Naked at home in the backyard

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Woman garden - I didn't have any of me or male!I enjoy being naked in social matters, like on the nude beach, naturist camping and other places. I also love to be naked at home, and that is probably where most people practice nudity. It’s great to be indoor and let everything free, and feeling the freedom of nudity. I also enjoy being naked in the backyard, it is not always easy to do this – what about the neighbours – I keep thinking?

Here in Denmark the law is very liberal about nudity, you are actually allowed to be naked at home, on beaches and other places, as long as you do not bother other people. I think my biggest obstacle is in my head, and in how people in the society looks upon nudity. Therefore I took a decision last summer. I told myself, that of course I can be naked in my own backyard, even though it’s very easy to look inside our backyard. As told then done, I haven’t heard any complains from my neighbours, even though I am pretty sure they have seen me naked.

My obstacle was clearly within myself, but it’s not easy – is it?
When is it ok to be nude and when isn’t it? – it’s not like there is an exact answer!

Do you have any experience or advices?

Facebook generation of nudists/naturists

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Woman crossed armsThe new generation of nudists/naturists could dream of bein a part of a naturist organisation. But they do embrase public nudity more than ever, especially in England.

I think the Internet and Social Medias is a part of the reason, before we had to organise in clubs, organizations and similar to make a statement. Today it’s easier than ever to make a movement using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and other social medias.

In many ways the goal is the same as the classic naturist – naked freedom. But in other ways there is a slightly difference. The classic naturist is often a part of a naturist club/orginasation. This may make some people a little “affraid” of nakedness, they don’t consider them self nudists or naturists. They just love being naked when they feel like being naked. That is an important difference, because this new movement might take naked freedom a step further to a broader audience than the classic naturist organizations. Many people enjoy being naked at home, and on more private places, other like to be naked in more social matters. Both paths is total accepted, the goal is a common acceptance of nakedness.

I think freedom is an essential part of naturism, nudism and just love being naked. In many ways I think that the “new naked”, wants to make naked freedom a new movement, which is generally accepted in societies. In many ways I think that has always been the goal.

In my opinion it’s always good to get new movements, and I actually consider myself as both the classic naturist and a part of  “the new naked”. I am not a in any organizations – but love being nude, and like to go to naturist beaches, go naked vacations and similar. I am 39 years old and a family man with a wife and lovely boy, not exactly a part of the youth 🙂

I know I might have got it wrong with my view, and that there probably are many who disagree with me. Write your opinion, I’d love to hear it.

Write what’s on your mind!!!

Should parents be naked in front of their children?

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DSC00203 I am a moderate naturist, so is my wife – we have a child on 3½ year. I enjoy nakedness both at home and on clothing optional/naturist places. Both me and my wife has a liberal view upon nakedness, and we both often walk around naked at home. I walk around naked much more than my wife, but both of us think that being naked is a natural thing.

We have been on naturist vacations with our child, and often go to nude beaches with our child (when the weather is for it), none of us consider it an issue that we are naked infront of our child. We don’t think it’s a big thing if our child sees other people naked, of course we always look if there are any pervs, – but haven’t seen any.

That said, there is many people who consider it a bad thing, to be naked in front of there children. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, we make it what it is! If the parents send signals for their child, that it’s a bad thing to be naked, the child will of course also consider it bad, after all the children learns from the parents. I think parents need to learn their children a healthy look upon nakedness. Some parent (I know at least one) never appears naked infront of there children, which ends up in children who is very curios about the naked body when  they get a look at one. Curios about how the body look like, and maybe a bit amputated about how the anatomy of their own body.

In my opinon, children should have a healthy view upon nakedness. They should be allowed to be naked, and they should be allowed to see naked people. Nudity is no resemblance to sexuality – it’s two different things. Nudity and sexuality can occur at the same time, but it’s the medias and the attitude which makes nudity equal to sexuality.

I think nudity can change childrens body image, and make them more self confident about their body. This will help them when they grow up, and make them more secure in  how they are as human, and on how they look upon life. I might be wrong about this, but I believe that I am doing the right thing.

Feel free to write your opinon about this topic, and write me some comments 🙂

Should it be legal to be naked anywhere?

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Half nude girlThere have been demonstrations in San Francisco (USA) in the past, because there has been a tightening of the law on public nudity. Similarly, there has also been tightened around nudity in Barcelona (Spain) and other places around the world.

