5 reasons why you should go on naturist vacation with children

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Family naturistHow many times have you been travelling with children as a naturist?
Maybe you haven’t been travelling with children as a naturist. The reason could be that you thought, it could be that

  • – this is too much out of the norm.
  • – it would bad for the children.
  • – people who are naturists are so beautiful – how will they look at me / us.

it could actually also be that there was no reason – you just haven’t thought about it.

Here are 5 reasons why travelling with children as a naturist is great idea.

Save money and time

When you travel as a naturist you don’t need as much clothing. Travelling as a family and a naturist will save you for a lot of packing/unpacking and might even save you a fair deal of money. Many low cost carriers doesn’t include luggage in their prices (except for hand luggage), they will charge you extra for a baggage.

Example – RyanAir has a fee on 25EUR for a 20kg bag – each way that is. If you are a family on 3 persons and normally needs to bring 3 bags then you probably could save, at least one bag while travelling as a naturist. 50EUR saved – that is actually not bad at all 🙂

Easier for the small ones and less comparison

Families with small children will find it easier travelling as a naturist – they don’t need to help the kid to get dressed when they want to get outside. The children will also find it more satisfying because they don’t need to ask for help everytime they need to get outside.

The older children will find it easier on their body image. They will not compare on who is got the right clothes and who hasn’t. In the buff we are all equal with our flaws and assets. The older children will find that when they mingle with other children the focus will not be on how you dress, but on who you are. I think that is a really good thing to learn as a child.

Children learn about their body

We live in a society where everything is hidden and everything is shown at the same time.

Let me explain: When many people hides their body on the beach, don’t take shows at school and in other ways hide their body. BUT at the same the body is also shown a lot in the medias – what is shown is a perfect body which has been photoshopped and manipulated. This mix gives a very confusing image of the human body – no wonder why children and young people has a bad body image.

When children is on a naturist beach, naturist resort or other places where nudity is ok. Then they will discover that their body might be normal and that all people have different and imperfect bodies. This will help the children accepting their body as it is.

Diversity leads to acceptance

I have kind of mentioned it before in this article – but diversity really leads to acceptance. This doesnt just count for the children but also for the parents – meet other people who like you have choosen to do something different than the norm, namely visiting a naturist location. Meeting other people who is doing things differently than the norm, makes you feel that you might not be so much on the wrong track as you thought.

Meeting other people and seeing their different bodies, also makes you accept, that your body is equally different. And ytes – you might think your hips is a bit to large and you have gained some weight after the birth of your wonderful child(ren) – so have many other mothers. That is actually ok.

Get back to you

Living together and accepting your own body, your families bodies and all the bodies at the naturist resort, will make you feel that you get much more back to yourself. Your family will feel that you/they are natural together and that it actually is ok to be natural together, because other people is natural together as well. You will soon discover that naturists tends to look much more in the eyes and there by be more at the moment listening to what you say instead of studying your boobs or other parts of the human body. It is really satisfying that one can find a inner peace in just being you.

Write me a comment about your experiences

4 reasons why young people are not naturists

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YoungIt seems like a endless problem – naturists seems mainly to be male, 45+. I would love if there were more young people.

I myself is of the male gender just turned 41. I am probably what you would call in between age, I am not one of those you would call “a young naturist”, but I am not one of the old naturists either. I have a lovely wife and a wonderful son, and I love being naked whenever it feels comfortable.

The problem

I believe that the great majority of middle- older men in the naturist community. It provides an “bad” spiral where there certainly is some of the young and some women who are scared off. Not that there is anything to be scared of. There are hardly more evil evil and perverse men among nudists than among other communities.

There are probably many reasons for why there are much more men in naturist societies than woman – but this is not what I want to discuss in this post. What I want to discuss is why so few young people is naturist, and why they are scared off Body issues, activities and being part of a group that you feel like you can associate with might be some of the reasons why young people keep away from naturist environments.

I think that many young people prefer to be among other young people, therefore groups like Young Naturist America and DUN in Denmark is good examples of groups for young people. I think that it is a really good thing that they are present. This helps the acceptance of naturism among young people. Unfortunately there are not that many of these communities as fare as I know of and what if you really just want to be among diversities – among young, children, woman, men, disabled. Another thing is that many naturist resorts, naturist camping and naturist hotels doesn’t have much for the young.

