Top 5 most read articles during 2015

Below you can find the top 5 most read articles on Spotnaked during 2015. Some of them was also most read last year.

India’s hidden nude beaches
There are probably not many who think naturism when they think of India. However, it is quite possible to find naturist beaches in this land of mystery. That is probably also the reason why so many of you love to read this article.
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3 nude Cooking videos
A collection of 3 videos with people cooking naked.
Watch the cooking videos

3 secret ways to be nude on Bali
Officially it is not legal to go nude on beaches and public places in Indonesia. Bali has an other background than most of Indonesia, and is strongly influenced by tourists – this has created some nudist friendly opportunities on Bali.
Read more about the 3 secret ways to go nude on Bali

Inspiration: Nude beach yoga
There is nothing more wonderful than to feel the beach sand between your toes and a gentle breeze blowing on one’s naked body while exercising yoga.
Wathc the naturist beach yoga videos

Activity inspiration: Naturist sailing
Nude sailing holidays are an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday. That is probably also the reason why this article was so popular in 2015 on Spotnaked.
Get inspired and read the article about naturist sailing

Top 5 most read articles from 2015

The list below shows which articles from 2015 you seemed to like the most.

3 nude beaches in India
It seems like that you just love India. In May I wrote another article about places to go nude in India, and you seemed to love it.
Read about 3 nude places in India

Clothing Optional Costa Rica
This article is written by the founders of Tropical Costa Rica – the article is about how they started their Clothing Optional complex.
Read Bibi and Arnes story about starting a Clothing Optional place in Costa Rica

Women in Rio in topless protest
Brazilians demonstrated at Ipanema Beach – they fought for their rights to bathe topless on the beach.
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Liberate your mind and body at naturist vacation f.ex at Formentera
Bjarne wrote a guest blog post about naturist vacation on Formentera in Spain. This is an inspiring article, so no wonder why it was popular.
Read Bjarnes post about Formentera

Nude is natural and healthy
There are many reasons why nudity is good for you. This is a short post about why nudity is both natural and healthy.
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I hope you enjoy what you read on Spotnaked in 2015, and that you will continue reading my blog in 2016 where new exciting initiatives will be created.

  1. I would have difficulty idiftenying four swinger couples at a nudist resort unless they were engaging in sex in front of everyone. That sort of thing will get them kicked out, but what goes on in someone’s RV, tent, cabin, etc is really no one else’s business. +5Was this answer helpful?

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