3 ways to go nude in Egypt

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Sharm El SheikhYou probably think “Isn’t it illegal to be naturist in Egypt?” You are right – it is illegal!

Egypt is an Islamic country and nudity is illegal by law and the genreal attitude in Egypt is that “If you are nude, it is sexual”. Therefore I can not reccommend that you walk around in the buff in public. Remember that nudity is punishable in Egypt!

There are ways to get nude in Egypt though!

Tourism – makes nudity possible

Because of the fact that Egypt has a large dependency on tourism, there are ways to get nude in Egypt. Authorities are striving to a wide variety of tourists, and a part of them are those whop prefer to be naked in the sun. It is therefore not surprising that that toplessness is tolerated many resorts, but not officially allowed.

There also are a few resorts which tolerate nudity on their private beaches. The information you find below is not tested by me, but found through research.

Coral Beach Resort in Hurghada

The resort is not officially a naturist friendly resort. The resort itself is not naturist friendly but there is a nearby beach where nudity is widely tolerated.

Naturist wrote a blog post about the place on Active Naturists

Book and stay at Coral Beach Resort

Topless at resorts in Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada

It is not unusual to see topless women on the resorts private beaches. It is not legal according to Egyptian law but it is accepted by resort. This doesn’t mean that you should disrespect the local culture and break the law but I am just saying that it occurs and it is not uncommon. It is up to your own code of ethics whether you find it acceptable, and you could also ask the staff it would be tolerated, but don’t expect a clear answer.

A travellers own experience about topless suntanning

Visit Israel

If you visit Egypt in the Sinai area of Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab etc.) – you are not far from Israel.  Actually the distance from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to Eilat in Israel is only a 3 hour drive in car. The reason why that is interesting is that nudity is much more accepted in Israel. You can read much more about naturism in Israel on The Israeli Naturist Society.

You can read qNaturists article about snorkling in the Red Sea near Eilat on Active Naturists.

Write a comment

It has been really hard to find information about naturism in Egypt. Therefore I will really appreciate if you write me a comment if I am wrong in some way or if I missed some. I would also like to say thank you to a naturist Egyptian for the help.

Also worth a read Egyptian Nudist and A First Time Experience With Nudism In Egypt

Warning!!! It is illegal to be nude and topless in Egypt, this is therefore not an invitation to go nude in Egypt. This is a post about what happens in Egypt and what is possible. This can change very fast and therefore I will say be careful out there.

India’s hidden nude beaches

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There are probably not many who think naturism when dreaming of India. However, it is quite possible to find naturist beaches in this land of mystery. I have created a small collection of hidden nudist beaches in India.

Vagator Beach
The beach is known for its red rocks and springs. The beach is exotic, beautiful and is located at the northernmost corner of Bardez Taluka, opposite the Chapora River. Vagator Beach is split into two main beaches. Vagator Beach beach is very popular among foreign tourists who come to watch the sunset surrounded by red rocks. You also find the sculpture you see on the picture of this post.
On Vagator Beach, you can find facilities for eating, entertainment and Full Resorts & bars.

Ozran Beach
Ozra Beach is one of the lesser known nude beaches in Indiien, which is a little odd, when you consider that this is an amazing naturist beach. It is situated approximately 24 km (14.9 miles) from Panaji and is located near some pretty popular beaches in Goa, including Candolim, Calangute and Baga.

The beach is harder to get to than the more popular beaches. Every year there are many tourists visiting the beach to swim and sunbathe topless or nude. The naturist beach is exotic with swaying coconut trees and beautiful water.

Marari Beach
The beach is the perfect place to explore Kerela Backwaters. The beach is located in a small town called Mararikulam, about. 60 km. from Cochin. There are several attractions near Marari Beach, including Kumarakon Bird Sanctuary and Kerela backwater channels. Marari Beach is beautiful, isolated beach with a long beautiful coastline, where you can plan a perfect holiday for unadulterated enjoyment.
Find a place to stay near Marari Beach

Liberate your mind and body at naturist vacation f.ex at Formentera

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Formentera naturist

Many – actually 500 – have shared my previous article at Facebook, and some have contacted me for more info, therefore I thought it was time for a new article.

I am already dreaming of a new naturist vacation – and again, I want to spend it on Formentera.

When autumn is upon us and winter just around the corner, what is more natural, than to dream and fantasize for a new summer filled with beach life – plan and book your summer holiday – and what is more natural than beach life without swimsuits.

