism, but those who come here accept it.
They might initially think this is i a swinger’s resort, but it’s not.
It’s a place for relaxation, for the guests’ bodies to enjoy nature.

In the video you will also hear what some of the guests think about Chan Resort.

Have you been in Thailand as naturist?

5 questions to Quinta da Horta naturist B&B

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Quinta da Horta artIn this post you will find answers on 5 questions I have asked Ted Bun, the owner of “Quinta da Horta”, which is a wonderful clothing optional b&b located in the city of Ferragudo, Algarve in Portugal.

What is Quinta da Horta?
The Quinta da Horta is a 250 year old farm on the outskirts of the attractive fishing village of Ferragudo. In the grounds we have 9 cottages that are simply equipped and furnished as bedrooms for our guests. In addition the gardens laid out with trees, flowers lawn and a vegetable garden where we still grow fruit and vegetables for the table. where we try to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. As a result, even with all our efforts to keep the place clean and tidy, the grounds get dry and dusty in high summer.

Most of our guests choose not to wear clothes for much of their time here. Whether they are in or around the pool, walking or sunbathing in the gardens, having a drink or meal with friends they simply choose not to wear clothes. On the other had we respect that a guest may choose to wear clothes at anytime. We believe that the essence of the Quinta is the feeling of a shared community that develops after a very short time with us. Whether you come as a couple, group of friends, a family or on your own, we’re sure you’ll soon experience the feeling that you’re relaxing with a group of friends in the sun.

The Quinta da Horta boast wifi, guest kitchen, a nice suntrap pool and a sauna all free for the use of our guests.

What makes your place different?
The Quinta da Horta’s location on the edge of Ferragudo is almost unique in terms of naturist resorts in that enables guest to walk to any of 10 restaurants within 1km of the Quinta …

How do you see the future of naturism?
Naturism is due for a revival in the English speaking world amongst the younger generation. The real environmental advantages of travelling with less clothing, doing less washing and consuming fewer resources and the attendant cost savings will motivate the generation who have exposed themselves all over Facebook that nudity is not an issue and that less is more on holiday.

How do you see the future of naturist vacations?
A lot will depend on the changes in the USA over the next few years.. As long as violence is OK and nudity is bad continues it will cause ghettoisation of naturist holidays t o specialist venues. If the pendulum swings the other way naturists, in Spain and Portugal in particular, will move towards normal accommodation and naked beach days on most beaches

What is your expectations for Quinta da Horta future?
The Quinta’s strength will be it’s downfall … one day there will be building of holiday properties overlooking the Quinta and this will signal the end…

Quinta da Horta
You can find further information on Quinta da Hortas homepage. I have stayed there myself and must say that it has been the best naturist experience so far.

Travel to Crete, Greece as a naturist

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This is a short post about Crete and naturism. I have done some research before going to Crete, and I will of course write even more when I have visited Crete.

What to see

My wife has written a short guide about what to see on the Southern part of Crete where we are going to stay. You can read Lises guide “What to see on Southern Crete”. I have also written a small guide to the small Village Hora Sfakion.

I have also written a range of naturist beach guides

Where to stay

There isn’t a lot of possibilities for accommodation on Crete as a naturist, but I don’t think it matters. We found a place called Hotel Vritomartis and it seems like a really good place to stay. THe hotel is a Naturist Hotel / Naturist resort – we are going to stay in a Bungalow, but it is also possible to stay at the hotel.

5 Questions to naturist Hotel Vritomartis

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What is Vritomartis
Vritomartis takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshipped in the area of Crete where Vritomartis is situated.
Also check this

What makes your place different

  • Our unique location, the white mountains from the back which the highest point is 2000m and the sea on the front. A unique spot and landscape. I am sure you will agree with me once you drive to Vritomartis passing the mountains and starting going down to Sfakia…
  • Another advantage is that offers both naturist pool and private naturist beach. Of course don’t forget great weather, sun and mediterranean sea plus mediterranean food…
  • Whether somebody want to stay for a few days or few weeks, want complete peace and quiet or some gentle activities, we are very proud to say that our resort is a very good option. In general is a value for money choice. We are a 3 star hotel but our guest can enjoy many of the 4 star hotels comforts.
    When to visit Crete?
  • Crete can be visited all around the year but the season that is great is from April until November. Of course July – August is the high season with lots of tourists. You will staying in Sfakia and you won’t really see that. Sfakia is a remote area for those who’re looking more quite and less touristic places. Like this are all the south coasts

How do you see the future of naturism and nakations?
I think naturism that is having rest in its natural state has a great future. Modern civilized people are too overstretched by crazy pace of life in big cities. They can not and do not know how to relax. But the nature of human requires that. That’s why so much people wait and expect their next holiday. One of the bounds and constraints is clothing. Discard clothing – and you will feel relieved. All that’s stopping you are only complexes, educations, manners. More and more people understand that and take pleasure in staying naked. To be civilized – it does not mean to be in prison of your clothes.

What is your expectations for Vritomartis future?
Our aim is to offer our guests their “Dream Holiday”. We treat every single traveller as a unique person and we’re trying to offer the best possible service. We’ve been hosting travellers from all around the world for over 20 years now and we want to keep on doing this for the next years with the same passion and loyalty. We strongly beleive that the best way to communicate with our customers is in person so we do this while they’re staying at Vritomartis.

Find more info about Vritomartis on their homepage

Vritomartis Naturist Resort – brief presentation

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A short video with information about Vritomartis naturist resort, located in Crete, Greece. Watch the video to get an idea of their services, location and facilities. This Resort has great ratings on Tripadvisor 4.5/5 stars, 61 votes – this seems like a place worth visiting 🙂

Have you been on Vritomartis? Write a comment about it

Quinta da Horta – Welcome to Spring 2013

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Quinta da Horta - LogoWe had a fantastic summer in Portugal last year. Unlike the north of Europe we saw no rain from mid -May until late September!

The new pricing structure starts on 31st March. The room rates remain unchanged from 2012! However we have introduced a flat rate membership of €15 per person. This will allow you access to the Quinta da Horta and all the facilities for the whole season, even when you are not staying at the Quinta da Horta. Great for day visits if you are in the Algarve with non-naturist friends and family!

By booking before the new structure comes in you get your membership free!

We are starting on the work to repair the ravages of winter, doing extra planting in the gardens … Chris the gardener has the vegetable patch looking good already. The rain over winter has the grass nice lush and green.

New art work can be found on the walls too, thanks to Paul the Artist, various workaways, guests and Vicky Jeffery. Vicky came up with the “paint a gekko” theme.. their numbers are growing see how many you can find. Put your unique mark on the Quinta … paint your own gekko for others to find!

We look forward to greeting you at the gates of the Quinta in the warm Portuguese sunshine!

Ted and Hun, the Buns
Quinta da Horta

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