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Liberate your mind and body at naturist vacation f.ex at Formentera

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Formentera naturist

Many – actually 500 – have shared my previous article at Facebook, and some have contacted me for more info, therefore I thought it was time for a new article.

I am already dreaming of a new naturist vacation – and again, I want to spend it on Formentera.

When autumn is upon us and winter just around the corner, what is more natural, than to dream and fantasize for a new summer filled with beach life – plan and book your summer holiday – and what is more natural than beach life without swimsuits.

Liberate your mind and body with a vacation with extra sunscreen and no tan lines





Formentera Canyers sand

I prefer clothing optional – where people with and without bathing suits thrive together in the best harmony – real naturist resort is not just me –  I feel clothing optional allows more freedom – and with equal distribution of gender and age, then Formentera is a hit – and Formentera is just a fast ferry ride from Ibiza.






Formentera, naturist under water

I clearly prefer to stay in Es Pujols with a few minutes walk to the naturist beaches and in the evening near the cafe life.

I prefer the the incredibly lovely hotel Tahiti, and perhaps the most best

I’m addicted the crystal clear, warm, turquoise-colored water and so much you can do naked at the beach, beach-tennis, snorkling and see big fish and squids

and you don’t need clothe for windsurfing, paddle surf, or canoing etc. etc.


I wish I were naked on the beach right now!



Formentera, naturist, playing with sand


At Formentera there are beaches where you rent beach chairs and umbrellas – but I prefer the beaches, where you have own umbrella and blanket and not forgetting plastic foot as you screws into the sand so parasol stands firmly – and when the parasol stands firmly it becomes not destroyed by the wind




Espalmador mud

Espalmador is definity a place to dream and definitely a must see spot.

Forget all about swimsuits, but remember food and drink – unless you take one of charter boats serving food and drink on the boat – and parasol must – and there is a small boat sailing shuttles there almost all day


Here I’m – Espalmador, just soaked in the mud for a while.

Espalmador is known for the famous mud bath, but now the authorities would like to have you do not touch it.

Espalmador have the most snow-white beaches -and it’s paradise – like Formentera is paradise




Always without modesty

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written by Bjarne  /  wildone

A little from my own clothes free life – Guest post by Bjarne

Written by Bjarne. Posted in Blog

BjarneWe are struck by a paradox between that we have been afraid to show own bodies naked while a public space that is overexposed with bodies and nudity.

I have a lifetime had the most naturally without clothes on the beach

I have always had a relaxed attitude to nudity in every way – my own as well as others – just a clothes free life as much as possible

And therefore also standing as a model for various nude photos, bodypainting etc. when I have been asked

I have gone to the naked yoga in yogafactory, Copenhagen – unfortunately, with too few participants – but hopefully it comes back – and moreover an obvious opportunity as hotyoga – and nakedyoga is by no means as transboundary as someone might think and certainly not with a lot of sweat in the face – latest news I’ve heard today is, that there will be naked yoga again in early 2015 in a different place in Copenhagen

Just be in the moment as you are – namaste

Love to do a little morning exercise at home every morning – and it’s done fine in the bar ass whether it’s with hula hoop ring or “plank” or various yoga exercises, hand weights etc.

Love to attend midnight bathing with saunagus which are held regularly in an old bath house in Copenhagen, it’s with mixed age and gender – optional clothing – so it isn’t really a naturist place, but people just are complete relaxed and most naked – and a nice social atmosphere.

Always without modesty

Author Bjarne

Formentera, Spain for naturists – worth the visit

Written by Bjarne. Posted in Blog

Bjarne Bødker
I live in Denmark / Copenhagen

I have a lifetime had the best of nude bathing and have never seen own or others’ nudity as an issue – probably a little hippie-like on this point

I have never been involved in anything associational, because what I feel is natural does not need to get into the “box”

I have never called me naturist. I have only used the word naturist if I searched online

Once nude bathing very common in Denmark, but I feel it has changed and liberty has moved south, especially to Spain.

I love self summer holidays in ibiza and especially formentera regarding naturist life and be able to swim, sunbathe and play beach tennis naked – the great sense of liberty everywhere.

At Ibiza my favorite beach is Salinas around Sa Trinxa

At formentera I love to stay in Es Pujols, in fabulous favorite hotel Tahiti , Tahiti / facebook at because of cafe life at night – a day’s fifth min. walk to the beautiful naturist beaches

The crystal clear, turquoise-colored water and, and the possibility of nude bathing almost everywhere – optional-clothing – attracts – the equal gender and age distribution – and of course the weather is also a definite plus.

Favorite beach is clearly Platja des Canyers 5 min. walk from Es Pujols west. A small beach only 85 meters long, but very cozy and where up to 70% are naturists. Most have food and drink with, but otherwise there are only 5 min. walk to one of the sides to find what you want to eat / drink at a cafe. So many people are the same we meet year after year and get to know, whatever country they are from.

Whether you are into snorkeling or beach tennis can Platja des Canyers clearly recommended.

Of course there are many other beaches eg. Migjorn which is also visited by bicycle. The beaches all the way from Es Pujols up against Playa Llevant to Es Palmador I would definitely recommend. Illetas is too crowded in July / August. But 5 minutes walk to the other side you get to the much quieter Levante beach.

The released, a little hippie-like atmosphere – and bohemian atmosphere everywhere on Formentera indictments. If you love the cozy cafés in the evenings I would definitely recommend to stay in or near Es Pujols.

Always without modesty

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written by Bjarne / wildone


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