Liberate your mind and body with a vacation with extra sunscreen and no tan lines





Formentera Canyers sand

I prefer clothing optional – where people with and without bathing suits thrive together in the best harmony – real naturist resort is not just me –  I feel clothing optional allows more freedom – and with equal distribution of gender and age, then Formentera is a hit – and Formentera is just a fast ferry ride from Ibiza.






Formentera, naturist under water

I clearly prefer to stay in Es Pujols with a few minutes walk to the naturist beaches and in the evening near the cafe life.

I prefer the the incredibly lovely hotel Tahiti, and perhaps the most best

I’m addicted the crystal clear, warm, turquoise-colored water and so much you can do naked at the beach, beach-tennis, snorkling and see big fish and squids

and you don’t need clothe for windsurfing, paddle surf, or canoing etc. etc.


I wish I were naked on the beach right now!



Formentera, naturist, playing with sand


At Formentera there are beaches where you rent beach chairs and umbrellas – but I prefer the beaches, where you have own umbrella and blanket and not forgetting plastic foot as you screws into the sand so parasol stands firmly – and when the parasol stands firmly it becomes not destroyed by the wind




Espalmador mud

Espalmador is definity a place to dream and definitely a must see spot.

Forget all about swimsuits, but remember food and drink – unless you take one of charter boats serving food and drink on the boat – and parasol must – and there is a small boat sailing shuttles there almost all day


Here I’m – Espalmador, just soaked in the mud for a while.

Espalmador is known for the famous mud bath, but now the authorities would like to have you do not touch it.

Espalmador have the most snow-white beaches -and it’s paradise – like Formentera is paradise




Always without modesty

you can click on the pictures to enlarge them – and if you share photos, make credit

written by Bjarne  /  wildone

Great places to enjoy naked freedom on Corsica

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Corsica beachOne of my favorite places on earth is the french island Corisca. There is a wonderful nature there, wonderful beaches, lovely people, it is not too crowded and most of all it has really great places for people who enjoy a skinny dip. In this short post you will find most of the places to be nude on Corisca, that I know of.

Naturist beaches

Ajaccio – Beach of Capo-di-Feno
In the West of Ajaccio, and Villanova.
Access: Either by boat from Bonifacio og by the way of the Corniche (approx. 6km).
Close to the mount of the Trinity.
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Ajaccio – Beach of Liamone
Located between Tiuccia and Sagone at 30 km at the north of Ajaccio at the entrance of Liamone, near Casaglione.
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Aléria – In the front of the Resort Riva-Bella
In the north of Aléria, near the Pond of Temenzana (N198).
Access: By the center of Riva Bella.
Authorized nudist beach

Algajola – Beach of Aregno
Is located in the North of Calvi.
Access: North of the beach of Aregno.
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Bonifacio – Bay of Stagnolu
The beach is Located at the south of the beach of Tonnara.
Authorized nudist beach

Calvi – Beach of the full sun
Nudity is tolerated on the beach.

Porto-Vecchio – Center of Chiappa
The beach is located at the center of Holidays Chiappa.
Access: RN 198 Road until Piccovaggia.
Authorized nudist beach

San Nicolao – Piana-Verde
Access: By the Centre of Piana Verde
Authorized nudist beach

San Nicolao/Bravone – Bagheera
Access: By the RN 198 (near Alistro) by the holiday center Bagheera. Accessed from the center or the communal beach.
Authorized nudist beach

San Nicolao – Linguizetta
Authorized nudist beach

Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio – Pinarella beach
North of Porto- Vecchio.
Access: By the road RN 198. South of the Gulf of Pinarella
Authorized nudist beach

Naturist accommodation

Aleira – Riva Bella Naturist
4 star naturist campsite and 3 star naturist holiday complex.

Bravone – Bagheera
4 star camping and accommodation complex.

Porto-Vecchio – Chiappa
Naturist village in the south end of Porto-Vecchio.

San Nicolao – Piana-Verde
Naturist bungalow park – 50km south of Bastia.

More information about Corsica can be found here Korsika.it
Photo: 123rf.com

3 nude beaches in India

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Photo by: Abhijit Shylanath // Flickr

There are no official nude beaches in India as far as I know, but there are places where it is possible to get some sun without tan lines.


Among tourists this beach is really famous for its natural beauty and topless beaches. The beach Islands of Lakshadweep has a rich coral reef and lagoons. Agatti Island Beach is undisturbed naturally unspoilt and unseen. The beaches are covered palm trees, coconut grove and is literally a paradise.