Maybe we should take a look on what young people want if they want to be a part of some kind of society. Here are my thoughts – they might be totally wrong, but here goes – 4 reasons!

Party (reason 1)

I think that many likes to party in their youth . Of course you can’t have parties all night, every night on a naturist resort which is for all ages. What I think could be done is that some of the “parties” on the naturist resorts (and other places) might be a bit boring for many of the young people. The music might not be what they consider party music, the environment and so on might not be that exicting for young people. Maybe there could be a youth night and there could be a lounge where young people would like to hang out. A party in my terminology does not need to be a wild party with loud music. It might as well be the atmosphere that is different  – eg. could be a place where it is possible to hang out with other young, maybe play some table football . There are many ways to party- maybe it is time to ask what kind of party the young would prefer.

Sexuality (reason 2)

When you are young sex has a large place in your mind, you want to explore and not something hidden away. Some might say that sex never stop being a big part of one’s life, even though it may be taboo to talk about it. The difference is that as a young, you are inexperienced and has a huge urge for adventure and plenty of courage to live life to the fullest. It therefore can be difficult for young people if it is something that gets stored away. In many naturist contexts, sex is something that are put some distance to. The reason is of course that there is no desire to breathe more life into the very widespread misconception about naturism / nudism is about sex. Perhaps it is time that we reduce the distance to the sex topic.

I’m not sure how we can break down barriers – because I certainly don’t want naturist places to become swinger clubs or the like. I do not wish that naturist resorts/places becomes like  Cap d’Agdes reputation. What I wish is just that we get a little more relaxed about the fact that we all are sexual people. I think that it is ok that people flirt and have a good time without escalating it to public sex. Sex is still something which should happen in respect for other people meaning that sex is something which should be practiced at the hotel room/at home etc.

Activities, fund and adventure (reason 3)

There need to be fun, activities and adventure. I bet that what young people find fun and adventure is not the same as the older naturist calls adventure and fun. The same can be said about activities – I could imagine that bodypainting, canoing, yoga, meditation, tantra yoga, cooking courses, horse riding, diving, beach volley matches and many many other things would be more interesting than many of things you see at most naturist resorts. Petanque, arrow shooting and hiking seems to be some of the most common activities at naturist resorts at the moment. If you want to attract more than just the same old audiance then you need to do something differently. Personally I would love if there were more much more diversity in the activities. More activities like “The World Naked Bike Ride” – this is an activity for everybody including young people.

Body Image (reason 4)

I am convinced that we all look like ourselves with others. We’d love to be a part of a group and not stand out in the group. When you are young the urge to be a part of and accepted in a group is very large. This could actually be very good for a naturist society, I think most naturists are very accepting for other people without judging you on gender, age or size.

There is one problem though – many young people have a big body image issue. The reason might be that they compare themself to photoshopped people in magazines, commercials and to celebrities. People which is unreachable in their perfection. This bad body acceptance makes it really hard to take the steps that it takes to be nude with other people. Thoughts like, “But the others are much more beautiful”, “All others are perfect”, “What if they see that I a have large hips”, “What if they see that I haven’t got perfect muscles” and I could write many more. This is actually a dilemma, because this would also help them get out of their bad body image. This problem isn’t that big among people who are a bit older – because we get older we learn to accept that ones body is not perfect, and therefore more accepting about our own body.

Body Image has a great impact on many people. I think diversity in clothes free environment can help acceptance of your own body, because you will learn that we all have our great assets and flaws. But how do we make young people understand that naturist environments is for everybody? I think it would help if more people were invited to visit a naturist resort, naturist organisation etc.

This was my thoughts about why I think young people are not that found about naturism. The question is – can we do something about it?
I believe we can!

What do you think? – Write your opinion in the comment!

Naked protest against censorship

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French booksellersA group of librarians, booksellers and publishers made ??Wednesday 19 february 2014 a naked protest.

