Naturism / nudism in Maldives

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Beautiful island beach at maldivesMaldives is the dream vacation destination for many tourists. Obviously, naturists are curious to get a portion of the beautiful shores in the finest beaches. About 99% of the Maldives country is ocean water, and you must be wondering if sunbathing and skinny-dipping is allowed on these salt treatments. If you are planning a vacation to the Maldives, here are few things to know about their nudity policies.

Naturism / nudism in New Zealand

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New ZealandIf you are a naturist yearning for an interesting vacation with lots of nude activities, New Zealand will interest you. It is the ideal destination for skinny-dipping and sunbathing along a gigantic coastline within small populace. The weather is conducive, and the summer comes with a scorching so that nude sunbathing feels heavenly.

Naturism / nudism in Estonia

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orange sunset at the baltic sea coast estonia,narva-joesuuEstonia boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. With such breathtaking endowments, most people look forward to going all natural on the beautiful and innate sceneries. Estonia is one of those places that you want to experience nude sunbathing, mud bath or a spa at the shore of a beautiful. There is little information about naturism in Estonia for those looking forward to visiting. Here is what we found.

Top Naturist Places in Thailand

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koh larn island tropical beachNudism in Thailand gets really excited when you know the right places to go. Most people go to this location with such intention but visit the wrong places and as a result, they can’t seem to have anything positive about their experiences. Are you one of such persons? Do you know that Thailand has got some wonderful and breathtaking spots where people can actually go nude?

3 ways to go nude in Egypt

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Sharm El SheikhYou probably think “Isn’t it illegal to be naturist in Egypt?” You are right – it is illegal!

Egypt is an Islamic country and nudity is illegal by law and the genreal attitude in Egypt is that “If you are nude, it is sexual”. Therefore I can not reccommend that you walk around in the buff in public. Remember that nudity is punishable in Egypt!

There are ways to get nude in Egypt though!

Tourism – makes nudity possible

Because of the fact that Egypt has a large dependency on tourism, there are ways to get nude in Egypt. Authorities are striving to a wide variety of tourists, and a part of them are those whop prefer to be naked in the sun. It is therefore not surprising that that toplessness is tolerated many resorts, but not officially allowed.

There also are a few resorts which tolerate nudity on their private beaches. The information you find below is not tested by me, but found through research.

Coral Beach Resort in Hurghada

The resort is not officially a naturist friendly resort. The resort itself is not naturist friendly but there is a nearby beach where nudity is widely tolerated.

Naturist wrote a blog post about the place on Active Naturists

Book and stay at Coral Beach Resort

Topless at resorts in Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada

It is not unusual to see topless women on the resorts private beaches. It is not legal according to Egyptian law but it is accepted by resort. This doesn’t mean that you should disrespect the local culture and break the law but I am just saying that it occurs and it is not uncommon. It is up to your own code of ethics whether you find it acceptable, and you could also ask the staff it would be tolerated, but don’t expect a clear answer.

A travellers own experience about topless suntanning

Visit Israel

If you visit Egypt in the Sinai area of Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab etc.) – you are not far from Israel.  Actually the distance from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to Eilat in Israel is only a 3 hour drive in car. The reason why that is interesting is that nudity is much more accepted in Israel. You can read much more about naturism in Israel on The Israeli Naturist Society.

You can read qNaturists article about snorkling in the Red Sea near Eilat on Active Naturists.

Write a comment

It has been really hard to find information about naturism in Egypt. Therefore I will really appreciate if you write me a comment if I am wrong in some way or if I missed some. I would also like to say thank you to a naturist Egyptian for the help.

Also worth a read Egyptian Nudist and A First Time Experience With Nudism In Egypt

Warning!!! It is illegal to be nude and topless in Egypt, this is therefore not an invitation to go nude in Egypt. This is a post about what happens in Egypt and what is possible. This can change very fast and therefore I will say be careful out there.

Naturism on Curacao

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Curacao is a beautiful island country located in the southern southern Caribbean Sea. The population is only 150000 on an area of 444 km2 (171 sq mi) with a capital called Willemstad.

With a tropical climate and an average temperature on 27°C (80°F) year round and with a blue sea that offers a nice cooling down, it is the perfect place for naturism. Unfortunately public naturism is not allowed on Curaçao – but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t practiced.

