Inspiration: Nude beach yoga

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Nude beach yogaIt has been some time since I last posted some naturist inspiration. This time it is nude beach yoga, probably because I miss the sun so much here in December. The inspiration is based on 3 videos with nude beach yoga. I hope you get inspired.

Pure Nude Yoga

Pure Nude Yoga – Ocean Goddess Trailer

Nude yoga on the beach

Nude In Night returns in Copenhagen

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DN (Danish Naturists) Copenhagen participating in Culture Night on Friday 11 October 2013 under the theme ‘Nude in the night’. In 2010 the association had great success with a similar event, which resulted in more than 200 guests.

Danish Naturist invite to the naked spa in Frederiksberg pool.
Come and experience saunagus with aromatic scents, massage chairs and relaxation by candlelight around the basin. There will be musical entertainment v / Duo Natura and performance with the naked theater. Furthermore, there will be the possibility of life drawing and to be photographed professionally.

Remember to bring 2 towels per person. Swimwear is not allowed.

Cameras and cell phones are not allowed. Inappropriate behavior results in expulsion.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults.

Open 18:00 to 23:30, however, closed the gate at. 22.00.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal
Helgesvej 29
2000 Frederiksberg

Remember that it is only cultural passport that is valid for payment.

More info can be read here (text on page is in Danish)

Original post from Danske Naturister

Activity inspiration: 101 things to do in nude

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This little video is a good inspiration on what you can do in the nude. The video shows the activities listed below and many more. Really nicely done – I hope you enjoy.

  • Photographing exoctic flowers
  • Relaxing run in the evening
  • Jumping and bouncing on trampoline
  • Swing on monkey bars
  • Prepare dinner
  • Night time shower
  • Sauna
  • Morning walk
  • Morning run
  • Naked swimming

Video created by
The video was made by “Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club” – the largest naturist club in New Zealand


Activity inspiration: Naturist wrestling

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You can do nearly everything in the nude and therefore also nearly all activities. In this short series of activity inspiration I have tried to show some diversities of activity just to inspire. This time it is Naturist Wrestling – of course it can be done in the nude, though it can be a little rough on the body.

In “Eureka naturist club” near London, UK they held an event where wrestling was part of it. I think it is nice to see that there is so many diversities of events, and not just the classic naturist sports.

Wrestling bout part 1
View the video on Vimeo Part 1 (unfortunately not possible to embed the video).

Wrestling bout part 2
View the video on Vimeo Part 2 (unfortunately not possible to embed the video).

What do you think of naturist wrestling?

Activity inspiration: Naturist massage

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MassageI actually thought a lot about, if I should post this as an activity – the reason was that I didn’t want to make the wrong assumptions. This is NOT for promoting sexual massage, but to promote massage as a whole. Naked massage, is a very wonderful experience. You feel the tense body relax while the body is massaged. I find massage stress relieving and a really nice way to relax.

Massage can be in many different variations, here is a few:

  • Créatif // Preferable without clothe
  • Californian massage // Preferable without clothes
  • Other full body massages // Preferable without clothes
  • Swedish massage and other zone massages // Preferable without clothes
  • Shiatsu  // Can be done clothed
  • Thai massage – the non sexual version. // Can be done clothed
  • Tantric massage, which is an old Asian sensual massage. 

On same subject

massage naturiste from steven on Vimeo.

Also read HomeClothesFree – Nudist massage

Activity inspiration: Nudist Aquaball

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One of the more strange and funny naturist activities could be aquaballing also known as Zorbing. It is the recreation of rolling downhill in an orb, made of transparent plastic. In aquaballing, you still has a large transparent plastic orb, but it is in water. It can be great fun to do, and can of course be done with or without clothing.

2 videos which probably shows it all

Aquaball at the Lighthouse beach from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Epic aquaball from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

5 great naked vacation options in Europe

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beach naked

If you love naked vacations then this list might be the thing for you.
I have tried to pick out 5 interesting and alternative naturist vacation options.

Golf – La Jenny, France
Would you like the naked lifestyle and love playing golf? Then head for La Jenny in France, at La Jenny it is possible to play golf and be nude at the same time. La Jenney is a naturist area in southwest France with a golf course.

Village – Costa Natura, Spain
The first naturist settlement in Spain is called Costa Natura. Here you will find a tropical gardens, volleyball court, heated swimming pool, and nudist beach.

Sauna – Kotiharju, Helsinki, Finland
Finns are good at being social naked and has an average one sauna per. household. Kotiharju Sauna is the only sauna in Helsinki which is still powered by a wood stove. Social naked together in the sauna is very common in Finland.

Sailing – Croatia
With 1,185 islands off the Croatian coast and a very libera attitude to nudity, there are plenty of of possibilities to sail and go naked in Croatia.

Skiing – Obertraun, Austria
You like skiing and love being nude? There is a solution for that, it happens in Obertraun in Austria, offering the world’s first naturist cross-country route in a closed valley 1,700 meters above sea level.

Activity inspiration: Naturist cleaning

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I have made some different posts about the topic naturist activity. This time the post is about a little different activity that most of us know all to well.

Not much to say about that topic – I think it is boring to clean the house, but it is needed. I can tell you – you are not alone. Take a look at the videos below and you will see that you are not alone.

Cleaning the floor

Washing the dishes

Cleaning the house

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