The protest was provoked by France’s Conservative Party leader – Jean Francois CopĂ©, who has publicly criticized the children’s book “Everybody Gets Naked”

The protesters send a press release titled “Let’s all be naked against censorship” with a picture that showed their naked body, only covered with different books.

The book, it started the protest, shows people from all communities undress in an attempt to calm children’s fears or anxiety about their bodies.

Personally I think the book is a really good initiative and I fully support the protest.


What is your opinion – should there be censorship on the book?

Thoughts about family naturism

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Family nudeAs a family man I always seek naturist resorts which is family friendly, but it can actually be suprising hard to find the right place. There seems to be a tendense that many naturist resorts is for adult only. This varies from country to country, but it suprises me that such large amount of naturist places has a adult only policy.

Why is that?

Here are some possible reasons!

The noise from children

Is it because that there always seems to be a lot of noise when children is at a resort? It could be a reason – because you also see more and more “normal resorts” having a adult only policy. Still I don’t find it equally widespread as within the naturist environments. There might be some places with a adult policy because of the noise from children, but I doubt that it is that many.

The culture of the country

It could also be the culture of the country, because I think the problem with adult only resorts is different from country to country. In France for example it doesn’t seem to be that hard to find a family naturist resort (this is only from my own experience), but countries in the Carribean seems to have a more widespread adult policy.

In Denmark where I live, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with family naturism either. My guess is that the same can be said about Sweden and Norway, which would make sense because these countries is very similar.

What is the difference?
Different countries seems to have different norms. My guess is that it has something to do with how widely accepted naturism is in the country. In Denmark it is legal to be nude on every beach as long as you don’t offend anybody. In other countries there might not be a rule that is that accepting but a similar mindset. France for example doesn’t have the same rules, but there are many naturist resorts in the country and most of them doesn’t have a problem with children. In my eyes it seems like the more a country accept nudity as a non sexual behaviour the more likely it is to find a naturist resort accepting children.

Sexualisation of the nude

In my opinion it seems like the problem with missing naturist resorts where children is allowed has a lot to do about how the culture is about nudity and sexuality in a given country, terrirtory, state or whatever kind of culture. If you believe that a nude body is equal to a sexual body, then it then would be natural to have adults only resorts – you don’t want to mix children and sex. But I think the more the sexual label on naturists the bigger the problem will be. In the Carribean there are several naturist resorts which is also a kind of swingers resorts. I haven’t got anything against that kind of resorts, but if they brand themself as nudist or naturist resorts, it do create a “bad” reputation for naturist resorts.

Other reasons?

There can of course be many other reasons for this adult only policy, this is only some thoughts that I think is main reasons but I might miss some major reasons. One other reason could simply be that many naturists prefer places without children. Another reason could be that the owners prefer running a place with children – what do I know, there can be many reasons.

All in all this is just some of my thoughts about family naturism.

I would love to hear your experiences with family naturism

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The best of SpotNaked in 2013

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Women naked beach side

The year is nearly at its end, and what a wonderful naturist year it has been. The weather has been fine and I have been visiting Greece, Portugal and Spain as naturist this year – I can’t complain 🙂 I hope you have had an equally great year and next year will be just as good.

I have been looking back on what you found interesting on my blog this year. You can find top 5 most read blog posts in 2013 below.

Naturist friendly beaches on Bali, Indonesia

This is the most read blog post in 2013 on my blog, this is actually kind of suprising for me, but I am glad that so many has choosen to read this post.
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Taboos among nudists and naturists

This subject has always been a popular topic, no wonder why my post about taboos among naturists is among the most read on my blog.
Read the blog post about taboos


A post about the GoTopless day in 2013 – this was actually just to promote the GoTopless day.
Read the post about GoTopless day

Growing up Nudist documentary

This is actually just a video post with the video “Growing up Nudist”. No doubt that this video is great that was the reason why I shared it 🙂
View the video in post

India’s hidden nude beaches

A short guide to Indias hidden naturist beaches
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Topless women at the swimming pool are rare

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Topless at the indoor dwimmingpool - Photo from MetroSix years ago 10 women dropped their bikinitop and jumped to the swimming pool topless in the Swimming Pool Hall in DGI City, Copenhagen, Denmark. This action made the municipality to allow all Copenhagen swimming pools. The offer has not changed what woman wears at the swimming pool.