Topless sunbathing

Topless sunbathing is seen on most beaches in the resort areas, but not on resort ground. Please note that this is not permitted by law, but is tolerated in the resort areas.

Clothing optional resort

There is only one nude resort in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and it is located on Curacao. The resort is called “The Natural Curacao” and it is a clothing optional resort for everyone who loves nature and who is fond of peace and quiet, and doesn’t like mass tourism.

The resort is eco-friendly and is located on a beautiful place at Curaca with an outstanding view, and where the trade winds make sure that the temperature is perfect.

Read more on Natural Curacaos homepage

Curacao Beaches Caribbean

2 Curacao Beaches & Water_Dutch

An Insider’s Guide to Curacao

7 reasons why I would love to visit Croatia as a naturist

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Rab - CroatiaAs always on this time of year – I am planning my summer vacation. This year I am fallen in love with Croatia. I have never visited the country before – but here are my 7 reasons why I would love to visit Croatia as a naturist.

Reason 1: Widely accepted

Naturism is widely accepted in Croatia. Croatian Adriatic coast is actually among the friendliest naturist destinations of the world.

This is not surprising when you know that the first naturist beach was opened on Paradise Beach on the island of Rab in 1934.

Reason 2: Lots of naturist beaches

There are plenty of beautiful beaches – I loooove a nice beach where I can relax with my family. Clear blue water just gives me something. Besides clear water many beaches in Croatia also seems to be in a very beautiful natural environment. I like when beaches is located in nature.

With more than 1000 islands it should be possible to find a beach which suites me 🙂

Reason 3: Relative cheap

It is relative cheap as a visitor in Croatia if you compare it to Denmark, France and other places in Europe.

On restaurants and in markets it should be cheaper than many other places around Europe especially compared to Denmark where I live.

Reason 4: Good accommodation possibilities

It should be possible to find naturist accommodation that fits me in Croatia. There are more than 30 official naturist resorts and beaches, besides that there is a large range of unofficial naturist accommodations.

In many countries around the world it can actually be hard to find a great place to stay nude – it seems like it should be fairly easy in Croatia (if there is something vacant).

Found this list of FKK campsites and beach resorts helpful

Reason 5: Lots to see

On pictures and in guide books it looks like there is a lot to do and see in Croatia.. I am pretty sure there is a lot of exciting culture, and a lot of wonderful nature to explore.

I like it when I can combine both beach, nature, culture and adventure on one trip. I would get bored if I stayed at the beach for a hole week. The exploring combined with a nice beach gives me the biggest satisfaction on a vacation. Especially if I can stay nude at the beach and on some of the small adventures.

Reason 6: Naturist sailing

I would love to go on a naturist sailing trip – I have never tried sailing nude and think it could be a very exciting adventure to explore. I am pretty sure that my family would find it interesting too.

I haven’t found many places on around the world that offer the possibilities to sail naked, especially if you’re not a captain yourself.

Reason 7: The weather

The weather in the summer period in Croatia is brilliant. There is good high temperatures and a lot of sunny hours. This a one thing that I prefer when going on a naturist vacation. The weeather is warmest in July and August, but also June and September has quit decent temperatures. I found info on Croatia Naturally very useful.

Have you visited Croatia? – Please write your opinion about the country

Where do you dream of going to on your next naturist vacation?

Image is from Croatia National Tourist Board

The naked city a naturist paradise in France

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Are you going to South Europe this summer and enjoy being naked? Cap d’Agde might be exactly the place you are looking for.

Cap d’Agde may look like any other French Mediterranean town on the surface, but do not be fooled. There are more than one side to the french beach city.

The is city actually divided into a clothed part and a naked part. Cap d’Agde also has a nickname “The Naked City” and that is not without reason. If you enjoy shopping in the nude, banking naked and do all your daily stuff without a stitch on the body – this city is definitely worth visiting.

40,000 people visits this naked heaven during the summer months. The naked part of the city has an entry fee on nine euros for a entry card which gives you free access to the city. The naked city is also guarded which makes it more secure to walk around in the buff without stalkers and harassment.

If you want to visit the city the easiest way to get there is probably by plane to Montpellier. From Montpellier railway there are trains running to Cap d’Agde.


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