Single man rejected by naturists

A man complained to the Equal Treatment Board over a naturist campsite, which according to the guest’s own admission denied him access. According to the man their reason was that single men are not allowed to enter. The man has been a member of Danish Naturist Union for 4 years, and therefore don’t understand why…

My Naked truth TV interviews – about erotic

I have collected a few interviews from Naked truth TV Interviews – this time about erotic

Body Ideals and pornofication makes children insecure

In Denmark there is something called Børnetelefonen, which basically is a child helpline where children can call with all their problems. In 2014 there was a huge rise in calls regarding body and sexuality. I think it’s a worrying trends and that it simultaneously shows the pressure is on body ideals in society. Most of…

Women in Rio in topless protest

Photo: EFE/Antonio Lacerda Brazilians demonstrates At Ipanema Beach – they fight for their rights to bathe topless on the beach. If women bathing topless on one of the beautiful beaches of white sand, they risk up to 1 year in prison. In the strictly Catholic country regarded this fact as an obscene act. But the…

Nature requires no covering

Nature requires no covering. Neither should we.

5 reasons to visit Le Colombier naturist camping

In the summer 2014 my wife and I visited Le Colombier Naturist camping with our 5 year old son. We didn’t know much about Le Colombier Naturist camping and we didn’t know much about the area. We had a splendid time there and can reccommend that other naturists visit the place, it is absolutely worth…

Gone Swimming – I prefer skinny dips

When I swim – I prefer skinny dips – what do you prefer?

Why is a nudity more offensive than murder?

I keep wondering why it is such a big thing that a person show their body naked. Today it is illegal for a woman to be topless and breastfeed in public in many US states.

Body shame, like prejudice, is not natural.

Body shame, like prejudice, is not natural. It is learned from others and benefits no one. Author: Anon

Inspiration: Nude beach yoga

A beach can be a perfect place for some yoga. There is nothing better than exercising naked on the beach.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all – I hope you will have a naked 2015

A little from my own clothes free life – Guest post by Bjarne

We are struck by a paradox between that we have been afraid to show own bodies naked while a public space that is overexposed with bodies and nudity. I have a lifetime had the most naturally without clothes on the beach I have always had a relaxed attitude to nudity in every way – my…