It is extremly rare to see topless woman at the swimming pool halls. Only 1/5 of the swimming pool halls that Metro Express has contacted has experienced topless woman at their swimming pool and that swimming pool has only experienced topless women 2 times.

According to Astrid Vang Hansen who was one of the 10 topless woman in the DGI swimming pool back in 2007, this doesn’t mean that the action was unsuccessful. The action was also a critique of how society looks upon women, and it actually was a success because it actually made it possible to go topless in swimming pools. In Sweden, where a similar action took place, the women were thrown out of the swimming pool.

Society considers it normal that men bare-chested but if women go topless, it always creates plenty of attention. What the 10 women wanted was to normalize that look upon women.

Here on SpotNaked – I can only say that I hope more would take up the fight. Why has society become so afraid of nudity – back in the 80s it was pretty normal to go around without a bra, and it was normal to lay on the beach topless. Suddenly a change in the wrong direction has happened and suddenly people got scared about their own body and other bodies. I read a similar post a couple of days ago, where there was a comment about why she got offended by toplessness. She said that she thought that “Nudity is something you should be able to choose looking at. I think it is ok that other people want to go topless, but I am to virginal and don’t like being confronted with others nudity”. I think that her explanation very well show the problem. Why have so many become shameful about their own body and why can’t they accept other peoples acceptance of their own body.

What do you think? Write a comment

Can half or fully naked celebrities help naturism?

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Many celebrities has done it during the years, especially the last 5 years. They have been showing some kind of nudity, in sheer dresses or otherwise nudity. It always gets some headlines and is therefore also a good way to promote themself. But is it also good for the acceptance of the nude body?

I believe that it actually can be good, especially because it occurs so often in the past years. Had it just been one or two persons who had shown a little extra nudity I wouldn’t be so sure about it. But because celebrities often do show some kind of nudity and because the medias often writes about it – nudity slowly becomes more common and thereby more acceptable. It is of course not necessarily nudist promoting – but given that people will be less afraid of seing some naked bodies. This will help the acceptance of naturism and other people who loves being nude.

Some of the celebrities who has chosen to show some kind of nudity is:

Jamie Alexander
Jamie showed up in a sheer dress with nothing underneath at the premier of the movie ‘Thor: The Dark World’. It of course didn’t show breast or other “forbidden” parts but it did reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has actually been wearing really revealing and weird clothing, that is a part of her image. More interesting is that she has made a video where she pratice “The Abramovic Method” completely nude. That video is an example that doesn’t try to make all nudity to a sexualt act. In this case it is some kind of strange art.

Miley Cyrus
Well everybody know her name after her act on the “MTV VMAs 2013” – her performance was called outrageous, I call it “smart promoting”. She did show some nudity at the show and even more afterwards in her music video.

Danish singer Medina
She has made a performance on danish national tv with nude dancers. Later that year she was actually was rewarded from the danish naturist organization for promoting naturism and nudity.

There are many many other examples from the last few years. I think it can promote some kind of nudity being more and more common in public. What i can fear about it is that people will get afraid of not being perfect enough. Many of the celebrities who wear the sheer dresses or in other ways showing nudity, is very attractive people. I would love if more celebrities did reveal nudity – including the celebrities which is not a perfect size. It could probably help the acceptance of nudity – not just in one country but worldwide.

Do you agree? Write a comment and express yourself!

It is hard to plan naturist vacations

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Image credit: philipus / 123RF Stock Photo

Do you know the feeling – you are planning to go on a naturist vacation but just can’t find any good naturist places? I have experienced that quite some times by now and I want to share a typical situation for me with you.

If I want to go to a vacation I normally would do the following:


I check where it is cheap to go. Normally that means I will check RyanAir, Norwegian and some other low cost carriers for interesting places to go within my budget. I don’t want to spend too much on the flight ticket, after all that is just transport. I want to use my money on the location, not on the transport to the destination. If I want a price comparison I check SkyScanner, Momondo and Kayak to find the right places. All in all this part of my vacation search is rather easy.

