Travel to Crete, Greece as a naturist

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This is a short post about Crete and naturism. I have done some research before going to Crete, and I will of course write even more when I have visited Crete.

What to see

My wife has written a short guide about what to see on the Southern part of Crete where we are going to stay. You can read Lises guide “What to see on Southern Crete”. I have also written a small guide to the small Village Hora Sfakion.

I have also written a range of naturist beach guides

Where to stay

There isn’t a lot of possibilities for accommodation on Crete as a naturist, but I don’t think it matters. We found a place called Hotel Vritomartis and it seems like a really good place to stay. THe hotel is a Naturist Hotel / Naturist resort – we are going to stay in a Bungalow, but it is also possible to stay at the hotel.

Small guide to Hora Sfakion, Crete, Greece

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Hora SfakionHora Sfakion is sometimes called the capital of the unspoilt Sfakia area. This is one of the most mountainous areas of Crete. Hora Sfakion is located around the White Mountains range. The mountains is really high and posses many impressive and fantastic gorges. The most famous of the gorges is the Samaria Gorges.

The village consist of aprox 500 inhabitans and has a very traditional and authentic and calm atmosphere, which is only interrupted a few times in the afternoon by the arrivals of hikers coming from the Samaria Gorge. The hikers tend to leave the village very quickly so peacefulness comes back in a few minutes.

In the village
There are a some excelent restaurants at the seafront, and there is plenty of simple accommodation. There is several pebbled beaches near the city, where it is possible to relax and bath

Naturist accommodation
The naturist Hotel Vritomartis is about 1 km from the city center of Horas Sfakion. The hotel has a really good reputation, and has existed since 1989. The hotel is on walking distance to the naturist beach Filaki.

Getting there
The village Hora Sfakion is about 70 km. away from the somewhat more famous town of Chania. You can reach the city by car, taxi, bus or boat.

If you are going by car or taxi from Chania it will take 1½ hours to get there.

You can find a timetable for the boat here Boat timetable

Naturism in Malaysia

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Naturism in Malaysia isn’t wide spread and outdoor nudism is actually illegal. Therefore as a nudist you shouldn’t be nude in public. But it is actually not illegal to be nude in Malyasia in technical terms, the reason is that there is no specific mention of nudism being illegal in the Malaysian law.

The Laws of Malaysia, Act 336 (Minor Offences Act of 1955) Clause 28e states it is an offence only for:
Exposure of person with intent
(e) every person wilfully, openly, lewdly and obscenely exposing his person with intent to insult any other person;

Nudists has no intention in insulting other people, and most naturist in Malaysia is mostly private affairs.

The Malyan nudists are mostly located in Kuala Lumpur and are conservative.

There are two clothing-optional resorts in Malaysia. They are placed in Hulu Langat and Gombak (Kuala Lumpur). There are also some nude hiking events arranged by Alberty Yan, where the hike gos to Mt. Cheras.

Read more about Malaysian Nudism

Naturism in Poland

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Poles are very tolerant of naturism on the beach. Despite the fact that there are no official nude beaches,  thousands choose to visit the beach to enjoy a sinny dip or a naked tan. The beaches are named in this short article is all  “clothing optional” – where the general rule is that you will find mixed couples (eg naked man with topless women), mixed groups (a nude couple, one textile), blended families (naked parents with textile kids or the other way around), all other possible combinations and last but not least, naked singles, couples, families and groups of friends.

One can safely enjoy naturism anywhere at sea, provided that you respect other people’s privacy. Like so many other places in the world the rule is that you walk away from most crowded part of the beach, when you don’t see a lot of people around you, then drop your clothe without need to worry. Never walk naked round the central part of the beach – it would be perceived as exhibitionism. The high degree of tolerance of naked couples and families, will not necessarily be achieved in the direction of naked single men or naked gay couples, especially when they are near children. Make sure you do not violate the privacy of textile sunbathers. If you are not sure whether you can dress up or not, you can try to do it and observe the reaction. It is important to note that topless sunbathing is not popular on the Polish textile beaches. If sunbathing on the nudist beach, you will probably find that people walk or cycle along the sea. They do not bother – it’s just how many Poles have their daily walk on the beach.

Miedzyzdroje Lubiewo
This beach is located near Miedzyzdroje, one of the most prestigious resorts on the Polish coast, about 20 km from the German border.

Rowy (20 km north of Slupsk) were fishermen village a few years ago, now it has developed into a modern tourist resort, but it is far less crowded and noisy than Miedzyzdroje.

The village D?bki, about 50 miles north of Gdansk is famous for its unique atmosphere. The beach is famous for its fine, golden sand, clean sea and beautiful forest right near the beach.

Is not far from D?bki beach is the most famous nude beach in Poland, because of the song “Cha?upy Welcome to” sung in 80 has local singer Zbigniew Wodecki. The beach is located on the Hel peninsula, between the villages Cha?upy and Ku?nica.

Gdansk Stogi
This is the only beach accessible from a big city with public transportation. It lies east of Gdansk.