Find a place to stay on Lakshadweep

Arambol Beach – Goa

The beach is located in North Goa and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. It is no wonder this beach has become so popular among tourist from all over the world.

The winter months is high season for tourists, if you want less tourists try to visit the beach outside the winter months.

When visiting the beach you must check out the famed local mud that visitors love to use on their skin.

Find a place to stay in Goa near Arambol Beach

Om Beach

This beach has two fresh water springs and beautiful red cliffs which makes the place unique. Located at the northern corner of Bardez Taluka just opposite Chapora River.

The name “Om beach” comes from the shape of the beach, it has a shape of “OM” but you need to see it from Helicopter.

Find a place to stay in Gokarna near Om Beach


Public nudity is not legal in India. The mentioned beaches is places where it should be possible to go nude without any fear of harassment. Try going to more soluted areas or places where other also tend to be bare or topless. You are in a country that might have other cultures than yours, be careful not to offend people with your behaviour.

You also should notice, that I haven’t been on all the beaches mentioned in the article, and that information is gathered from research

Nude beaches in the Vendée, France

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Beach in the VendeeThe Vendée is a part of the Pays de la Loire region in France. Three is a long stretch of beaches, where yoi also will find naturist beaches or naturist friendly beaches. Below you will find a list of naturist/naturist friendly beaches.

La Terrier

The beach is located close to the town of La Tranche-sur-mer. When you arrive at the beach from the parking space, then walk about 500 meter and you will see a white sign. Past the white sign you will find naturists. Read my guide to the beach

Les Conches

This beach is located in the commune of Longville sur Mer. This is not an official naturist beach but naturism is tolerated there. You will find the naturists at a long stretch of the beach running south towards la Terrier.

La Faute sur Mer

There is an official naturist beach at the point d’Arcay, at la Plage de Barrique beach. La Farte sur Mer is the most southerly beaches in the Vendée.

Le Petit Pont

Official naturist beach located at Notre Dames de Dunes in the commune or Bretignollies sur mer. There is access to the beach from rue de la Grande Sauzaies near the village of Grivand and also access from camping Cypress near the Pont de Jaunay.


This official naturist beach – it is a stretch of 4km and there is access to the beach from both ends of the beach. Check out picture from the beach on Tripadvisor


This naturist beach can located about 7km west of Olonne-sur-Mer. The naturist part of the beach has signs marking the official naturist sections of the beach You can also find it on GPS by typing the following coordinates.
Latitude: N:46° 33.798’ , Longitude: W:1° 50.298’

Les Lays

This is another of the Vendees official naturist beaches. The beach is located south of the parking lot of Lays and around 200 meters of it to the limit of Notre Dame de Monts. You can also find the beach on GPS by typing in the following coordinates:
Latitude: 46.8653 (46° 51′ 55.07), Longitude: -2.1473 (-2° 8′ 50.28)

Les Salins

500 meter of Les Salins is officially for naturists. It is signposted near the grande Bec just south of St.Jean de Monts.

The list of beaches was inspired by a list i got from the friendly staff at Le Colombier Naturist Camping.

La Terriere naturist beach in France

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La TerriereThe beach La Terriere is located near the town La Tranche sur mer.

The beach is one of the finest beaches in the Vendée. With nice sand and a constant reward of blue flag, makes this beach really worth a visit.

The waters / waves is a bit wild, which nakes it great fun to be there. If you have children, do be aware of the waves and the undertow, it can be dangerous for children.


There is a carpark close to the sands, it can be very crowded during the summer season though. There is lifeguard, toilets and showes. The facilities is located by the textile part of the beach, and therefore not a fast access for people staying at the natruist part of the beach.

Getting there

I stayed at Le Colobmbier naturist camping when I was there, and got some great driving instructions whhich I will share with you right here.

The driving directions is from Le Colombier naturist camping to the beach:

  • From St. Hermine take the D137 in the direction of Lucon (11 km).
  • At roundabout go right on to the D949 (5 km).
  • At the next roundabout in Lucon take direction “Les Sables d’Olonne”.
  • At the next roundabout go to the right. Turn left in the direction of “Les Sables d’Olonne”.
  • Follow the D949 for 9km turn left in the direction of “La Tranche sur Mer via Curzon” – D46 (Beware! There is a dangerous left hand turn on a bend to the left also).
  • Continue through St. Benoist sur Mer, then at the roundabout take the third exit – D747 – in the direction of “La Tranche sur Mer” (8 km). In La Tranche sur Mer, at the first roundabout turn right, at the second roundabout turn right again. As you enter the village of La Terriere you will see white houses on your left.
  • Drive into the centre and follow signs for “La Plage”. Parking is available behind the beach.
  • Once on the beach turn right and walk approx. 500 meter to the naturist area (beyond the large white sign).