I end up with some possible choices. Let say that in this case I can choose between Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Greece as countries where it is ok cheap to fly to. Wuhuu, I have already narrowed the countries down to a few countries 🙂

Laws and naturism in the chosen countries

The next step is to find out how the rules about nuditt, and naturism in these countries. Now it is actually already getting harder, because how do you do that? I search Google for terms like “Naturism in Italy”, “Naturism in Spain” and so on. The result I get is rather mixed, and not always very informative. But it is possible to find some info about the countries I have picked as my possible vacation countries.

I find that Italy is not that much of a naturist country, and Greece haven’t got that much information about naturism – therefore my choice is narrowed down to Spain, Portugal, France and Croatia. I make a fast decision – I have already been in France last year and the year before I was actually also in France for a weekend, and decides that I need something new. Spain, Portugal or Croatia would be one of the choices.

What to see

Having narrowed down to three countries, I start looking on the area my flight arrives. Is it an ok area and would I like to stay for a “one week vacation”? I find that Croatia is not the right place for this vacation – too crowded during the week that I would arrive.

Now I have narrowed it down to Portugal – Landing in Faro, Landing in Malaga or Barcelona in Spain. Only three areas to choose from, not bad I am getting close to the goal. All three places has very interesting things to do and see – they could all be good choices.

Finding accommodation

It is now time to begin searching accommodation! Here I must say that I might be a bit fussy, but I would prefer to stay at a naturist place, I would love if I could cook at my accommodation , and it must be some kind of child friendly.

With theese criterias in my mind I start searching on Google, TripAdvisor, Hotelscombined and other search engines. Disappointed – there is actually not much information to find about naturist hotels and places, if you know an exact name on a hotel, it is possible to find some info, but still – many of the webpages seems like they are from 2001 and not very informative. Either they have lots of pictures but no info, or they have no info and no pictures, or they are just a little informative but with no pictures. Not exactly good odds for finding a great place to stay. I actually end up using a lot of time finding a few places that might be interesting.

I end up with three places to stay two of them is located in Spain and one in Portugal. The two places in Spain are around Malaga, and therefore I decide that Malaga is the place to go. I buy my flight tickets – confident that it is actually possible to find naturist accommodation in Spain.

The choice

I now need to choose which of the places I want to stay – I start checking for nearby naturist beaches. Again not much information found – and therefore I also start looking on which kind of people comes on the different accommodations – again not much info to find. It ends up with that I choose the one which looked most inviting on the photos.

This story is a common situation for me when I search for vacation – do you experience the same?

Please write a comment – I would love to hear your story too.

Thrown off the Bus for Breastfeeding

Written by Sarah Valero. Posted in Blog

BreastfeedingI recently have read an article online about a woman getting kicked off the bus for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mom kicked off Michigan-bus When I read this I was really interested in the story because, I have had something similar happen to me. While women who breast feed in public are normally protected against laws normally prohibiting a nudist from nudism, many people are still so against the naked body. That such a normal body function such as breast feeding is attacked. It surprised me the way people view the body, after all of the W.I.C. and government campaigns encouraging mothers to breast feed no matter what. I was kicked off a government funded city transit.

When I was on the bus, I tried my best not to feed my infant. We had already been on the bus for an hour, and it was in the city of San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio, Texas is the eighth largest city in the United States. The northern half of the city was the more wealthy area of the city, and as assumed all of the doctor’s offices were on the northern half of the city as well. So in order to see my daughter’s pediatrician, I would have to endure a one hour and thirty minute bus ride across the entire city.

She began to get tired and cry, and people were looking angrily at me on the bus. This made me nervous because it makes a woman feel like a bad mother when her child is crying and people look at her with so much anger. It is a mother’s job to care for her child and keep the child happy and healthy. So I at first tried to hide it. Not only that, but when a child cries your body reacts. Your breasts fill with milk, and your body wants to feed the child. When your breasts become full they get hard, and then heat up. You can develop a fever and become ill if your breasts stay gorged for too long. It is very painful. So I tried to cover myself and feed my daughter. Mind you I was raised not to be ashamed of my nudity, and my mother is a nudist. So I don’t hide when I am at home or when I am around family.

