What to do When at a Nude Beach

Here are some etiquette tips for when you go to the nude beach.

Inspiration: Nude beach yoga

A beach can be a perfect place for some yoga. There is nothing better than exercising naked on the beach.

Activity inspiration: Nude snowshoe hiking

Well this activity I think is to cold for me, I prefer hotter weather when I am nude. But the video below shows the possibility to hike with snowshoes on and still being naked. The movie was made in Roubins naturist sector. rando-raquettes naturistes secteur de Roubion from vivrenu-tv on Vimeo.

Activity inspiration: Naturist massage

I actually thought a lot about, if I should post this as an activity – the reason was that I didn’t want to make the wrong assumptions. This is NOT for promoting sexual massage, but to promote massage as a whole. Naked massage, is a very wonderful experience. You feel the tense body relax while…

Activity inspiration: Nudist Aquaball

One of the more strange and funny naturist activities could be aquaballing also known as Zorbing. It is the recreation of rolling downhill in an orb, made of transparent plastic. In aquaballing, you still has a large transparent plastic orb, but it is in water. It can be great fun to do, and can of…

5 great naked vacation options in Europe

If you love naked vacations then this list might be the thing for you. I have tried to pick out 5 interesting and alternative naturist vacation options. Golf – La Jenny, France Would you like the naked lifestyle and love playing golf? Then head for La Jenny in France, at La Jenny it is possible…

Naked hiking tips

Naked hiking is getting more and more popular, and it is actually a wonderful way to experience nature, If you haven’t been hiking naked before you might need some basic advices. Naked hiking tips and advices You need to check the local law before going on a naked hike. It will not be a nice…

Naked hiking in Australia with peloquin

Naked hiking is becoming more and more popular. In some countries it is easier than other countries, France and Australia has a very liberal view upon nakednes, other countries has a much more conservative upon it. In this video article you will find some inspiration for hiking in Australia. Australia has a fantastic nature, and…

Activity inspiration: Naturist sailing

Nude sailing holidays are an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday.

Activity inspiration: Naturist canoeing and kayaking

Naturims is for many about embracing the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. Nudity and relaxation is to let yourself totally free. A great activity to gain that goal is to get out in nature and canoeing or kayaking in the nude. Canoeing and kayaking can be great fun…