My opinion is that nudity should be legal on beaches, forests, parks and the like. As long as you do not outright annoy other people. I also think it should be legal to do nude demonstrations, parades and more, as long as it is agreed with the local authorities. demonstrations, parades and more, as long as it is agreed with the local authorities. Furthermore, I believe that at any time have the right to walk around naked on their own homeground, in their own homes as it suits one.

As for nudity in the streets and in the otherwise public space, I have some mixed views on. I can not really figure out if I am for or against that one can walk around naked in the streets and alleys. On the one hand, I think that “Clothing optional” should be applicable everywhere – that is the ideal world for me.  However, I will say that when you are near food, then there should be some form of attire for hygienic reasons. Besides, I also believe that we should show some kind of respect for other people and other people also needs to respect me.

  • This is where the problem occurs – when is a border crossed?
  • What is your opinion?
  • Where is the borders, limits?

Please write, I really would like to hear your opinion – (a comment will not be shown right away because of spam bots, but they will be accepted)

Travelling with Google

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Where to go?I love travelling, I love the freedom to travel around, and I love visiting new places. I also like to go to places which allows nudity, but not a must for me. When I travel there is always some questions you want an answer to. Example, how is the weather in a given city, what time does the sun go down and so forth. You could of course bring a guide book, but sometimes it just seems too much to carry for little information, and actually the guide book normally can’t give you an answer upon weather forecast and similar.

My alternative is to use Google, it works fine on mobile, tablets and other, so why not use it. Here is some usefull search phrases I like for travelling.

Search for: 100aud to usd
You willl get currency converted from Australian dollar to American dollar.

Search for: temperature Sydney
You will get the current weather forecast and 4 days ahead

Searh for: sunrise Sydney
You will get sunrise time in Sydney as the first result

Searh for: sunset Sydney
You will get sunset time in Sydney as the first result

Search for: distance from Sydney to Melbourne
You will get distance in miles or km, and the time for driving the distance between Sydney and Melbourne

Search for: population Sydney
You will get how many people live in Sydney

Search for: sydney local time
You will get the local time in Sydney

Google Maps
That was just some of the simple searches on Google, if you take the step further and search on Google maps instead, you can get lots of information.

Search for: attractions sydney
Search for: hotels sydney
Search for: cafes sydney

Yoi got a really good helping hand just within a Google search

Do you have other smart Google tips?

Please let me know 🙂

Can nakedness help body image issues?

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Black in grassThe relentless media projections of what the body ideal should be, can and often do end up problems on how a body should look like. The problem is in my opinion that the media often shows images of the perfect body, but not the general body. This results in problem that many try to live up to this ideal, but that’s not possible. People are different and have different bodies. Unfortunately that is not what you see when you look on fashion commercials or celebrities on the red carpet. What we see is the perfect ideal – which is unreachable for most of us.

Many hvae a problem today, they are obsessed by there body. They calculate calories and fat, they visit there weight many times a day, and do a lot of sport just to discover that they still haven’t got a body as Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Brad Pitt or David Beckham. It is of course a good thing to exercise and eat healthy – but the excessive focus on calories and if you have the perfect body measurements, is a bad thing. You destroy your psyche and becomes obsessed with achieving the unachievable.

If you try to achieve the unattainable, you will sooner or later end up having poor self-esteem. Every body on this planet looks different – even if you eat healthy or spend  a lot of time training, you will not look like the ideal. The ideal doesn’t exist – it’s some measurements from different beautiful people put together for creating of the perfect body.

My opinion is that getting naked more often can help your conception of your body! 

You might think that’s crazy – but here is the reason why I think it will help.

  • Walking around naked alone more often can help you accept your body. You will look at it in different ways when the body isn’t hidden beneath clothing.
  • If you are naked among others you will quickly discover that all bodies has beautiful parts and less beautiful parts
  • Society tells us early in life that nakedness equals dirtiness and sexuality. I think that’s a really bad thing. Remember! We were born naked! There is nothing more natural than being naked! Nakedness more often will make you understand that a naked body isn’t equal  a dirty and sexual body. A naked body can be dirty and can be sexual, the same can be said about a body with clothing.

I hope that this can help you to understand that nakedness isn’t a bad thing, it can help you view of your body image.

I love comments and would love to read your words!

My Daughter, The Teenage Nudist / English Documentary

Written by Peter Terp. Posted in Blog

English documentary with english speak and subtitles. The documentary follows young naturists / nudists in England, and shows how they differ from other naturists. The movie can be seen in its full length (47 minutes) and is totally free. I found the video really interesting – I hope you will like it too.

Speak from your heart and write a comment!

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