    I got this inforamtion from “Wim De Zwarte” on Facebook. The coordinates for the beach should be N:46° 21.558’ – W:1° 28.524’
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    More inspiration

    Read more about the Vendee in France: Vendee Guide

Naturist beaches in Tasmania

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Nude swimmers enter Hobart's River Derwent to promote Dark MOFO's winter swim.Tasmania is an island state, part of Australia Commonweath, It is located 240 kilometers south of the Australian continent. The population of the state is 507,626 on an area of 68,4o1 square kilometer/26,410 square miles.

Nudism in Tasmania is not widespread and there has been some large discussions about the rights to get nude in Tasmania during the last 5-?? years. However there are still possibilities to go nude in Tasmania, on the list below you will find nude beaches in Tasmania.

Naturist beaches

Greens beach
This beautiful spot in Tasmania is located between the eastern boundary of Narawntapu National Park and Kelso Jetty. The naturist location is in the southern end of tbe beach. You will find the beach north-west of Beauty Point. You only have to walk 270 meter from the car park.

7 Mile beach
Located 15 km east of Hobart which is a 20 min drive. The beach is a popular beach because of the close distance to Hobart .
You need to bring lots of water, because there is no water nearby – there are tables and lawn aree which is great for picknicking.
To get to the naturist area you need to go to the Last day car park east. Then you need to walk aprox 1.5 km along the beach until you get to a group of pine trees. You will find most naturists in the dunes.

Bakers beach
This unofficial nude beach is located near Davenport.There is an entrance fee, because the beach is located in the Asbestos Range National Park. The beach is really long, and even on a busy day it is quite easy to find a spot to get nude. To get to Bakers Beach turn off the Frankford Highway then it is a 13 km drive in to the park.

Source of info and for more information

Naturism in Negril, Jamaica

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In the 1960s hippies discovered the famous and infamous beach paradise Negril which is located in the western part of Jamaica and made naturism common. Since the 1960s the coast has become more and mainstream, but Negril still has a reputation as the Caribbean’s hedonistic seaside resort.

In the 1990s the major hotel chains in earnest eye on Negril. Large resorts with all kinds of facilities were built. Despite of that, parts of the beach is still reserved for naked sunbathers and it is as if the hash mist will not lie. With or without clothes, tourists is drawn to the white sands of Seven Mile Beach. Negril also offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in Jamaica. The lovely beach is located in a quiet lagoon protected by a coral reef. In the background sway the tall coconut trees, which fortunately is still dominant along the coast. Local building regulations is saying ‘no hotels may be higher than the trees, most resorts is included in view of the surrounding environment. Indeed, one can speak of two kinds of Negril. It is relatively quiet and funky West End is filled with boutique hotels, small lodges and local restaurants with real Jamaican vibe. The more exclusive and expensive Negril at East End is located on both sides of the main road that winds into the city of Montego Bay. the best resorts located next to the beach, the center offers plenty of colorful Jamaican atmosphere, but for history buffs of sightseeing, there is not much to be had.

Seven Mile beach
In the 1960s Seven Mile Beach was loved by hippies, the beach is still really beautiful, but is not as idyllic as it was back then. There are many resorts now, and they take up the most of the area
. A wide range of visitors comes from all over the world, but despite the replacement of the clientele, naturism is still part of Negril beach invites for the relaxed and carefree holiday more than anything else. It seems like visitors throw decency in Negril. On the beach topless sunbathing is quite common, at Cosmo’s Restaurant, you can even find an area where beach guests have thrown the last piece swimsuits, right in the city’s spirit. That said, nude sunbathing is mostly kept in coves on the West End cliffs and in sections of Booby Cay. Hedonism II, Couples Negril, Grand Lido Negril, Point Village Resort, Firefly, Carib Beach Apartments and some resorts on the West End have either clothing optional or nude beaches.

Video inspiration from Seven Mile beach

Sources: NegrilInfo and Sol, strand & sommer

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