Body Ideals and pornification makes children insecure

Child helplines in Denmark have a growing number of children who ask questions regarding body image issues.

5 reasons to visit Le Colombier naturist camping

In summer 2014 my wife and I visited Le Colombier Naturist camping with our 5-year-old son. Here are my top 5 reasons why Le Colombier Naturist camping is worth a visit.

How Facebook changes a liberal nation

Denmark is what I would call a liberal nation. It is allowed be naked on all beaches as long as you don’t offend other people at the beach. In the 1960’s pornography was legalised during the sexual revolution. Same-sex marriage became legal in 2012. As you can understand – Denmark is a rather liberal country…

Naturist beaches on Crete, Greece

Crete is a wonderful place to stay, also as a naturist. You will find the naturist beaches on the south coast of Crete. The list below are anticlockwise from the south-west of the island. Paleochora The sandy beach still has parts which are used by naturists. To find the nude area standing near the hotels…

Tips for Visiting Nude Beaches in Spain

Travel tips for visiting Spain’s nude beaches. The tips are mainly targeted to the Barcelona area. In Barcelona there is an official nude beach called “La Mar Bella” which is easy to get to. There is also an unofficial nude beach placed right in the city “Barceloneta”. Toplesness is allowed for both men and women…

Why has breastfeeding become a taboo?

It seems like that breastfeeding has become a taboo in many countries. I wonder – why is it so?

What to do When at a Nude Beach

Here are some etiquette tips for when you go to the nude beach.

5 naturist accommodation options in Europe

Imagine laying bare on some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Europe has some of the best resorts for nudists. Here are five options in Europe.

Nude is natural and healthy

If I say throw away your clothes and start living in a natural way! Most people will say – I can’t do that! Here is why nudity is natural

COCR: Passing on the Dream

COCR: Passing on the Dream – “Casa Banda” is for sale.

How To Practice Nude Beach Etiquette

Learn how to practice nude beach etiquette so you don’t offend.

Reasons to be a nudist: Back to nature

Most of us live in a hectic environment with lots of stress from work and the surroundings. It is time to get back to nature and back to you.

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