If you are in Piaski, you are at the end of of Poland. Piaski is a small village on the far eastern end of the Polish coast, close to the Russian border. You can park in one of the forest’s parking along the road from Krynica Morska and go to the beach. Alternatively, you can go from Piaski to the west, about 2 km from the village nude section starts. It is probably the longest naturist beach in Poland – you can sunbathe nude along the coast, 5 km or more. In some places (near parking) you will see more textile people, but do not worry – they will not mind naked intruders. The main disadvantage of Piaski is that there is no clean water and beach

Polish Naturist Federation
Phone: **48 33 8144758

Naturism, nudism in China

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Nudism outside isn’t exactly against Chinese law, but it is frowned upon under Confucianism, as it goes against Kongzi’s ideals of propriety and shame. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who believe that there’s no shame in baring the human body in all its undressed splendour (NSFW). There is actually places to be social naked outside,

The only reported naturist beach in China (as I know of) is Sanya, Hainan Island, Dadonghai Beach in the north end/free beach. This is a quite public and touristy place, with at least 500 Chinese visitors a day, and a few Europeans. Children is playing everywhere and having fun on the beach.

There are other indoor possibilities as a naturist, but China is not a very Naturist friendly country, even though it is legal.

Update!!! In 2014 Sanya naturist beach was closed by the government. According to China News Service – “Violators will be punished in accordance with the nature of their offence”. More info in this article on Daily Mail.

Naturism, nudism in Croatia

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CroatiaCroatia has been a naturist destination dating back to 1930, when the island of Rab can be termed as the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic Sea. It all started with the English King Edward VIII who was on Rab with his wife. They were allowed  that he and his wife could take a nude swim in the bay Kandarola. It is the same reason that the bay is now called “The English beach”.

Croatia is the first country in Europe to start with commercial naturism, other countries in Europe was limited to clubs. The first naturist camp were opened in Istra and Dalamatien in 1960. At that time, there were more than 100,000 naturists who spent their holiday in Croatia. Today the figure is somewhat higher and the excess number 1,000,000, which is 10 times as much as in the sixties. Tourists in the country come from countries like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as other liberal countries. Croats also likes naturism, it is believed that up to 15% of the population practicing nudism.

Today there are many opportunities for naturism in Croatia, there are more than 20 official naturist, which is spread over 8,220,000 sqm

Naturist beaches in Croatia are marked as “FKK”. This is the abbreviation for the German word “Freikörperkultur” (free body culture). The FKK sign is ubiquitous all along the Croatian coast.

In short you can say that Croatia is certainly a naturistland, which is definitely worth visiting

Help me make this short guide info better and write a comment 🙂

Fuertenventura, Canary Islands, Spain

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Fuerteventura is a very naturist-friendly island, in fact, it has been named the world’s best naturist island in a user survey from Bare Beaches.

Most of the beaches on the island is used by naturists, especially the more remote is not as populated.

The beaches south of Corralejo has been nominated for ‘Country Parks’ and include Corralejo dunes. It is also in this area on each side of the big hotels to beaches especially used by naturists. Clothing Optional beaches extending over several kilometers, in particularly in the south direction, there are many good places for naturists.

El Cotillo, with the beautiful blue lagoons, is also very popular with naturists who are looking for the genuine Fuerteventuran life in an unspoilt fishing village. It is also possible to find other good places if, for example. rent a car like a 4 wheel drive vehicle, as it can be difficult to come up in several places.

The climate is excellent all year

Avg. Daily Max (°C)Avg. Daily Min (°C)Avg. Monthly Temperature (°C)

All in all, Fuerteventura an excellent example of naturist. Get inspired below 🙂

Naturism, nudism in Iceland

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Naturism in Iceland is individually instead of social gatherings and nudist groups, as naturism in Iceland is only in recent years become more popular.

Despite the cooler weather in Iceland, offers this destination many hot springs and a rural setting where you can be naked. There are swimming areas in all regions of the country. There is no official nude beaches or dedicated nudist places in Iceland.

The spas around Reykjavok generally do not allow nakedness. The same goes for the very popular and famous “The Blue Lagoon”

Naturists activities in Iceland often takes place on a remote site. Anyhow there actually is a naturist community in Iceland.

Read more about Iceland

Naturism in California, USA

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Nudism or Naturism as we know it has several sources and most of them can be traced back to early 20th century health and fitness philosophies in Germany. Formally Naturism arrived in USA in 1923 when Katherine and Herman Shoshinki who were familiar with nudism arrived in Germany and helped in the formation of one of the first Nudist groups (American League for Physical Culture) in 1929.

Since then Naturism has gradually grown in USA. A Gallup survey conducted in USA first in year 1983 and then in 2000 clearly showed that Naturism or leniency towards Naturism is on the rise in USA. California which is the most populous US state and the third largest by land cover has a climate mix ranging from arid to subarctic (depending upon the latitude & distance from the coast) provides excellent opportunity for Naturism lovers to surf and enjoy the sunshine.

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