Naturism in California, USA

Written by Peter Terp. Posted in State guide

Nudism or Naturism as we know it has several sources and most of them can be traced back to early 20th century health and fitness philosophies in Germany. Formally Naturism arrived in USA in 1923 when Katherine and Herman Shoshinki who were familiar with nudism arrived in Germany and helped in the formation of one of the first Nudist groups (American League for Physical Culture) in 1929.

Since then Naturism has gradually grown in USA. A Gallup survey conducted in USA first in year 1983 and then in 2000 clearly showed that Naturism or leniency towards Naturism is on the rise in USA. California which is the most populous US state and the third largest by land cover has a climate mix ranging from arid to subarctic (depending upon the latitude & distance from the coast) provides excellent opportunity for Naturism lovers to surf and enjoy the sunshine.

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