3 nude beaches in India

There are no official nude beaches in India as far as I know, but there are places where it is possible to get some sun without tan lines.

How do you prefer to swim?

How do you prefer to swim? I prefer naked!

Break the habit and live life naked

Break the habit and live life naked

Danish Naturists Society supports Free The Nipples

The danish naturist society (Danske Naturister) now official supports Free The Nipples. They have started their own campaign where they encourage Danes to send their own pictures to Danish Naturist, with the purpose to set focus on the movement. – Why should women not be able to throw the shirt and bra on a hot…

If being nude feels so free, then clothing must be a prison

If being nude feels so free, then clothing must be a prison. Quote from: Jim C. Cunningham

Clothing Optional Costa Rica

This small and unique complex of vacation rental apartments is owned and operated by Bibi and Arne, who are both born in Denmark. Ever since they started dating in 11th grade at Sorø Akademi, they have preferred to enjoy sun, sand and sea without clothes. That was easy while they were still living in Denmark,…

Naturist campsites are tired of butt watchers

Photo: Melvin & Sandy There is only a few months to the start of the camping season, and here the naturists expects unwelcome prying eyes on their bums. Watchers who visit the naturist camp sites just to stare on naked people. – We do not want the elevator looks from short-term guests – especially men…

Single man rejected by naturists

A man complained to the Equal Treatment Board over a naturist campsite, which according to the guest’s own admission denied him access. According to the man their reason was that single men are not allowed to enter. The man has been a member of Danish Naturist Union for 4 years, and therefore don’t understand why…

My Naked truth TV interviews – about erotic

I have collected a few interviews from Naked truth TV Interviews – this time about erotic

Women in Rio in topless protest

Photo: EFE/Antonio Lacerda Brazilians demonstrates At Ipanema Beach – they fight for their rights to bathe topless on the beach. If women bathing topless on one of the beautiful beaches of white sand, they risk up to 1 year in prison. In the strictly Catholic country regarded this fact as an obscene act. But the…

Nature requires no covering

Nature requires no covering. Neither should we.

Gone Swimming – I prefer skinny dips

When I swim – I prefer skinny dips – what do you prefer?