I just sit at the dinner table and cross my legs up in my chair indian style, then cradle my child in my knees while she nurses. This was my average everyday occurrence. Small infants who don’t eat solid foods breast feed every two hours. If they don’t they get very upset, and do cry very loudly. I felt awkward and ashamed; I moved to the back corner of the bus with my child then covered her and my breasts with a baby blanket. This was so horrible and awkward, no one should feel ashamed of their body to the point where they have to hide it not even a nudist. My daughter was not used to this either. She thought I was playing a game, so she began to giggle and threw the blanket off. Almost as if I was playing a game of peek-a-boo with her. I tried to keep her covered, but it was fruitless. After all how many people want a blanket over their head while they are eating? I know I don’t. So I left the blanket off of her, I thought about nudity and being a nudist when I did.

I pulled the blanket off her folded it and set it next to me. If anyone stared at me and my breasts while feeding a child then they were a pervert in my mind. This made me think about a photo I saw of a woman completely covered with a burka head to toe, you couldn’t see anything of her except her breast while she fed her infant. If a society that doesn’t allow a woman to even show her face allows her to breast feed in public exposing her breasts. Then why can I not do it as well? Well it turned out that our society is really backwards, because I was thrown off the bus after one of the men who were staring at me awkwardly complained to the bust driver. What if I was a nudist? What if I was on that bus totally stark naked, did I not have a right to be in my whole and entirety? When I say whole and entirety, what I mean is naked is our original state of being, why is it so sexual and perverted to everyone?

NOTICE! This is a guest article – content in this article do not necessarily reflect my views. I can not ensure the validity of the content of the article either.

Photo dilemma

Written by Peter Terp. Posted in Blog

There was a writing in HE Naturist about photos and why there aren’t any natural naturist photos. As a blogger I have the same problem. Some tell me that my pictures is too sexual and not natural. I do agree on that, they are not always as I hoped for. The problem is that it is hard to find royalty free pictures which doesn’t cost a fortune and at the same time isn’t sexual related and natural.

Here are some options for getting royalty free pictures:

  • Shoot the pictures by yourself
  • Find free royalty free pictures
  • Buy royalty free pictures
  • Ask people if they have pictures you may use
  • No pictures or non nude pictures

Shoot the pictures by yourself
You can of course shoot, some picture your self. The problem is I don’t know many people who want to be taken a picture of, and definitely not in the nude.

Another option would be to shoot some pictures at the nude beach or other places where public nudity is accepted. Here you have the problem again, if you don’t know anybody who want’s to get their picture taken then you have a problem. You cant just shoot pictures random on a nude beach. I am pretty sure I would get arrested or beaten up if I did that.

I could ask people if they wanted there picture to be taken and tell them I would use it on my blog. Most people would probably call me a perv, or beat me up.

Unless you for some reason likes to be beaten up then I don’t think this option is nice. Another thing is that I am not that great a photographer.

Find free royalty free pictures

That option is nearly a mission impossible – I have used a couple of pictures which was free and royalty free, but they are really hard to find if you want some decent quality.

Buy royalty free pictures

This has been my primary option on my blog. It is possible to find pictures which isn’t too expensive and some of the pictures is actually in a acceptable quality. The main problem is that most pictures available which include nudity is model like or with sexual undertones. This is actually a problem when you write about body image, nudism, naturism and about being you as you are. I do try to get some pictures which fits my subject and which is as natural as possible.

Ask people if they have pictures you may use

This option is actually good , I have done that on Twitter once and actually had good response. The problem with this option is that not to many want to share their pictures and it can be hard to find pictures which fits the subject.

No pictures or non nude pictures

I could of course just write posts without pictures, but to be honest – I don’t think many people would read my blog if the only thing on my blog was text. The other option is to show non nude pictures, that is a option I have used in some blog posts if I think a picture would fit, BUt nude pictures somehow feels more in sync with naturism/nudism which this blog is all about.

My solution

My solution so far is a mix of all the options above. It has worked until now, but it is getting harder to find good pictures which I haven’t used before. If you have any pictures you wouldn’t mind sharing on the Internet on this blog please write me.

Diversity and the photography dilemma – @HomeClothesFree
HE Naturist about the subject

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